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Where Have All the Zwieback Gone?

I am in desperate mode here. In March I found some Gerber zwieback toast and my teething son LOVED it. The biter biscuits had broken up and choked him and I felt much better with these. Unfortunately, I have been looking for these for weeks now and haven't been able to find them. I called Gerber today and they DISCONTINUED THEM!!! About a month ago! I had heard that Nabisco also had some, but they discontinued them about 9 months ago or so! I know that many people use them for cooking, but I just want to help my son get through this bout of teething. Nothing else seems to have that same crunch, and yet still dissolve well. I am at a loss as to why these companies would take away a staple product.

Does anyone know of another, comparable and available, brand in the US? I have seen some recipes online, but there are so many, so if anyone has tried a recipe and recommends it, I am willing to give that a try if it will help my son.

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Hi G.,
I found rice cakes plain to be a great substitute for zwiebacks, and less messy. They crunch yet still dissolve.

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I was looking for some for my daughter and ran into the same problem. I found a recipe on the King Arthur Flour website (www.kingarthurflour.com). I haven't tried it yet, but everything that I have ever made using their recipes or from their mixes has been easy and great. I'm going to try to make a batch soon. Hope this helps. :)

My son liked the Earth's Best. Before he had teeth he just gummed them and now he like to eat them as cookies (17 months old). Your local health food store would have them, but I have found them at Target also for a dollar less.

We loved the vanilla & maple biscuits from Healthy Times. http://www.healthytimes.com/htbabybiscuits.htm. They are about $2.50 a box. You can order them directly from the company if you have no local natural food stores. They are also available on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Healthy-Times-Organic-Biscuits-Teet.... They were great for my daughter. She ate them for months while teething. They are organic as well--which is nice because they don't have the high fructose corn syrup & preservatives like Gerber. Another great option is Happy Baby Puffs--http://www.happypuffsfood.com. Good luck!

Dear Quester; I to have been looking for the zwieback cookie {not the toast} the cookie that looks like a "steak finger" only made from amimal crackers dough. If so here is a cookie my dil gets the g/s '"earths best organic wheat teething biscuts" 12 biscuts [6 pkgs of 2] 9mo and older. Wal-Mart carries them. good hunting...Oooopps, just got informed. no you d/a thety where not called zweibacks...something totally diff...lost alot of brain cells since 1974...sorry.

I am also looking for zwieback and could not find in the grocery stores around me. I went on all recipes.com and put in zwieback and a recipe came up. Does not look too difficult. I am so sad they are not making them,such a good product.

Looks like they atill make them no idication they are gone, hmmm; http://www.gerber.com/Products/Zwieback_Toast.aspx#

went to where Gerber suggested and found some similar products for purchase;


& here

I feel your pain-- my sons loved the zwieback and the biter biscuits simply didn't cut it-- for the same reason you mentioned. Earth's Best brand is pretty good. You should be able to find it at Wild Oats or Whole Foods. Good luck.

You might try Baby Mum Mums that you can buy at Walmart. They're not exactly the same but they're big, crunchy crackers (rice rusks?) that my baby loved. In fact, I was practically accosted in the baby section of Walmart by a lady who wouldn't stop telling me that they were the greatest thing around and her baby loved them. I bought some just to get her to stop and it turned out that my 1 year old loved them too. They're big, easy to bite, and they don't make a mess. They come in original or vegetable flavor.

Hi G., Teething generally is not painful as the teeth move out the way rather than we cut teeth. The kids may or may not display symptoms. Most of the 'symptoms' are related to reflexive events, eg if you have a mouth ulcer you will stick your tongue in it even tho you know it will hurt. So kids will fiddle, dribble, go off their food cos of the strange lumps on their gums etc - but it doesn't hurt. You will have memory of the years during which you 'cut' adult teeth and own experience of teething - not at 1 year old but as an adult - will be probably be mostly related to the money you received from the tooth fairy. Check the evidence - I believe you will find you can feel at ease on the issue of teething pain. Cheers. S..

Nabisco or Keebler also makes zwieback on the main aisle with cookies/ crackers. (My Mom's cheese cake had a zwieback crust)

Yes, pleeeease help!!! i have been looking too and for a little while thought i had gone crazy! Have you found any recipes?


Hi Gillian,

my daughter is 6 month old and just got two little "zwieback-teeth"
I order my zwieback online. go to GermanDeli.com there you can get the originale german zwieback a 8 ounce Pack for only $3.29 dollars.

I'm from Germany and I just LOVE,LOVE,LOVE zwieback for teething babies !!

godd Luck :-)

Hi G.,
I found rice cakes plain to be a great substitute for zwiebacks, and less messy. They crunch yet still dissolve.

Hi there...not sure where you live but if you can visit any Indian (East) grocery store you can buy Rusks (its basically like melba toast but is crunchy AND it melts in the mouth). Britishers and Indians eat this when they're having tea. Hope it helps. They also have a huge variety of biscuits and the Marie biscuits are also very good for teethers. I gave both of these to my daughter when she was teething and she loved it.

I am asking the same question, sorry I don't have an answer but I do have another product comparable and available. The product is called "Holland Rusk" by Reese. I've used it twice for a family recipe which called for Zwieback. It worked brilliantly for me. I found this new product at Vons Grocery Stores (I live in Southern California) I hope this helps. Maria

Try this link.. I know there are some places on there that are no longer in existence, that is in the area I live.. but there are a lot of places listed that have Brandt Zwieback which is imported from Germany. Worth a try. Good Luck!


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