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Where Does You Toddler Son Pee?

I am potty training my 2.5 yr old son and have a quick question. Where does you little toddler pee? He enjoys sitting on the little Pooh Bear plastic potty, but it's a really a joke because he has never used it. He does actually pee on the big potty everytime I put him on it facing backwards like he's riding a horse. Once I got him to pee standing up, but that makes me nervous that it'll drip down his leg or on his clothes. He is currently in spiderman underwear and kept them dry all day yesterday, but it was only because I was constantly putting him on the potty all day. I think I was making a mistake by doing that. Someone told me I was potty training myslef not him. Today I think I will let him have an accident so he can learn to recognize when he needs to go potty. I am ready for suggestions so lay it on me! :)

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Thanks for your advice! I received alot of reponses and it is going good so far.
I am learning to just try whatever works. He will pee standing up or sitting down. Today at church I actually had him stand on the toilet seat and he made it into the potty! I was so proud!! He has been pooping on himself, but I think that is just part of the learning process. I hosed him down in the shower yesterday. That was fun! lol
I also took him in public this weekend and he stayed dry. I only put diapers on him at night b/c the first night he peed A LOT!! Other than bedtime he never gets a diaper. I just keep taking him to the potty and he goes everytime. He has NEVER told me when he NEEDS to go potty, but I'm sure that will just come later. That's OK. He is really good at going on command. He even practiced on the grass outside and I was proud. I am thankful he pees so well. I'll be happy once he poops in the potty instead of his pants. :) Thanks again for your advice!

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My toddler grandson pees in the regular toilet. He was reluctant to until we bought him a little seat to put right over the top of the regular seat. Now he'll sit up there and take care of business and he's so very proud of himself. He loves to stand and pee and I have a little stool that lifts him high enough to clear the toilet bowl and his mommy has been really diligent about teaching him to wipe himself and then even wipe splatter and toss the tissue in and flush. Then he can use that same little stool and stand on it to wash his hands. He is almost 2-1/2.

I have a three year old and had him potty trained by two half the same way you are doing. The only other thing I can suggest is that if you are outside and he needs to go then let him pee on the tree make it fun. When he goes potty on the toliet have him a treat, so that he knows he has do something good. One more thing is try to let him stand up at the potty on a stool if needed and lean towards the back of the toliet, which will make him feel like he is a big boy. Be consistent try not to switch back and forth between underwear and pull-ups that only confused my little boy. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

My son loved to pee on the trees outside. Once he got control and the hang of peeing while standing, we moved it to the "big" potty. He does well and doesn't miss the "target". I would suggest putting a "target" such as goldfish crackers in the potty for practicing aim.


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My son, who is almost three goes to the bathroom sitting down on the big potty like his two older sisters. It is good that he is wearing underpants and not pullups so he will have some incentive to potty train. The key is to remain positive about the whole experience. Try putting blue food coloring in the toilet and when he goes the water will turn green and he will think it is reall cool! Several friends recommended the book How to Potty Train your Child in One Day (haven't read it yet). Your son will need reminding to use the potty, at first. Your son will need to have a few accidents, and feel it running down his leg, but he will get the hang of it in a few short days. You will need to block out some time to accomplish this. Once he is daytime trained, it will make your life so much easier.

I put my now four year old backwards like you when he was too little to stand at the potty. He would also use the little potty, but rarely. He really liked to pee in the grass and learned how to "aim " better outside. It just happened that we were training during warm weather so he could go in the back yard. I know it sounds a little wierd maybe, but all that going outside really helped him realize when he needed to go because it was fun for him. He now uses the big potty standing up.
btw - I love the books you mentioned too - such good applicable advice!!


Do you have a male in the house? Have them pee together into the toilet at the same time. Both of my sons were trained within a week with this method.

I know some moms that still take her son to the potty and she has been for a long time.
To have an accident is not a bad thing. When I was potty training my youngest we went every 15 min to start and then just bumped up the time. He wet himself a few times(and when its cold out thats REALLY uncomfortable) He started standing to pee by himself. But to be honest his favorite place to pee is OUTSIDE!!!!!!!
He will learn! Dont be into much of a rush for his sake and your sanity!

Yes, let him feel it a couple of times so he will know when he needs to go and he'll pick it up fast. The only time I make my 3 year old, who has been in underwear for 4 weeks now, go to the potty is when we are about to leave and go somewhere because I don't want him haveing an accident in the car.

One thing you can try is to put a fruit loop in the toilet and have him aim at the fruit loop to see if he can sink it or make the water change colors. Any time he does hit it you can reward him with a hand full of his favorite snack. This always helped me. Good Luck

Hello! Potty training, what fun, right?!?! Well, with my son, I just put his undies on, and would remind him frequently, baby, don't pp in your pants, go to the potty if you need to go. And he did! Also, my son really likes to stand up and pp, like his daddy. I can't say we've had any real issues with that. His aim is pretty good, and the way I see it, he is probably coming out as clean as his daddy does!! :) I just would make sure he stood really close to the potty, and he did fine. When we first started, accidents didn't seem to bother my son very much. (poop, yes, pp no!) And it only seemed to happen when he was busying playing. Almost like he would forget, or just didn't care. So, that's why I decided to just remind him often. And I also made sure to buy underwear for him that he thinks are really cool, like Spiderman. It seems to matter to him!!

Good luck!!

My boys wouldn't stand to pee, UNTIL they saw thier slightly older cousins stand, then they wanted to be just like the big boys. Maybe have someone show them, like your DH if he isn't uncomfortable with it, like my spouse was. Good luck!

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