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Where Do You Get Help When You Lose Everything in a Fire.

Here is a brief run down..My parents home burned down yesterday everything in it was destroyed. They are left with nothing but rubble unfortunately. They do not have home owners insurance due to the fact they have had a rough times over the years. I know red cross will help them but I was wondering if anyone knows of any other place you can get assistance in a time like this. Maybe even some help financially to try and rebuild. There is no way they can afford a mortgage or even rent for that matter. I still have two siblings at home with them. So the four of them are going to have to stay between my sisters home and my home. This is hard on all parties invovled.I am struggling financially myself so the best I could do was try and buy them at least a few outfits today. I feel aweful but I am limited. So any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you so much.

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You might try Freecycle for clothing, household items, etc. - it's a website that facilitate passing on items that are still in good condition and keeping things out of landfills. The link is



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I'm so sorry to read all that-breaks my heart. I don't know if this will help but Vietnam Vets were going to come through next week to pick up some things I was donating BUT Your family is more than welcome to them. It is all clean and folded :) Mens clothes (t-shirts,sweatshirts,sweaters) and some womens clothes (not much, t-shirts,pj pants) If your siblings are young adults some of these things they might like( After I had a baby I got rid of alot of my non-mom looking clothes). I also have some books,candles, house nick nacks etc. though I'm sure that is low on the list of needs. Let me know if you guys could use anything, I would like to help you out, I can't imagine losing everything...Your family is in my thoughts, good luck to you all!

To J.:

I am so sorry for your parents loss. It must be devastating. Have your parents tried the Salvation Army in addition to the Red Cross? The Salvation Army provides emergency assistance. Do they go to church? Could their pastor or church family help out? Are your parents working? Could their co-workers help out? They might have to apply for welfare. HAve them call the dept of social services to see what they qualify for. They might not want to but if they are in dire circumstances they might not have a choice. Praying that things work out for them and you as well.

I am a single parent with three kids and I am on a very limited income and I recently had some financial trouble and was not able to pay my rent, I didn't know what to do byt a friend suggested that I call a few places for help and the first one I called was the Wayne Metro Outreach, they are located on w. jefferson in Ecorse, Mi, they helped me with my rent so that I didn't get evicted, It took about 2 weeks to get the money, but I am still in my home because of them, Also I would have them call the United Way the number is 211. Hope this will help, I wish I could help in some other way, Take Care and Good Luck, God Bless

You may want to take them to your local Department of Human Services. There they will be able to get all kinds of help. You may also want to go to some of the local churches in your area. They will sometimes help with shelter, food items, clothe items and other things. You can also call the Salvation Army, they also have resources that will help. I will be praying that God will open doors so that they will get the help that they need.

It has briefly been mentioned already, but if you could register with your local freecycle community, I've noticed when it comes to tragedy, they are always willing to lend a helpful hand.

Each county seems to have it's own group, but the Western Wayne Freecycle is through Yahoo Groups.

You might be able to replenish most of their belongings there.

I'm sorry to hear about their loss. I hope they can get back on their feet soon.

HI J.,

What County do they live in? Washtenaw and Oakland County have different programs for people who have had major upsets in their life, like what has happened to your parents.

Go to the website, www.211.org and there is a list of services you should be able to find for your family. click on the "Find the local 2-1-1 in your area" and you click on the "State" and than the "City"...this should give you some people to contact who would be able to help you or lead you in the direction of people who can help them. Also, look at the local churches in the area where they live...they will most definitely help you in any way that they can.

I used to work for the City of Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County is phenomenal in helping it citizens.

Best of Luck!

I'm sorry this happened.
Call the city and see if there's a local program. Check freecycle, the phone book, there church if they have one. And if you have to shop try Value World resale on ford rd, or salvation army. Good luck, A. H

You might try Freecycle for clothing, household items, etc. - it's a website that facilitate passing on items that are still in good condition and keeping things out of landfills. The link is



Go to your local Salvation Army Church, they will put you in touch with financial institutions that can help your parents out, also try St. Vincent De Paul, they will help with clothing, etc. Next I would try Fox2 Problem Solvers, or Ruth to the Rescue. They've helped families in situations just like your's by getting in touch with organizations that were willing to lend a helping hand. Next set up a fund at a local bank for donations, people help out by doing fund raisers. I hope this helps you, I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

I know this sounds kinda silly and I don't know if they can help but I always see stories like this on Channel two Fox news, maybe they could do a fundraiser or put you in touch with someone who can help. What about habitat for humanity? Don't they build homes for people that are low income? My family will keep you in our Prayers good luck and stay strong hug each and every family member of yours and say a thank you that everyone was able to make it out safely.

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