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Where Can I Volunteer with My Kids?

I would like to start volunteering somewhere with my kids. I want to start them young on giving back. They are six and four. My six year old, I can take anywhere, but my four year old has a lot of energy and wants to touch everything. She isn't bad and I can tell her no, but she is a kinetic ;earner and so to see how things works, she wants to touch them. So, my questions is, does anyone know of a good place to volunteer where she would be able to help. She loves to help, but it has to be something she can do or else my entire time is spent keeping her out of things and we are no help at all. Hope someone has an idea. :)

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Thank you so much for all the responses. I got some great ideas. You all are a really cool resource. Thanks.

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Please consider Animal Haven, Kansas. I know Animal Haven seeks family volunteers to walk dogs, and play with puppies and kittens.

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Community gardens or parks are great places to volunteer-- lots of room to run! My son "helps" with my community garden work, and sometimes we go to the local parks and pick up trash. He's an energetic fellow as well, so that works for us.

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I would recommend contacting your local chamber of commerce and tell them what you want to do with volunteering and they could probably send you in the right direction of places you could possibly volunteer within the community, or who you would, could, or should talk to in order to find more information.

Another thing you could try is to check with the reference desk at your public library to find resources in your community that could use your help as well.

Bottom line, get creative. What kinds of things do you like to do and then check out those areas for opportunities to volunteer.

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Have you ever considered 4-H? I participated in the Wyandotte County 4-H program for over eleven years. 4-H is a wonderful program that really encourages kids and their families to get involved in their community. When most people think of 4-H they think of farms and raising animals but these days it is much more then that. My club was very involved in the community: from making cards for nursing homes, to adopting a family for the holidays, helping clean up local parks, etc... Our groups main focus was on community service. I went to a private school and we had to have a certain number of service hours a quarter and I NEVER had a problem filling my quota. From my four years of highschool I had over 500 hours of community service. Other then just helping out the community, 4-Hers get the opportunity to go to summer camp, and other trips when they get older. Sorry to keep rambling but I am just so enthusiastic about 4-H! During my years I not only made some life long friends but got some wonderful contacts which helped a TON for recommendations for jobs and college. If you have any questions of just want to hear some more you can send me a message... I am just a 4-H veteran who loves to get other involved ! :)

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I don't know any specifics about your community. However, several things come to mind. The easy community project is picking up trash in the community or a recycling project. This is a great way to teach children to be responsible for the environment.

Also, senior citizens who can't go out (in assisted living or a nursing home) love being visited by younger children. In our community there is an adult daycare in town. I took a group of attention challenged 7th graders to interact with the adults there. All the activity director wanted was for the kids to play games with the adults. There were a lot of people with Alzheimers so they really didn't mind if the rules of the games were changed. They also had a small foam basketball hoop set up for the adults. They loved it when the kids played "basketball" with them. The place where my grandmother lived had a regular balloon volleyball game to keep the residents active. This would be another game where a younger kinesthetic learning could interact with an older person. The kids could also make cards ahead of time and deliver them to residents.

Some communities have community gardens over the summer. This is an activity that young children could be involved in. If you have a garden space you could easily have your own garden and give the food or flowers to an organization or a person whom you know would give it to people who needed it. You could also work with your children to put together care baskets for people unable to get out of their homes.

If you have a church or community organization having a food drive and you think your children are capable you might be able to help sort food items. Sometimes food pantries put together bags ahead of time or sort items ahead of time. If you could find a food pantry that would let you help behind the scenes, this might be a more relaxed pace than an actual food drive.

These are just some thoughts. Good luck.

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Have you heard of MOMS Club? It is an international group that meets usually in the daytime, has lots of fun stuff to do with your kids including service projects. There are many chapters and you probably have one near you. I have been in one in Pennsylvania and in Lawrence, KS and am starting a chapter here in Baldwin City, KS. My sister in law belongs to a chapter in Tulsa, OK. The types of service project vary depending on the group. We have done things like making Mother's Day baskets for the women's shelter, park clean-up, making overnight bags for Ronald MacDonald House, having sing-a-longs at nursing homes, collecting food pantry items, stuff like that.
We have a program with our local senior center called "Friendly Visitors" where I take my kids to visit on older person at home once a week. That can be a little tricky with young kids though.
Whatever you do, whether with a group or on your own, good job! Our children learn from us and compassion and caring for others is such a great thing to teach them.

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You could call the Ronald McDonald House. I think that they have groups that come in and cook food for the families. Or, you could have your kids help you bake cookies or make sandwiches at home and drop them off there. Also, you could make goody bags for children waiting at hospitals in the area.

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Probably not anything really at that age - but maybe you can make your own volunteer job. How about adopting a few "grandparents"? Go to a nursing home and see if you can be matched with some elderly people that you can go visit mabye weekly and play some games with them. Some of the elderly are back to playing games the level of 4 or 6 year olds. Also, they might be able to teach you all some things.

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Please consider Animal Haven, Kansas. I know Animal Haven seeks family volunteers to walk dogs, and play with puppies and kittens.

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My kids (4 & 10) and I sometimes volunteer at our local food pantry. So far, we have helped with stocking the shelves and making baskets around the holidays. I would love to help hand out the food, though (they do that on Friday mornings, so we'll be able to do that over the summer).

We also plan to volunteer at the Humane Society this summer. I am anxious to read more responses, so I can get more ideas of volunteer opportunities with kids!

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