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When Will I Get My Period After a C-section While "Partial" Breast Feeding?

When Will I Get My Period After a C-section While "Partial" Breast Feeding?

I had a c-section giving birth to my baby boy, and bled for about 4 weeks shortly after that, which I know is normal. Not too long ago, I had a minor infection from the c-section which i was given anti-biotics for ..and around that time frame I had bleedings again on march 12th which I'm not sure if it was my period or the dirty blood that was left in my stomache..

i understand that if you're breast feeding, it may delay your period for up to a year or until you stop breast feeding? But does partial breast feeding count?.

I was wondering when I will get my period again because I'd like to start on my BC pills asap (MICRONOR), and it says i'm suppose to take it on the first day of my period - but how am i suppose to take it if i do not get my period.

Thanks in advance :)


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have you thought about getting the mirana IUC? it does not interfer with BF, I had my baby over 9 montns ago with cs and still have not had a period and the mirana is great no need to worry about taking a pill and it is good for 5 years.

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You need to call your OB to double check what I'm going to say. You should never take any medication (especially while breastfeeding) with out consulting your doc first.

That said, you can probably start the pill any time. I took the mini pill after my 2nd was born before I got my period. I started it at my 6 week check up. They told me to start it on a Sunday. If you're taking the mini pill (and I think you are) then you have to make sure to take it at the EXACT SAME time EVERY day or it's not effective. Also, the birth control pill can affect your milk supply. It can dry you up. If you are able, you might want to try to exclusively breast feed for awhile before and after you start the pill.

I would say you should talk to your OB GYN about when to start. I got my period about 2 months after I gave birth and I was breastfeeding so it is possible it was your period. Until you are sure of your cycle and start the pill I would recommend using a condom just to be safe.

Good luck!

It is common to not have a period until your child is completely weaned, even several months after that.

You can suppress ovulation by breastfeeding every 4 hours. The rule is to empty one breast every 4 hours. If you use a bottle, leave baby too long, or if baby is sleeping longer your body will change and you can start ovulating. If you pump, that will make your body produce more milk than baby is eating and the breast may not get empty after a feeding. Even giving a bottle can mess up the balance.
If you have been "partial" breast feeding for a few weeks then yes, that was probably your period starting.
Hope this helps.

I would ask your obgyn about when to start taking the pills since you're not menstruating regularly yet. I had a vaginal birth and bled for about 5 weeks, I went back on the pill at my 6 week check up. My doctor told me I could start taking them right away, I think because she didn't expect me to get my period since I'm also breastfeeding. I have had some bleeding which may or may not have been my period, I really don't know. Either way, even though breastfeeding is a natural contraceptive, its better to have another form of birth control in the picture if you don't want to get pregnant. Your doctor will probably tell you to just start them right away. And don't worry, your period will by all screwed up for a while!

Hi E.,
I also had a very similar situation with the c-section, antibiotics, etc. . We started formula at night so that I could get some well needed rest when our son was about two weeks old (much sooner than I had hoped to). Unfortunately, I learned to late that if you go longer than 4-6 hours without breast feeding (ie your baby is sleeping through the night) you may get your period back quicker than those who exclusively breast feed. I got mine back at 9 weeks. However, I will say it has been very erratic. The first one only lasted for a day or so and the second lasted for a week.

I would say sooner than later you will get your period. There is no real formula, some women that are fully breastfeeding get the periods after just a few months, some don't get it the whole time. Partial breastfeeding will probably make it come sooner than full breastfeeding. I went 10 months without it, breastfeeding only (with solids at 6 month), and then it came. I also remember that I had some bleeding at maybe 6 weeks, and I thought it was my period, but it wasn't.

have you thought about getting the mirana IUC? it does not interfer with BF, I had my baby over 9 montns ago with cs and still have not had a period and the mirana is great no need to worry about taking a pill and it is good for 5 years.

Every person is different and will get their period back at different times. I personally got mine back 9 months after my c-section and I was STILL breastfeeding. Your body will decide when its ready, and you can't predict it. Enjoy your new baby!

With my daughter I got my period when I weaned her at about a year...with both of my boys...I got my period after 5 months...despite the fact that they were nursing a LOT! I wouldn't count on breastfeeding as birth control unless you wouldn't be terribly upset about getting pregnant again. Is there are birth control you can take that isn't dependent on when you get your period? I got a depo shot after having my daughter...but I hated it.

It varies with everyone - too difficult to give an accurate guess when it will return. I would wait till you're done BFing to start back up on birth control.

Two things, just because you aren't having periods doesn't mean you aren't ovulating. You can still get pregnant. The second is that I did not get my period during any time that I was nursing any of my kids.
W. M;

Micronor is the mini pill and you can start that at any time, you don't have to wait for your period. I had my son 2 months ago and will be starting micronor on sunday.

I also had a C-section and breastfed my daughter, who is now 2.5, and I didn't get my period until she was 13 months. However, I did get on the pill when my daughter was 6 weeks. You don't have to wait until you get your period to start the pill. Congrats on your new bundle of joy!!!

I got my P 6 weeks after I stopped 3 months of BF. To avoid and oops, abstain until you are using bc...everyone is different. YOU CAN GET PREGNANT WHILE BREASTFEEDING AND BEFORE YOUR FIRST MENSTRUATION. If you are not ready to become pregnant again than it is more important to start with bc and not wait for the first P. If your DR insists you wait to start the Pill, than consider another form of bc.

You can get your period back at anytime. I had a c-section and was exclusively breastfeeding my daughter and got mine when she was around 4 months old because she started sleeping 5-6 hour stretches.

You can start taking your pills at any time per my pharmacist. But you will need back up protection for the first pack of pills. And with the mini pills it's especially important that you take them the same time everyday.

Congratulations, E. on your new baby boy!
I delivered my 2nd child 13 weeks ago. I only breastfeed now & did my 1st child for 13 months (partially after 6 months). After both were 6 weeks old my Dr recommended taking birth control, but it is not my regular bc. Because you are breastfeeding you should talk to your DR about what you can take while breastfeeding. I am taking Nora- Be.
With my 1st I had some spotting after 3 months of partial breastfeeding, no real period, but cramps that would normally accompany my period. My regular period returned about 6 weeks after I completely stopped breastfeeding.
I hope this helps. I wish you the best of luck!

Even total breast feeding may not count, only ecological nursing. ( look it up for definition) Every mom is different and so there is no way to know for sure what will happen for you. You need to learn more about your body and you will know if you are fertile or not.

I would suggest you contact the couple to couple league for more information on fertility and nursing and also for options for having control over when you do or do not conceive. Do do more research on BC pills before taking them again. I took them @ one point, but knowing what I know now never never ever ever again would I even consider it, and that choice has so improved my health, my emotional well being and our sex life as well.

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