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When to Take My Baby Boy to the Eye Doctor?

At what age should kids have their first eye exam? (This is not including suspect vision problems.) There is nothing wrong with his vision, just curious what you Mama's thought because I am about to turn in my insurance information for the year and am curious if I should add him to my vision plan. Thanks!

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My daughter's pediatrician noticed problems with my daughter's vision when she was five and recommended seeing a pediatric opthamologist. I took my son in when the school sent a note home regarding his vision test (age 7). Unless there's medical history, I would wait. Having seen how difficult an eye exam can be for young children, I wouldn't put a little one thru it and not take them unless recommended by a pediatrician.
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That's a question to ask the dr. on his next visit. The dr. can perform a basic test, enough to know if there is a potential problem and can advise you if a trip to a specialist is in order. At 14 months, why don't you try a few simple tests or directing his attention to specific things and see his reaction. The same goes for hearing.

As long as you don't suspect something, he should be fine for now. He will have to have an eye exam (and hearing) when he starts kindergarten. My son's pre-school did them in the spring before he started kinder.

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I interview eye doctors as a matter of routine for my job and they all recommend you bring a baby in as young as 6 months. There is actually a federal program that is offered at their offices specifically for babies. It is along the lines of a well baby check up, but specifically for the eyes. Check with your local eye doctor and then put your baby on your insurance.

I think it goes on during his normal Dr. visit when he turns 5 unless you think vision may be an issue thatn anytime I guess.

I just spoke with my son's pedi and my eye doctor about this last week because of my open enrollment for insurance at work. My son just turned two and they both recommended to wait until he is 4 or 5 unless i can tell any problems with his sight. His dad and i both have bad vision so it was something that i was wondering about as well. When you do make an appointment make sure it is with an eye doctor for children.

I would venture to say about 3 years old. Unless you notice something wrong earlier than that. At the age of three is when I took mine because they had just started pre-pre-k. The eye doctor uses pictures instead of letters. It is so cute! They can also look into the baby's eyes and tell if there is something wrong... by looking through the lenses.

Unless you are having specific problems your pediatrian will start including an eye exam at age 4 or 5. Usually before they go to school. My kids are 9 & 5 and I don't pay the extra for vision insurance for them yet since it is done at checkups and now school also. If either of them need vision correction I'll add them or maybe when they are in their teens.

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My opinion, between ages 3-5, well before kindergarten. Earlier if you have family history of eye issues. I have a preemie who has been seen since infancy and the doc said I should have my three year checked now.

As long as you don't suspect something, he should be fine for now. He will have to have an eye exam (and hearing) when he starts kindergarten. My son's pre-school did them in the spring before he started kinder.

Your child's doctor will check your toddlers eyes at each exam. The Dr. will suggest if he or she suspects any abnormalities.

If you notice problems you should speak with your doctor. Usually the first eye check will be right before kindergarten with their school physical and school immunizations.

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