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When to Stop Using Baby Detergent?

My daughter is almost 2 yrs old and I was just wondering when most mom's stopped using Dreft (i.e.)for washing and started using regular detergent? What about bleach for whites? I haven't bleached any of her whites but, would sure like to use something to keep them bright and white. Has anyone tried "Oxyclean"? Does it really whiten the clothes like bleach would? Any suggestions besides bleach would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for all the info.

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Wow! Thank you all so much for your response. I guess it's safe to say I can stop using Dreft. I will be doing my homework to find out what to switch to and what to use for her whites. Thanks again. My mind has been eased.

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I stopped Dreft when she was a year old - a little later, actually, as I finished the bottle. I've bleached a couple things but washed them 3 times afterwards before putting them back in her drawers. I use Oxyclean for stains but I don't think it whitens like bleach.

Personally I think dreft is a scam. We never used it. We use All free and clear, almost every brand of detergent makes a kind for sensitive skin if you are worried about that but I like All because its cheap. Even my friend whose little girl has really bad eczema can use the All free and clear and said dreft was worse for her baby. I have always bleached whites so no help on that front. I like the oxy stain remover but haven't tried just oxy in place of bleach. Good luck! You could try doing maybe just one outfit if you are really worried about it.

I had to switch to Tide Free HE when we bought new frontloaders - I think my daughter was about 4 months old - because they don't make an HE version of Dreft. Started using bleach on her whites at around 10 months old or so. I always set it to the Extra Rinse cycle. Never had a problem Good luck!

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I stopped using Dreft as soon as the free sample ran out! I couldn't stand doing separate loads for my son's wash and our wash. We all now use the Tide with no dyes, and no fragrances. My son has fairly sensitive skin, and we've never had any issues.
I only use bleach on my really whites, and then, I dilute it to 1/4 of what it says on the package to use. My son doesn't wear any whites, really, so his stuff doesn't get bleached ever.

We switched my son at about a year. I put a few of his things in with ours and checked to see if he had a reaction when he wore them. We use a more natural detergent (like seventh generation) as oxi clean and others are really harsh and full of chemicals I won't put near my son!

Hi J.,
I think I used Dreft maybe once at the beginning then just went to Tide Free or All Free. I'm allergic to perfume so I always get Fragrance Free detergent and use dryer balls instead of the dryer sheets which are full of chemicals. As long as you use a Fragrance Free detergent your daughter should be fine. I use Oxyclean once in awhile also. I think it's fine to use bleech now too. I use Clorox or Clorox 2 for colors.

Hope this helps.

Stopped using that stuff loooong ago (my daughter is 2), definitely by age 1.

I just wash her stuff in whatever I wash our stuff in.

Hi J.,

I would stop using it immediately. Most detergents (including Dreft) contain monoethanolamine (MEA) which is highly toxic and linked to asthma, allergies, and eczema? Ever wonder why those have increased dramatically? Shaklee has a line of safe, non-toxic, highly efficient, super concentrated (lasts longer & saves you $) laundry products that are earth-friendly. They work amazingly! Every person that I know that has switched has called me to thank me and give me there testimonial. The laundry detergent is made from corn and coconut surfactants and works much better at getting your clothes clean than other national brands. Also, there is a product called Nature Bright Laundry Booster and Stain Remover that works 60% better than Oxyclean. It is a mother's dream! You will get ALL stains out. The products are safe and gentle so you never have to worry about separating laundry for babies or family with sensitive skin. Check them out at www.greennutrition.info and register to win $200 of free products at www.freegreenproducts.info. I have a cost comparison sheet if you'd like me to forward it to you. It's an eye-opener! Also, Shaklee guarantees all of their products and offers a money-back guarantee so there's no risk in trying.

I had to switch to Tide Free HE when we bought new frontloaders - I think my daughter was about 4 months old - because they don't make an HE version of Dreft. Started using bleach on her whites at around 10 months old or so. I always set it to the Extra Rinse cycle. Never had a problem Good luck!

Since we swim all the time, I've never worried about bleach (chlorine bleach and chlorine swimming pools are the same chemical).

Hi hun I used dreft from the day i was pregnant washing all the clothes till my baby was 3 months old i didnt care for it it seemed to fade his clothes even when washed in cold water!we use all free and clear or the tide clear but ya you could switch to a dye free one first if your baby isnt touchy to smells ;) good luck and for the bleach i would hold off on that till u have switched to the new detergent let her skin get used to that they also have baby oxy clean u can use for her whites until shes used to that

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