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When to Start Trying Again After 2 Miscarriages?

I've spent the last year and half in a foreign country while my husband is doing development work, so let me start out saying I have access to three sources of good medical care only, and they aren't being helpful right now by saying completely different things. Ladies, what have doctors said to you about this?

My first pregnancy was in May, ended up being a "chemical pregnancy" and ended within 3 days of my first missed period. Conceived again in October and had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. It happened spontaneously, no D and C necessary (thank God, it was painful and traumatic enough on it's own without needing surgery too...) I have been told there's a very good chance that there is nothing wrong with me, that 2 miscarriages in a row are still pretty normal and at that early stage they were both almost certainly a genetic problem with the fetus rather than a problem with me, or the environment I'm in, so not to bother getting tested at a fertility clinic yet.

So other than waiting for me to be ready emotionally for another try (which might take a while) I'm being given wild estimates about when it's medically a good idea to try again, from 'go right ahead now!' to 'wait 6-8 months'. Have any of you had 2 or more miscarriages in a year? What did your doctor say and how long did you wait to try again? How many times does this have to happen before they recommend testing to find out if there's a problem?

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Just a note: I have two friends who had 2 miscarraiges in a year (each one did), and both happened to end up having a clotting disorder. They went on aspirin, then when getting pregnant, they immediately had to start injections of blood thinners. I know it IS very common to have 2 miscarraiges, but something to think about! (Also, one of them had a completely normal preg years before this happened)

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I have had 3 miscarriages total. My first one was at 12 weeks. Then we had a healthy baby girl. (Took us 6 months to conceive her even though we started trying immediately after the miscarriage.) Then, we went on to have 2 more miscarriages at 5 and 6 weeks. (Those being only 1 month apart from one another...) All 3 came out naturally with NO d&c. (The doc wanted to do one with the first miscarriage because we new the baby had died but we chose to wait it out. After a week, I bled on my own. I just couldn't bring myself to have the d&c because I didn't want the docs to be wrong and me abort my baby. I was praying for a miracle but God decided my baby would be best in heaven.)

We went to the regular doc for answers and they could not help. They ran a bunch of tests and everything came back fine. Then they wanted to start getting more invasive and put dye up my uterus and such and we said NO WAY! The doc was a jerk and insensitive and we got the feeling that he was running more tests for the money... So we went to a natural doctor.

The natural doc (and his chiropractor daughter) went through our history and asked a ton of questions. Checked out diets and everything and came up with that my body couldn't handle a pregnancy because I was not healthy enough. We were NOT eating very well. (Fast foods, pop, frozen pizzas, etc. were the main bulk of our diet.) So, they wrote up a plan for us and my husband and I both did a colon clense and started taking the recomended vitamins and fish oils, we switched to eating only organic, etc. and 5 months later (THE FIRST MONTH WE STARTED TRYING) we were pregnant. We now call that Jack.

There could be many different reasons as to why you lost your babies and you will get many different opinions. As for when you should conceive again, that depends on what you chose to do about why you miscarried. If you think is was just a fluke, then you should start trying whenever you feel like it. If you think it may be the same reasons we had, you may choose to hold off a couple months to build your body up to be healthy enough to hold a pregnancy to full term.

I had two miscarriages in a year and I am so sorry that you have had to experience that - I wouldn't wish a miscarriage on anyone. My doctors told me that when I was ready try again. As long as there weren't any complications with the miscarriage I think you are good to go. The only time frame I have ever seen is to wait one cycle, but it doesn't seem to really matter.

It took over a year after the second for us to get pregnant and I was encouraged by my boss actually to go and insist on testing. I took some meds (clomed - sp?) and got pregnant the first cycle. We had a healthy baby girl and I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with #2. This conception took us 7 months and I had just gotten a script from my doctor but got pregnant before I got to take it.

The hardest advice I can give is try not to worry about it. But don't wait to talk to your doctor about your options. For me it helped just to know how long we would have to try before looking into our next option. Somehow it made me feel a little more in control.

Good luck to you and your husband as you try to add to your family.

Just a note: I have two friends who had 2 miscarraiges in a year (each one did), and both happened to end up having a clotting disorder. They went on aspirin, then when getting pregnant, they immediately had to start injections of blood thinners. I know it IS very common to have 2 miscarraiges, but something to think about! (Also, one of them had a completely normal preg years before this happened)

I had a "chemical pregnancy" in July 2005 and a miscarriage that happened when I was 9 weeks along in October 2005. We were told to wait until I got my period and then we could start trying again. I was also told that because they were very different kinds of miscarriages that this was an indication that it was NOT me that was the issue. We were pregnant again in December 2005 with my second daughter. She was and continues to be very healthy and such a blessing! I also have two other children that were conceived super easy without any problems beforehand. Hang in there. I know it is hard...

Hi. Hope this helps... When my sister-in-law miscarried, I am pretty sure the doctor told her to wait at least three months; this was to let her body rest a little before she tried again, & hopefully get everything back on track. My doctor told me the same thing when I miscarried, sixteen years ago. Take prenatal vitamins before you start trying. Eat well, avoid alcoholic drinks, & quit smoking (if any of this applies to you). It is important to exercise regularly, too. You mentioned stress; not good if you are trying to get pregnant. Try to relax. Subscribe to FitPregnancy Magazine. It has good info. & good advice. Good luck to you!

Have them check your progesterone levels after you ovulate (use a kit so you know when you do ovulate for sure). I have had 2 m/c and the last one needed a d&c. A month later we started trying and they put me on prometrium (progesterone) the 2nd half of my cycle, I was pregnant and had no problems. I had tried for that 2nd one about a yr and my doc said I could have been conceivieng but bc of low prog. the pg wasn't sticking. I've been pg 4 times, so I knew that wasn't the issue and have had 2 live births..one thanks to the extra progesterone. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers...I know how disappointing and frustating it is!

Hormones and grief are a dangerous combination. Back in the dark ages I had 3 miscarriages (all at 8 weeks) in less than a year. It killed my marriage and damn near killed me. I do NOT think there is a set amount of time you need to wait, but I do think it's wise to wait until your hormones and emotions are BOTH on an even keel again....

Good Luck!

I just had my second miscarriage this summer. I had one before my daughter then we had our daughter, and then we just had one. With the last miscarriage the doctor told me to wait three cycles before I should start trying, but since I am a teacher I asked what would happen if I didn't wait the three months and she told me it is more for them to make sure the first pregnancy has ended before the next one started. I had an ultrasound right after I had my miscarriage and they told me everything was out. So we started trying after one cycle and got pregnant right away. We are expecting our second child in June. She also told me that when you have two miscarriages they are not concerned that there is something wrong with you. She told me they start to get concerned when you have three or more miscarriages in a row. Good luck with everything. M.

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