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When to Give Baby Water?

I know that the breastmilk has everything that my baby needs, but I'm currious to know when to start giving my baby water. Is it when we introduce solids? Thanks

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Babies get plenty of water from breast milk and formula. They don't need it until after age 1. If the weather is really hot you can give it to them. -www.weelicious.com

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Hi L.

Yes! Offer water when you start giving solids. Our pediatrician said (I asked her the same question) eating solids without water is bad for the baby's liver! You should run it past your pediatrician too.

I breastfed both my kids, so I was in the same boat. In theory, for healthy kids, breastmilk is all a baby needs BEFORE YOU INTRODUCE SOLIDS. After you introduce solids, the baby is no longer having just breastmilk, and other things (like water) is required. Again, ask your pediatrician. I get scared when I see some advice like "breastmilk is all they need before they turn 1". I sopport breastfeeding and nursed both my kids till they were 2 & 1.5, but I hate seeing other moms being misled by this kind of blind statement. So please use your mommy judgement and ask a doctor. Best of luck!

I started giving my daughter water around 6-7 mos I think, around the time we started solids. I'd offer her water with the solid food. She could drink out of a regular cup around 8 mos (if I held the cup).

I started giving both my boys water in a sippy cup around 10 months...both for practice with a cup and to get a little more fluids in them since they were backing off the nursing at that point in favor of eating more solids. Seems to have been good with both of them.


Water actually counts as a solid believe it or not! Actually, a baby shouldn't need water at all during their first year. Breastmilk provides all the fluids necessary. Water has zero calories and takes up space in the stomach so it can actually inhibit a baby from taking in the nutrition it needs. Water in little ones can also cause electrolyte imbalances like you hear about with those football players that sweat a lot, chug water, and end up hospitalized.

Here's more info: http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/solids/baby-water.html

Since you mentioned solids, here are a couple of links on when to start solids:


Here's info on how to successfully combine solids and nursing without risking premature weaning or interfering with weight gain:

Heh! I know this is twice the info you asked for, but it's great stuff to know.

Take care!

Not until after 1 year. No need as long as you continue to breastfeed... or at the very least formula.

I gave my son water when he started eating regular foods. I think it helps with digestion and not to fill the child up. I also gave it to him when he wanted something just to sleep. Milk before bed could rot their teeth. Good luck. :)

I read about this yesterday in Parenting Mag (Oct issue). They said that they don't need it but at 6 months you can give them a sippy cup with water in it (especially if it is summer) so that they can learn. No rush though.

Here is the link to the article:

I agree with what the other responses said - around 6-7 months, especially make sure your little one is getting enough fluids when you introduce solids, in case he has some digestion issues. Water helps them pass stool, keeps it soft.
As a reminder, especially when it's hot out here in SoCal, make sure your child is having enough wet diapers during the day - that's how you can tell if he's really well hydrated, vs. just sweating in the heat.
Be sure you check with your doctor about the proper level of flouride in your water. Bottled water has none (which means no beneficial flouride for building bones, teeth), but city water may have too much. Check to see what your doc recommends.

Ask your doctor. My doctor told us when to give it to our daughter. I can't remember when it was but it was before a year.

I have always heard that you can start giving water at 6 months. It's nice to give it in a sippy cup so that your baby starts to learn what a cup is and how to use one. don't expect her to drink too much right away, but it's great if you can introduce it early to get them used to it.

http://oc.citymommy.com - resources and community for OC moms

i was told by my son's doctor not to give any water before starting solids. when you start solids, you can start offering water in a sippy cup (more to get the baby used to the cup, rather than a need for water). baby will get all the nutrition and hydration he/she needs from breastmilk or formula, so there's no real NEED for water until milk is not the baby's primary food.

good luck!

I agree with some other posts that it's good to start offering water in a sippy around 6 months (in small amounts). it's important to start encouraging them to drink it. I used a cute little pink Klean Kanteen (which has a Avent sippy attachment) and my daughter is now really great about drinking lots of water and she loves to bring her Klean Kanteen to the park or wherever we go!

Now! Water is essential and while you're baby may not always "need" it, it's important to start encouraging them to drink it. When it's really warm out, they may actually need it. The rule of thumb: 1 oz per month. So a 6 month old would have 6 oz water per day. We would make the water bottle in the morn and then just offer it to baby often, until it's gone. My kids were, and still are, great water drinkers!

Some people believe that you should not give solids until they have teeth. I tend to believe that. Food today is so full of junk. I would not switch until absolutely necessary.


God Bless!


Babies get plenty of water from breast milk and formula. They don't need it until after age 1. If the weather is really hot you can give it to them. -www.weelicious.com

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