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When to Expect AF/ Test for Positive Pregnancy

All right, so I've been through this once before but let's say it was a no brainer...we got off BC and must have been instantly knocked up. Now, I went of BC in Feb, got AF at the end of the first week of March and tested for O- came up positive on Day 16. Everything I am reading is based on 28 day cycle. Does this mean mine is longer? Do I still wait for AF at the 4 week mark or should it be longer? And if everything did work, when can I actually test for pregnancy???

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:( FYI. Aunt Flo showed up. Try again soon enough I guess.

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Either your cycle will be longer OR your luteal phase (the time between O and 1st day of AF) will be shorter. You'll probably have to wait this cycle to see. I wouldn't test until at least 15 days after O, unless you don't mind re-testing or getting back a negative. Just my two cents! I'm sure someone else can help you more!

I am not sure if this will help, but we tried for almost two years to have our first daughter and ended up finding out that I do not ovulate until day 19 of my cycle and my cycle is only 30 days, so I have a very short window to get preganant. Anyways, we went on to have 3 more children with no problem, but that was because I knew I ovulated very late in my cycle. Good luck, it just goes to show that not everyone is the same, and you will get to know your body.

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I think most likely at least this cycle is longer than 28 days - as I've understood it, usually the luteal phase stays constant at 14 days. I would guess you can expect your period at about 31 days. I think most pregnancy tests would test positive a few days earlier, but of course you might end up with a negative test even if you're actually pregnant if you test too soon. Good luck!!!

Well I've been trying to conceive for months now. Got pregnant in December which unfortunately ended in a miscarriage at 7 weeks.

With that said 28 day cycle is just an average. From what I've read... only about 25% of the populace even has that lovely 28 day cycle where they O on day 14 and have a 14 day luteal phase.

So you got a 1/4 chance that you are one of those girls. With that said sounds like you aren't.

Beings you know when you O'ed this month if you aren't pregnant you'll know exactly how long your luteal phase is for next month. (the time between O and the start of your next AF is your luteal phase). The average is of course the 14 but some are as short (and even shorter than if you have a defect) 10 days... and some are even as long as 20 days. So you should expect your period sometime in that range from the day of O.

I would wait until day 15 after O to test (or 15 DPO). If you get a negative and haven't started within the next 3 days test again. Keep doing that until you are past the 20 DPO point and if still no AF and still no positive time to call the doctor and get a blood test. They are far more accurate and sensitve than the typical HPT.

Oh and best of luck to you! Baby dust...

You might just have a weird O time. I have a normal 28 day cycle but O on day 5 not 14. each person is different. I would take a test on day 28 but it might take a little longer to get a + even if you are.

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