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When Should Your Daughter Start Shaving?????

My daughter is 11 and is very blond. I have been thinking about having her learn shaving techniques for her legs, but I had not started that with her yet. Another girl at church told her yesterday that her legs were hairy. Does anyone have advice on when girls should start shaving or what is a good razor to start with? I use a Venus and really like it, but I don't want her to cut her legs. Help!

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Wow!!!! I am overwhelmed by the responses. Thank you so much for all of the great comments. I really appreciate them. We talked about shaving and that if she wanted to start that was ok. However, I told her that if she did start, she would have to keep up with it, and she would be shaving for a very long time. I had her use one of the Venus disposable razors. I helped her the first time. Then, we went and bought her one of her very own that she could hang in the shower like Mom's. She has now shaved on her own a couple of times, and she has only nicked her knee once. So, all in all, I think she was ready. Thank you again to everyone who commented. I really appreciate it.

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My daughter's leg hair is dark, so when she became uncomfortable with the hair on her legs I told her she could shave. She was afraid to use a razor, so we bought her a chemical hair remover (veet) and she loves it.

Schick or Bics (they both work wonderful and easy). Just remind her not to push hard or go too fast due to the fact that razors cut! My girls both started off with Schicks, but now use Bics! Good Luck!

I have three daughters they started shaving when they were ten but my youngest daughter, I started shaving her legs and arms when she was six she is very hairy. When I was young my mother did not want me to shave my legs and I remember the embarassment. Plus I went ahead and did it any way. Hope this helps K.

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If she has only nicked her self once so far she's doing awesome. It won't be the last nick. Good luck!!

I was and am a furry little blond myself. My mom was an ogre when it came to me wanting to start shaving. I think I was close to 14! When she finally caved, she bought me this little, white and pink, round razor that was about the size of the palm of my hand. It seemed to be easy to control.

I use the Venus disposables and I love them! I can't use a single blade razor because I still cut myself! She will probably cut herself a time or two (who hasn't) while she's still learning. The first time she shaves she may have to go over all the area twice, especially if she's really hairy. If she uses a shave gel or cream, she'll lessen the chance of cuts.

As far as the when, I'd say 11 is a pretty good time. Especially if someone is making fun of her.

I think I was 10, and I did it while spending the night at an older girl's house. I have dark hair, though. When I told my mom, she said, "Now you will have to shave for the rest of your life." While this was a bit dramatic, as you know, the hair grows back in course and itchy, and your daughter may not want to have to keep up with it. If she is not bothered by it, I wouldn't encourage it. After all, you don't want to encourage her to cave into peer pressure and make her decisions based on someone else's criticism or opinion. Winter is coming, so our legs aren't on parade now, anyway, unless they wear shorts in gym. I like the Venus razor, too. Don't know if there is something better for young girls. That is another worry, though. She may cut herself often until she gets the hang of it. Girls grow up too soon these days. Unless she is begging you to do it, I would hold off. Was it just this one kid making fun of her, or is she seriously being ridiculed? I have to disagree with the other responses. All of this peer pressure in school results in children who can't think for themselves and who base their self-worth on someone else's opinion of them. Instead of caving in and following what "they" are doing so our children can fit in, we need to teach them how to value themselves and be spiritually strong. Of course, this is just leg hair, and there's no real harm in letting her try it. But it starts with the small stuff, so talk her through how to handle criticism from her peers whether you let her shave or not. Be well, R.

My mom started me off with an electric razor so I wouldn't cut myself. Maybe try that. I could never use Nair or products like that because I would have a reaction to them. Good luck!

I would let her if she wants to. I asked my mom if I could shave my legs in 6th grade because my friends were. She said no, and I was so embarassed. Some of the boys made fun of me, too. I would error on the side of letting her shave too early than letting her be self-consious of it or get made fun of.

I was one of those whose mom wouldn't let me start shaving until 13, and it was mortifying. I agree that it would be wonderful to let her be a child longer, but it just doesn't work that way. In my case, I finally started sneaking in her bathroom and shaving anyway because I was in PE and it was always being talked about. (And I was a rule-keeper, not sneaky in general.) My older sister teased me mercilessly, but I wasn't able to tell my mom about even half of the humiliation I felt. It's my opinion that this is not an issue to make a big deal about. It doesn't hurt anything to let her shave, but it may cause pain not to.

L., I think it's time when they become self-conscious about it or the kids start commenting on it to them. I started waxing my daughter's unibrow in 2nd grade cause girls were making fun of it. We just started doing her legs in the 5th grade. Like other moms said, some people started to comment. Personally I'd have preferred to wait a little longer, but that's not the world our daughters live in.

I use Moom, which is so easy to use. We've only been doing her legs for a year and the hairs are already alot thinner. Hopefully by the time she's older she won't have to do much at all.

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