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At what point should siblings stop sharing a room? My 3 1/2 year old granddaughter and 5 1/2 year old grandson share a room.

Thank you.

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S. you have a boy and a girl. i have two girls and they are 15 and 13 lst year i gave them there own room . i dont think you have to wory just jet. he can saty in her room till he is 10 years old. at 12 years old the girl neets her own room . thats when they teenage years start. i hope this was help to you .

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I remember that my older brother (2.5 years older) got his own room when he turned 9 or 10 and I was 7. It was sad and we would sneak into each others rooms to talk into the night, but that didn't last for too long. I think 8 or 9 is about when kids really start to get into "liking" the opposite sex and so think that's probably the appropriate age. But it is an individual decision that depends largely on resources (bedrooms) available and disposition of children.

Good luck!

FT working, single mom of 4.5 year old girl.

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I persoanlly shared a room with my younger brother of 2 1/2 years until I was probably close to 10 and it was heart wrenching for us to be parted.

I think its weird that there are laws about this and plan to have my children share a room as long as they want to. Families should do what works best for them and to have a law makes it seem as if inapropriate things WILL happen if a bedroom is shared but opposite gender siblings...again, I really think this is a bizarre mindset!

If you have legitimate concerns I would take them up with your grandchildren's parents otherwise I agree with previous post and think this is not an issue that you should be concerned with.

My understanding is that section 8 uses age five as a guideline to determine how many bedrooms a family using housing assistance must have, but I do not know of any other 'law' pertaining to it. The department of social services could also cite that as a concern if they were investigating a complaint.
In my opinion what's more important is whether the children are comfortable with the arrangement. My two older children had their own bedrooms from birth, but regularly chose to sleep in the same room. My daughter would fall asleep in my son's room during story time when they were younger or while watching TV when they were older. I don't see any harm in that.
If they must share a room because there aren't enough bedrooms, I would try to partition the room so they each have some privacy.

The law says certain things for purposes of public housing guidelines, but private families can do whatever they want! If it works for the family, it's fine. The kids I nannied shared a room till they were 7 and 5. They had their own rooms, they just liked being together - and that's ok!

I am interested in the responses to this because I have just-turned-4-year-old boy/girl twins who still share a bedroom & I assumed I would let them do so until they started asking for more privacy. I'm curious to hear more about this MA "law" that someone posted about that siblings over 5 of different sexes cannot share a room - never heard of such a thing. Doesn't sound right or possible to me. For some, it's purely a space issue in their home.....not enough bedrooms to go around. What to do then?

my kids all slept in the same room untill my daughter started kindergarten. Than she wanted "privacy"
so boy 7, girl 5, boy 3 when we put her into her own room alone.
I don't know of any "law" that says no sharing a room over age 5.

Ihave a friend who is the only girl of eight. She shared a room with her brothers for years. i thinkuntil she moved out, i don't think there was any other way to have it though.

I guess I kind of wonder the same thing. My son hated his bedroom on the first floor of our house and the baby's room is on the second with us. It's a very small room. He has sense started sleeping in our daughters room. He is 11 and she is not yet 3. He sleeps a sound night and we all feel better having them both in the same room. The house was not set up for parents to feel comfortable about thier children. So honestly I think it depends on the situation and the children themselves. A bedroom is ussually just a place to sleep, at leat it is in our home, so far.

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