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When Should I Start My Period??

Hey so, my husband and I are trying for another baby. The first day of my last period was May 6th, and I have a very regular cycle which is 28 days.. now my question is.. When should I start my next period?? I don't know if you start your cycle with the first day of your period or the last day of your period?? Can someone help me?

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New update.. I finally started my period on Sunday, and wow has it been a painful one.. I have felt so sick and had the worst cramps.. so now all we have to do is just start over with trying.. wish me luck!

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Start counting on the first day...you should start on June 2. Hopefully not though! Let us know what happens! Good luck!

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1st day to 1st day is the rule. Good luck to you!

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June 3rd?

Always count from the 1st day of your period.

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I recommend reading "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". It is an awesome book that tells you pretty much everything you would ever want to know about how your body works towards getting pregnant!!! It's so complicated, it's a wonder that anyone gets pregnant!

Good luck with baby #4!!

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You count the first day of your period as day 1.

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Normally you start counting from the day you start your last cycle until you start your next one. Where you're trying to get pregnant as well, what I would recommend is going to http://www.kotex.com/na/Calculator.aspx. On this site you actually put in the date of your last period, how long they usually last (3 days, 5 days, etc.) and then how long your cycle is. You can either have it just tell you when your next cycle should be, or you can choose the option that you're trying to get pregnant and it will also show you your most likely fertile days. I like this calculator the best because it puts it in a calendar format rather than just throwing the dates at you, but I know you can find others online as well that could help if you don't like this one. Hope this was helpful!

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Count the first day. I used www.fertilityfriend.com to chart my cycles and know when the best window is to try to get pregnant. It totally worked. We got pregnant on our first try!! It gives you tons of good informtaion and its free for the first three months I think. After that its not expenisve at all i just can't remember. The average ovulation time is around fourten days of your cyalce with day 1 of your period being day 1. If I can remember the reccomendation is to try every day three days before the fourteenth day and two days after.

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Here is an ovulation calculator on babycenter:

Also, here are couple good links with basal body temp info and charting your cycles. Hope this helps!



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Start counting on the first day...you should start on June 2. Hopefully not though! Let us know what happens! Good luck!

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Probably the first day of your last period. I have had an IUD (copper) for a year and a half I have 2 boys from a previous marriage. Could I have the IUD removed? I had it checked last week and know I am spotting and don't know if I' pregnant or if the IUD has shifted I am 46 and feel to old to have another one with my boyfriend? But maybe not?

Good luck C..


I can tell you when you CAN get pregnant-11-21 days after your period. That should let you know if your pregnant or not or have a messed up cycle for the month. Chances are if you haven't started by today, you're probably pregnant!!

It's the first day of your period. There are some great online trackers as well as software programs. I've used the TCOYF program (and book) as well as a period tracker for my iPhone.

Hi C.,
So if you started on May 6th you should start again on approx. June 3rd. You ovulate "normally" around the 12-14 day/ Half way mark of your cycle. Watch for increased increased discharge.

If you are trying to conceive then you should start trying about the 10th day to the 15th day of your cycle. Don't go much past that as once you have ovulated the egg starts to deteriorate You can also try using your basal temperature to find out when you are ovulating. The 1st day of your period is the first day of your "cycle". So go from start to start.

HOpe I answered your questions ;0)

Honestly, the easiest way to count your cycle is from the first day of your period. If you try to count from the first day without your period, it's easy to get confused, esp. if that last few days are really light. Count from the first day of your period to the first day of your next period. If you need to track your fertility, you can try taking your temperature, OR just pick up some ovulation tests and take them periodically throughout the month to see when you are most fertile. Mark it on your calendar, and then you can track that throughout your cycles until you conceive.

Good luck.

cycle begins with the first day your period starts. Usually cycle lasts 28 days, but anything between 22 or 35 days is considered "normal". Somewhere in the middle of the cycle woman usually ovulates, and this is considered best timing for baby making. If your cycle is 28 days long, this is around day 14, which btw depends on your lutheal phase - which is the phase between ovulation and new cycle (when your next period starts). Again, lutheal phase usually lasts anything between 12 and 17 (more or less) days - if it's shorter or longer it may cause fertility related problems. Best way to found out the length of your lutheal phase is to use ovulation test for 2-3 months in a row and since the lenght of lutheal phase is relatively stable (if your cycle is stable) you will find out the lenght of your lutheal phase. Once you know the lenght of lutheal phase, you can use online ovulation calendar. Personally I prefer the one at http://www.trying-to-conceive.com/ovulation-calendar/ because they send me an email 3 days before my ovulation day and at the day of ovulation. but there are many others available - some even have the option with charting (cervical muscus, temperature etc...) which is even more reliable that ovulation calendar. However, if you think this is too much work, I think ovulation test and when you find out your lutheal phase, later on ovulation calendar will do just fine.

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