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When Should an Infant Start Napping in Their Crib?

My daughter is almost 6 weeks old now and is sleeping fairly well in her crib at night- she still wakes up at night to feed (I'm breastfeeding), but no issues with confusing day and night. She also has settled into taking a long nap in the morning and another in the afternoon, though the exact times do vary. I'd like to have her nap in her crib, but my husband has heard that we should reserve using the crib for nighttime only and is worried that she will start to confuse her naps with nighttime sleep if we do this. For now she either naps in her car seat, stroller or while I'm holding her. Are his concerns justified? I'm inclined to just start putting her in her crib for naps and see what happens. What have you experienced with this?

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I would start sooner rather than later. I have a 5 month old who got used to napping in his infant seat or while I was holding him and now he does not nap well in his crib. I think if you start now while she is young she will get used to it and not object later on

My son always napped in his crib up until he transitioned into a big boy bed. I would say to let him nap in his crib. It's a great time for you to relax or get stuff done with him being right in there with you.
Good luck :)

Go ahead an nap her in the crib. The sooner you can get on a solid schedule the better. My son only napped in the swing until he was too big to fit and I had to train him to nap in the crib. I wish I had started napping him in the crib from the beginning.

I think its fine for her to nap while you are out an about - but if she will nap in the crib when you are home, great!

Good luck!

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sleep is sleep put her in that crib. obviously at that age she will conk out whereever and on whatever but as she gets older especially 1-3 yrs she wont fit in that swing, carseat, etc.

Since my daughter was 8 weeks old she has taken 3 naps a day and slept at night (8.5 - 9.5 hrs) in her crib (she's also exclusively breastfed). Prior to that she did the same in the cradle in our bedroom (we have master on main and she didn't go up to her nursery & crib until she slept through the night at 8 weeks).Your husband is on the right track about confusing her, but you need to tweak his theory a little. The crib should only be for sleep, whether it's nap time or night time. As she gets older don't use it for play time or as a play pen. When she's tiny like she is, I recommend lying her across the crib at one end instead of lengthwise in the middle. It will make her feel more secure than just flailing around in that big crib. Good luck!

I have an almost 4 month old and she is still taking naps wherever she falls asleep. My son did as well until he was about 6 months old when I felt he was ready for a more structured "routine." If I notice my daughter is getting sleepy, sometimes I'll lay her down in her crib and she'll take a short nap - she's not confused about what time of day it is- but most of the time she still naps in her swing. At your baby's age, I'd say it's more your preference of where she naps. If you do put her in her crib, just make sure it's not TOO dark in her room so she doesn't think it's night.

Your six week old naps, sleeps at her will she will not get confused if you put her in her bed (crib) during naps. I used my crib asap it was a safe place that I could put my child I left the door part open and did things I needed to do. I don't think you need to be so concerned about making her nap in a car seat or a stroller. My experience has been that my children seemed to be able to be more comfortable a car seat can make them slouch over and a stroller unless it lays back all the way also can have them on their little bottom too long in my opinion. Laying down allows her as she grows to be able to move her head and hold it up for her as well as you to see progress with her in many ways. I'd use the crib get her used to it or later you may have issues of not being able to get her to use it and wanting to sleep everywhere else.

A crib is to sleep in, let her sleep in it. Why make her sleep in a carseat, they are not as comfortable as a bed. A dangling head can't be comfy. Why hold her when you can be doing something around the house?

Against my better judgement I let my husband talk me into not putting our baby on a blanket on the floor. He said it was 'dirty'. (mind you, I vacuum 3 x a week) He was content to just hold her all day. Then we went to visit our family overseas. My newphew is the same age as our daughter (2 weeks older) and was crawling. Our daughter was just laying there kicking and cooing (she was cute, but wasn't even sitting up). At that point my husband realized that we were stifling her development and from that point on let her down on the floor.

When your baby sleeps, put her to bed. Let her rest in peace!!

Enjoy her!!


I would start placing her in her crib for naps now. We atarted placing our son in his crib at about this time and he is one of the best sleepers. He is now 2 yrs. old and still naps in his crib.

I would also start some kind of bedtime routine and shorter version at nap time so she learns to associate sleep with this routine. I have a lot of friends who have not done this and wish they had b/c as their kids have gotten older they have had major sleep issues.

There is a great book called Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child by Marc Weissbluth that I would highly recommend. It goes through a child's development and how to work with them on sleeping from birth to the teenage years. The author is a pediatrician and really seems on target for what he writes about.

I have five children and have never heard of not letting an infant nap in the crib. Go for it.

You asked: Are his concerns justified?

No the child won't get night time and nap time confused. Sleep is sleep for newborns no matter what bed they are in. The bed does not determine whether they get day or nights mixed up.

You said/asked: I'm inclined to just start putting her in her crib for naps and see what happens. What have you experienced with this?

Go for it! Each child is different...that has been my experience.

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