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When Should a Woman Stop Breastfeeding?

I have a question for all mammas...at what age is a child too old to be breastfead? There is a new law in metro atlanta that says you cant breastfeed anyone in public older than 2. They said its public nudity. What do you all think?

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I think a 2 yr old is old enough to not be on the breast and if he/she is it is probably because mama does not want to let go.

When a child is old enough to eat solids and regular food, he/she should not be using a breast as a pacifier.

If a mom plans to BF until the child grows up, at least do it in private.

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I've always joked that is a child if old enough to make his own lunch, he should stop breastfeeding. I did breastfeed my babies for over a year, so I am pro breastfeeding. As long as child and mother both want to breastfeed, keep going. But, if either wants to stop (including mother, though some look down on this), then it is time to stop.

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When the mom and the child are done, that's when she should quit.

This law is ridiculous. Incredibly insulting.

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i stopped when my kids bit me.
People get all emotional about the right to breastfeed, but just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD. What's the point in brestfeeding longer than you would bottle feed? When a child is old enough to ween from a bottle - they can be weened from the breast. When they are able to get thier nourishment from solid food, they no longer need to rely on breast or bottle. Longer than that is filling the moms needs not the childs.

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Mama's need to quit getting their panties in a wad! They are not saying you CAN'T breastfeed past two, just not in PUBLIC past two, and I don't think that's unreasonable.

They came up with 2 as a number because WHO states that a child should recieve breastmilk AT LEAST until the age of 2. So they said, "Fine, moms can breastfeed their children until 2 in public." It sounds like they are being accomadating to most breastfeeding moms and it makes sense to me.

I'm a breastfeeding mom, no problem with seeing an INFANT (nutritional needs that can't wait) being fed in public. But a child over two, a toddler, is not nursing for nutrition and can wait an hour until mom leaves the park or store. Should a mom want to continue (which is OKAY) it needs to be in a more private setting. If mom will be out past 'lunch time' bring a sippie cup and then nurse in the car, a dressing room or at home.

I don't feel there is a set age for approprietness for stopping breastfeeding, per se. I think that it is what ever is comfortable to mom and child, and to each their own, but that the public shouldn't have to be subjected to it past 2.

The real question here is how they will enforce it.

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I think a 2 yr old is old enough to not be on the breast and if he/she is it is probably because mama does not want to let go.

When a child is old enough to eat solids and regular food, he/she should not be using a breast as a pacifier.

If a mom plans to BF until the child grows up, at least do it in private.

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I believe a mom should breastfeed as long as it's appropriate for her and her child. That doesn't mean be ridiculous and nurse when the kid is school age.

Though the mother/child nursing bond is beautiful, that doesn't mean that a toddler walking up to mom and pulling up her shirt is well received in public in America. It grosses a lot of people out, because a child that can walk and talk and reason is not the same as an infant. The regular public would rather not have to see that, and only the most militant breastfeeding mothers push that on people. By the time children are older, they are eating real food, and breastfeeding is mostly for the relationship between the mom and child, not needed on demand.


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In our culture I think people get nervous when they see an actual walking, talking toddler nurse. Seems like as soon as they get old enought to "ask" for it they are too old to have it. America is weird like that.
I nursed mine till he was about two, but I'm pretty sure I didnt nurse him in public when he got big enough to use a straw while we were out.

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So is someone going to card women? Are they going to have to prove that their big 18 mo. old is only 18 mo? When their 2.5 yr old has a meltdown, is it any different to nurse that child than a 2.5 month old? Many toddlers only nurse at home/night, but my friend's daughter is still a NIP kid and over 2. I don't think it makes any more sense to regulate it by child's age. It's still NURSING in PUBLIC, regardless of toddler or infant. It's not suddenly nudity if the kid is doing the same thing. It's finding an excuse to regulate nursing in public vs enlightening people about nursing.

When I nursed my child past 2, it wasn't that I was forcing her to be infantile. It was a need, if not necessarily a nutritive one. She could ask with sign language well before she could talk, so I don't consider that a factor, either. If someone's toddler is pulling up their shirt, then the kid just needs manners.

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You're kidding, right?
How can a State/City, make a LAW to dictate how/when a woman breastfeeds????

**So are babies/kids/toddlers supposed to carry an "I.D." on them to prove their age??? Like, when you go to a store and buy Alcohol?


My daughter, self-weaned and did so at about 2.5 years old.
My son, self-weaned, and did so at about 1 year old.
I will not have, some entity dictate to me... how I breastfeed my kids or until what age.

What are they going to do next? Make it a Law, that "Mommies" can't wear thong underwear if they are older than 30?

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I know this isnt a real answer but i started laughing at the comparison of cows nursing to humans...no we dont turn away when a cow nurses (but cows also dotn have clothes) but did you know a mama cow we kick her baby away if it trys to nurse when its old enough now to.

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