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When Should a Child Be Taken off a Bottle?

I hope you moms don't mind, but my wife left her computer signed on and I need to to know something. Our son is 2 1/2 years old and still gets a bottle in the morning, before nap, and before bed. Isn't he a little old for a bottle?

Worried Dad.

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Worried Dad,
Don't worry that is. Both of my children had their bottles until 3 to 3 1/2. One is 22 and beautiful with perfect mouth and teeth. The other is nine and most of baby teeth gone and perfect mouth and teeth. So it's fine it's his bottle and he'll get rid of it when he's ready.

Hope this helps,

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I do think that it is time he come off of the bottle. My girls were more than ready to give it up before they were a year old, so I didn't have a problem, but maybe you could take him to the store and let him pick out a "special" cup that you could still call "baba" for his mental well being. Then switch the bottle out with the new "special" cup. He will soon forget about the bottle all together anyway, and he will feel special because he gets a certain "special" cup in the mornings. good luck!

Both of my children were weaned of a bottle by 13 months at least.... My oldest is 4 now, and LOVED his pacifier, but weaned himself of the bottle at 10 months old, and got formula from sippy cups. My youngest who is 33 months, like 2 3/4 (lol) was a little more attached to his bottle, took until 13 months to fully wean him of it. The recommended age is 12 months. But I know several people who have done it longer, but I do not know anyone who has continued till 2.5 whatever the reason I do agree with most, that it is time to start weaning. My son that will be 3 in Jaunary (2 3/4) drinks only out of big boy cups at home now, we havent used a sippy cup in 4-6 months.
It isnt going to be easy at this age, have patients and be stern yet loving. My old, like I said, loved his pacifier, and was about 2 years and 2 months when it was gone for good.... we started at 18 months but had a slip up when baby brother was born when he was 20 months....we gave him his time to adjust to the life changing event and then started the weaning process all over again.


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Oh, I can't wait to see what other people say about this one! Well, everyone will likely tell you that he should be off the bottle. There is danger of bottle rot (teeth rotting out). However, embarrassingly (or not) my daughter who is 3 1/2 still drinks a bottle at those times. I give her all water (tap with flouride) with a splash of milk. The dentist said her teeth look great. I don't let her take the bottle out in public and have decided that four is when she will be required by law to get rid of it. Right now, it provides her comfort and relaxation with a dad deployed for a year. So, remember, he won't go to kindergarten or college with a bottle and will likely just decide to give it up himself one day, just watch the teeth. I have to go, my daughter just asked me for a bottle, ;-)

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I don't think he is too old for a bottle. I have never bottle fed, but I have nursed three children and each one was weaned around three years old. I know by American standards, this seems late, but the Worldwide standard weaning age is about 5 years old, I believe. Anyway, the little ones have an innate need to suck and it develops their jaw line. I would guess that if the bottle is taken from your toddler, he will only replace the need to be oral with something else such as fingers, toys, food, etc.

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Worried Dad,
Don't worry that is. Both of my children had their bottles until 3 to 3 1/2. One is 22 and beautiful with perfect mouth and teeth. The other is nine and most of baby teeth gone and perfect mouth and teeth. So it's fine it's his bottle and he'll get rid of it when he's ready.

Hope this helps,

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Hi B.:

Please don't be concern, my daughter is 4 and still have her bottle at night, she loves it !!I spoke with my pediatrician ( who is very open minded and don't go by "the books") he said it is O.K. as long and she does not develop any problems with her teeth. We had our first visit with the Dentist 2 months ago and he told me her teeth are perfect without any problems. One thing to consider I feed her only Soy Milk, she never had "cow milk". It keeps her much healthier. Please don't go by the books, I know there will be a lot of mothers telling you different, let her be, every child has their time. Enjoy your child and celebrate life !!
Happy mother of one adorable daughter: Isabella

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Hello Worried Dad - yes, your boy does not need a bottle anymore physically, assuming there are not any developmental or physical issues you did not mention. He is probably using it as a security blanket, a lovey. It will be hard to detach it as such but if you feel strongly about it, just start to cut back on his use of it (one bottle feeding per day, for example). I have not had the courage to take my kids' blankies and pacifiers, so I can't speak from personal experience. Good luck!

looks like you got lots of advice already and i didn't read them all, but for my daughter, her doctor told me to take her off the bottle at her 12mo check up.

To do so, I just gave her everything (milk, juice, water etc) in a sippy cup. The Dr said if, for some reason she MUST have a bottle to give just 2oz of water and no more and after a couple of days she would no longer ask for the bottle.

I didn't even have to do that though, by satisfying her thirst with a sippy cup, she would still say "ba ba" and point ot the fridge, but it didn't mean bottle anymore, it jsut meant "Im thirsty"

Good luck!

I agree with the other opinions. Even if he was just on the 'comforting bottle before bed' that many of us parents are guilty of doing long after they should be off the bottle, I would still say 2 1/2 is WAY too old. Three times a day is more than my 12-month old babies had. He should definitely be on a sippy cup exclusively by now. Hope that helps. (It's hard for us moms to let our babies grow up... give mommy a break... sometimes a gentle reminder is all we really need. Good luck!)

As others have mentioned, all three of my children were given a sippy cup at 12 mos. And, yes, it isn't good for gum and teeth formation to give a bottle for so long (we all need to refrain from giving any beverage before naptime or bedtime, too, as it can cause tooth decay also). But I'm actually writing to give some reassurance that although this might be the case for your son, it isn't too late. And the transition will be tough, but be patient and stick it through and don't give in. Just like everything else, give it time. Be persistent, stern, but loving. Replace the bottle with lots of kisses and hugs and tickles.

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