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When Is the Best Time to Have My Daughter's Ears Pierced?

I have asked this question to nearly everyone with a daughter and have gotten a mixed bag of answers...which I assume will happen again. My daughter is 5 months old. Do we pierce her ears sooner or later? My dad wouldn't allow me to have mine pierced until I was 16. Grandma took me when I was 12! I hated not having mine pierced as a little girl. It didn't help that I had 3 brothers and I looked like one of the boys. Please help!

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This posted almost 1.5 years ago. My daughter just turned 2 and we've decided to wait until she is older. After summarizing all of the responses, we realized that if you want your daughter's ears pierced it is best to do when she is older (and when she asks) or if you have other reasons it should be done before she is able to crawl and toddle around.


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I would wait until SHE asks to have them pierced. My daughter had hers pierced for her 8th birthday. At this point, she was old enough to clean the new holes herself and was cognizant of the fact that she had earrings in while playing (& takes them out for sports)so we didn't run into problems with ripped earlobes, etc.

My mom was the same way. She would not let me get mine done until I was 13yrs old. My daughter got hers done when she was 7 months and her second holes when she was 8yrs. So yes she has two sets of holes and she is 8yrs. I think it all depends on you, when they are little they only cry a little and thats it but you do have to take care of them until she is old enough to do it herself. As for if she has a reaction well my husband is a jewler and he would only allow his daughter to have the highest gold content you could get in the earrings because it is less likely to get an infection. He sees so many people come in and ask why they are having a reaction to their earrings and they don't buy earrings that are real gold and they pay for it in pain. My daughter had 24karet gold earring put in and she is only allowed to have earrings from her dad and what he buys. She is not allowed to buy from one of those costume jewlery places it is just not worth the risk.

Hi J.

I really dont think there is a specific time to do it. I did get my daughters pierced when she was 5 months old. She cried like when she gets shots. My sister had her 2 girls' pierced a couple days after they were born so I think it is all up to you how you feel about it and how brave you are to sit through it with her!

Good luck


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People say if they are young do it really young, like several months old, so they don't bother them. My daughter was 2-2 1/2 when she first started begging me for pierced ears. She was a mature 2 year old, and I figured if she wanted them that badly, she would behave when I cleaned them and she wouldn't play with them if told not too. It all worked out fine. At five months, they will not play with them too much and they will never remember the experience of one second of pain. Otherwise, you can wait and let it be her decision, which makes the critics stop talking about your choice. Overall, I think 5 months is just fine, they are so pretty in little baby ears!

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I waited until I was 8 to get mine pierced, and yes it did suck waiting so long when I wanted them so badly. However, I used to work in an ER when I was in the Army, and we had a little girl come in, about 18 months old, that the back of her earring had imbedded in her ear. It was very painful to remove and that just scarred me for life. Now my decision for my daughter is to wait until she can ask that she wants them and is old enough to take care of them. I would just hate to see a little girl get her earrings ripped out because her hair got wrapped around, playing too hard, etc. Of course little ones do look so cute with earrings but that is my personal decision. My daughter is 4 and I really look forward to the day that we can go have a "girls day" and get her ears pierced!

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I have 2 daughters and pierced both of their ears as soon as the doctors told me I could (after they had gotten their shots at 3 months old). Neither one of them seemed to be bothered by getting it done at this age and neither have ever really messed with their ear-rings because they've never known a time when they didn't have them so they're just there and not sometheing that they ever notice or want to play with or pull on. I don't chagne their ear-rings very often (the girls are 5 and 3 1/2 years now), but let them wear small ear-rings that are similar to the posts they use to pierce the ears. I was like you and hated not having my ears pierced and was made fun of by the other girls who did have their ears done. Good Luck!!!

I think this is one of those things that is purely personal. I however, got my daughter's ears pierced at four months and have never regretted it. She has always known her ears to be pierced (because it was done so early), so when she finally "discovered" her ears, it was only natural that they had earrings in them! She has never messed with them, and I have never had any problems with them (she's two now).

The only thing that I can suggest is that if you get them done, have two people do them at the same time(one on each ear). You'll have to be sitting with her in your lap, pretty much squishing her head against your body so she doesn't move. So, the quicker, the better. This way, there is only one "pinch" and it is all over with. My daughter cried for less than a minute, and then literally, she was completely over it.

I would also recommend going for a higher quality earring at this young an age, just because it lowers the risk of infection.

I agree with everyone else it is up to you and your husband. My sister-in-law pierced both of her girls ears when they were really little and she has never ever had any problems and then I had a friend who waited until she was old enough to say she wanted them which was around 4. I have a 6 month old daughter and I've decided to wait until she was old enough to say she wanted it done too but that was just our choice.

When she is old enough to take care of them herself: keep them clean, take her own earrings out and put them back in, not lose all her earrings. If you pierce them now, accept the fact that you will have to keep an eye on her ears until she is responsible enough to do so. Also, be prepared for her to lose a pair or two of earrings!

I had mine pierced when I was around 6 or so. My mom was not diligent, and I got a raging infection. Also, it turned out I was allergic to most earrings, so I could only have certain kinds of metals. This can be expensive for a small child who might lose her earrings on the playground.

I don't think it really matters when you get their ears pierced. I have seen babies as young as 2 weeks get their ears pierced. I had my daughters' ears pierced on the day of their 2nd birthdays. It is totally up to you, you are the mother.

I had my daughter's ears done at three months by her MD. It was horrible to hear her cry. However she stopped by the time we left the MD and I cleaned and turned them three hours later and she felt nothing. She is now 18 months old and has never even touched them. The older they are the more pain they will feel and the more they will know they are there. Then you risk infection from them playing with them or she might even pull them out. I say if you want to do it, do it! There will always be people who disagree, thats their opinion. I love that her ears are pierced and I'm sure you will too!!

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