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When Is It Time to Feed Your Baby Rice Cereal?

Hello to all the moms on the website.
I need to know when to start giving my baby (Kaylee) rice cereal.
She is going to be 4 month on Dec.8th. I was reading on a website that
it is bad for them to give the cereal before 6 month. Is that true? I know
alot of mom that have gave their children cereal before the age of 4 months, but
does that make it right. She is eating about 5oz. every 2 hours. Please tell me your stories.
Thank you,

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Hey Moms,
Thank you for all the advice!! I call the ped. and they gave me the go ahead with giving Kaylee rice cereal. I gave her 1 tbs with 4 tbs of baby white grape juice. She loved it!!! I did that for about 3 days and then I did 1 tbs with 3tbs of juice to make it thicker for her. She did so well with that. She ate all of the cereal. I only do this at night before bed, but I try to breast feed first. The best part she is sleeping all night now the first time she slept all night I woke up around 5:00 a.m. and had to go check on her I was scared. Funny little things new moms do I guess. Again Thank you so much for all your comments it was a big help!!

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Hello A.---I am a mother of 2 girls one is 6 and the other is 8 months. Both of my girls started cereal very very young. My 6 year old was 4 weeks and my 8 month old was 2 weeks. I think that it is BEST to give her the cereal out of a spoon not really thick, b/c when she gets full she will not eat anymore, and if taking it from a bottle she will drink until it is gone or until she falls asleep. Feeding from a spoon she will not get really really fat.......my 8 month old will not even eat baby food anymore. When I go to open it she starts crying........she wants real food

I started giving my daughter cereal when she was about two weeks because she spit up a lot. I only started her out with a teaspoon but it really helped. It had no negative side effects on her. It also made her feel so much better

Hey A.. I am new to this group. I started my baby boy on rice cereal when he was 2 months. His Pediatrican recomended it for his spitting up. One tablespoon for every ounce. It might not come through the bottle good. I just poked a little hole in the nipple. A little hole just big enough for it to come through.

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I would start now. I have 3 and I started them all around 3 months. And also try to feed with a spoon and just sit her in the carrier or a little bouncer. But make sure its just plain rice cereal. When she gets used to that then you can add in some baby food fruit. I hope this helps. Oh, a little advice, every child is different so the info that is out there on the net and from the doctors are just statistics. You decide when she is ready for stuff. If you listen to the doctors, she wouldnt eat baby food until 8 months, by then she'll be starving.


i started to feed both of my babies rice cereal at 2 wks b/c they had acid reflux and the weren't gaining enough weight. it doesn't matter. u can ask ur doctor and see what he/she says to do.

i am a mother to two little boys. they are 2& 1/2 and 9 months.
i am married for three years and 4 months

I started all 3 of my kids on rice cereal when they was 2 weeks old. I started it in their 1st bottle of the day and waited a week, then went to a mid-day bottle and waited a week, then to the nite time bottle. It never hurt them and teir eating patterens where not a problem whe they got older, then again I started bland table foods when they was 6months old, and let me tell you they are healthy big eaters to this day. My 12 y'o is 5'4" and 130lbs, my 11 y/o is 5"2" and 120lbs, and my 6 y/o is 54 inches and 52 lbs. I believed in feeding my babies if they was hungry. But if you are going to add cereal to her bottles, make sure you either use a nipple that has the cross shape in it or poke a bigger hole in a few of hers so she can drink it easily.

hello i'm the Proud parent of my baby (Ra'nijah). she's only 3 weeks old she will be 1 month next saturday. she wakes up Every 2 hours at nite hungry an she eats 3 ounces an sum time 4. i'm wondering the same thing is it ok to give my baby rice cerel in her formula rite now. to make her sleep better at night!

Our pediatrician stated that giving a baby cereal before 4 months can increase the chance of getting diabetes, however, I have know several people to put cereal in the milk and I have even heard another doctor state that it can't harm them, as long as most of their nutrience comes from milk. I followed my doctors suggestions just because he is my doc (KPA Wiesgarber).

My son was eating every two hours and for a working mom that is a nightmare!!! My mom suggested that I start putting a little cereal in his formula at night and see how that worked. At about 3 months I started and he got full and slept most of the night. By the time he was 4 months old he was taking about 5 oz of formula with a cereal, just enough to kind of thicken but not so thick that he could not get it through the nipple , and he started sleeping 8 full hours a night. That was a relief!!! I did not want to give it to him throughout the day because I was afraid he might gain too much weight. Now keep in mind that was 11 years ago, but not that much has changed with babies, surely!

Hey A.-
I'm a first time mom as well. And we went through the roughtest parts 600 miles away from all our family. The best thing I learned is that you know what is best for your baby. I started my little girl at 4 months (actually a few days shy) with 1 tsp of rice cereal about mid-morning, then moved up to twice a day. She started baby foods at about 5 months. If she takes to it well the first time, no reaction or anything, she'll be fine. But remember! Whatever you decide, don't let anyone make you feel bad for it!!! You know your little girl, not them!!! Let us know how it goes!

My daughter was right at 4 months when my doctor gave us the ok to start her on cereal and stage 1 fruits and veggies. When your child starts looking at your food and wanting to eat it, it's time to start them on cereal. However do it in a high chair, don't put the cereal in her bottle ever. Using a spoon and giving them a chance to "chew" it and swallow helps them to become good eaters. It'll definitly be messy to start out with but get your camera out because it's a hoot to watch their first reactions. My daughter is now almost 8 months and is already doing finger foods. Hope this helps.

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