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When Is It Safe to Take Baby Out in Public?

I have a three week old baby and I have been taking him out once a day - just short walks to Starbucks, etc. Once my husband and I took him to lunch in a restaurant - then a friend of mine told me that her doctor advised her not to go to public places until her baby was 2 months old. My doctor never said anything either way. Just wondering what other moms have heard about this...

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Thanks so much for all the great advice! I think that I will continue to take my baby out - just as long as no strangers are touching or breathing on him!! Also I called my doctor who encouraged me to continue to do things with him and to incorporate him into my life and routine. But again, thanks to everyone who responded!

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My doctor never said anything to me about taking the kids to public places. My grandmother didnt want me talking the kids anywhere until they were two months but thats just how she was brought up.

The only thing I waited for was taking her on a cross country flight. I waited till she was 6 weeks just for her immune system given that recylced air and to have breast feeding established so there would be any big issues on the plane. Otherwise she went everywhere with me, I just didn't let people touch her while we were out in about for a few weeks.

I heard it was just a personal preferance. When my baby was born people told me to wait two weeks, 30 days, 3 months, etc. I did some internet searching and didn't find anything that said not to take my baby out. Nor did her doctor say anything. So at two weeks I took my baby out. I did everything from walks, to shopping, and visiting family. Didn't have any problems except now she demands her daily walk and outings, lol. I did keep her away from those who were sick. She is now 4 months and remains healthy.

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I have had both of my kids out within week one! In fact, I took my daughter on vacation at 1 month old. I'm not sure if you are nursing, but breast milk has antibodies to fight off infections. It sounds to me like you are doing the right thing. If you shelter your children too much they won't develop proper immune systems. My ped says sunlight is really good for newborns in small doses and to get the babies outside. I have friends who don't take their children out until they are vaccinated and their children are always sick. My other friends that didn't wait seem to have healthy children. I think you should do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Flu season is over and the weather is warm so unless your ped tells you otherwise, I would keep taking your son out.

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I live in Germany. When I had my son (now age 9), the German midwives and doctors all said to take him out daily for a little fresh air, even when it's cold. Babies can go outside for fresh air as soon as they leave the hospital. Just make sure your baby's dressed appropriately for the weather and covered properly. I took my son out in public when he was a week old. He didn't get his first cold until he was a year old. We have friends who lived in England whose doctors said the same thing. Going outside actually helps to strengthen your baby's immune system because he is exposed to other people and their germs and other things such as pollens. In the long run, he will be sick less often and have fewer allergies than if he was indoors all the time. An added bonus--the walks you take outside with your baby will help you to lose your baby weight.

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Aloha J.,
Blessings on your new baby My children are now grown up as well as my step-kids. My first daughter, was taken out on her first outing if I remember right about 1 week for her first dr.s appt. checkup. Then after it was slowly. As long as you take the normal common sence precautions, you & your baby will be just fine. I do understand though, I was the same with my first.Try to relax some & enjoy your new baby.

My daughter was born 3 days before Thanksgiving. My doctor just told us to be careful passing her around too much with all the relatives, and to make sure everyone washed their hands. Well, that's darn near impossible and I didn't want to be one of those fretful moms who doesn't let anyone touch her baby! I didn't take her outdoors much at first because it was cold, but personally I believe in fresh air. Babies are heartier than we think they are. Just keep him/her warm (but not too warm; now that the weather is warmer light layers will do), don't let strangers touch him, wash your own hands frequently. My daughter didn't have a cold until she was about 11 months old. If you are breastfeeding, you are providing your baby with great immunity to EVERYTHING you are exposed to -- whatever antibodies your body produces are passed through the breastmilk. I definitely attribute that to my child's. Bottom line: Use caution, but do not be paranoid, unless your child was premature or is otherwise immune-compromised. And by the way, you need your exercise and to be outdoors, so go and do it! It's good for both of you.

Not to take a baby out is what some cultures believe in and really just "old wives tales," about germs... The more exposed the stronger their immune systems, let them experience the world. My son and I were out and about out to lunch, Target, church... as soon as I felt up to it, 4 days. If a nurse or doc tells you to not take them out it is so you rest and recover. Have fun!

I am not a doctor. I always think that the people who are most crazy nervous about germs actually end up with more problems. That's just me. My daughter was adopted. She was born in Florida and we live in Los Angeles. We took her on her first plane ride at 10 days to visit her Grandmother in Atlanta. Then at 18 days she took a flight from Atlanta to California. Does it get any germier than a plane? She was absolutely fine. Now, if we knew someone had a cold or was sick, they wouldn't hold her. We're not crazy! But otherwise she's been super duper healthy. Have fun!

Aloha J.,

I've heard one month is a good time to wait to give your baby's immune system a chance to adjust to being out of the wounb....that's assuming you are breastfeeding :O)

Marie-anne :O)

What you are doing sounds fine to me. My third son is 17 months old, and by the time he was one month old he was coming with me daily to his older brothers' elementary school to pick them up in the afternoon. He was and is perfectly healthy. It has been my experience that babies are stronger than you might think, and as long as you take common sense precautions (having people wash their hands before they hold him, etc.) I think you'll all be fine. Frankly, your baby is much more likely to pick up a bug from family--my firstborn got his first cold at 2 weeks, from his grandma (my mom), who caught it on the plane as she was flying out to come help me after his birth. Of course I panicked and ran him to the doctor at the first sign of a runny nose and slight fever; she told me very kindly that there was no cause for alarm. Of course he got over it with little fuss, and is now a very healthy 8-year-old. Good luck with your son, and enjoy him!

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