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When Is It Safe to Take Baby Out in Public?

I have a three week old baby and I have been taking him out once a day - just short walks to Starbucks, etc. Once my husband and I took him to lunch in a restaurant - then a friend of mine told me that her doctor advised her not to go to public places until her baby was 2 months old. My doctor never said anything either way. Just wondering what other moms have heard about this...

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Thanks so much for all the great advice! I think that I will continue to take my baby out - just as long as no strangers are touching or breathing on him!! Also I called my doctor who encouraged me to continue to do things with him and to incorporate him into my life and routine. But again, thanks to everyone who responded!

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My doctor never said anything to me about taking the kids to public places. My grandmother didnt want me talking the kids anywhere until they were two months but thats just how she was brought up.

The only thing I waited for was taking her on a cross country flight. I waited till she was 6 weeks just for her immune system given that recylced air and to have breast feeding established so there would be any big issues on the plane. Otherwise she went everywhere with me, I just didn't let people touch her while we were out in about for a few weeks.

I heard it was just a personal preferance. When my baby was born people told me to wait two weeks, 30 days, 3 months, etc. I did some internet searching and didn't find anything that said not to take my baby out. Nor did her doctor say anything. So at two weeks I took my baby out. I did everything from walks, to shopping, and visiting family. Didn't have any problems except now she demands her daily walk and outings, lol. I did keep her away from those who were sick. She is now 4 months and remains healthy.

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I have had both of my kids out within week one! In fact, I took my daughter on vacation at 1 month old. I'm not sure if you are nursing, but breast milk has antibodies to fight off infections. It sounds to me like you are doing the right thing. If you shelter your children too much they won't develop proper immune systems. My ped says sunlight is really good for newborns in small doses and to get the babies outside. I have friends who don't take their children out until they are vaccinated and their children are always sick. My other friends that didn't wait seem to have healthy children. I think you should do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Flu season is over and the weather is warm so unless your ped tells you otherwise, I would keep taking your son out.

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I live in Germany. When I had my son (now age 9), the German midwives and doctors all said to take him out daily for a little fresh air, even when it's cold. Babies can go outside for fresh air as soon as they leave the hospital. Just make sure your baby's dressed appropriately for the weather and covered properly. I took my son out in public when he was a week old. He didn't get his first cold until he was a year old. We have friends who lived in England whose doctors said the same thing. Going outside actually helps to strengthen your baby's immune system because he is exposed to other people and their germs and other things such as pollens. In the long run, he will be sick less often and have fewer allergies than if he was indoors all the time. An added bonus--the walks you take outside with your baby will help you to lose your baby weight.

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Aloha J.,
Blessings on your new baby My children are now grown up as well as my step-kids. My first daughter, was taken out on her first outing if I remember right about 1 week for her first dr.s appt. checkup. Then after it was slowly. As long as you take the normal common sence precautions, you & your baby will be just fine. I do understand though, I was the same with my first.Try to relax some & enjoy your new baby.

My daughter was born 3 days before Thanksgiving. My doctor just told us to be careful passing her around too much with all the relatives, and to make sure everyone washed their hands. Well, that's darn near impossible and I didn't want to be one of those fretful moms who doesn't let anyone touch her baby! I didn't take her outdoors much at first because it was cold, but personally I believe in fresh air. Babies are heartier than we think they are. Just keep him/her warm (but not too warm; now that the weather is warmer light layers will do), don't let strangers touch him, wash your own hands frequently. My daughter didn't have a cold until she was about 11 months old. If you are breastfeeding, you are providing your baby with great immunity to EVERYTHING you are exposed to -- whatever antibodies your body produces are passed through the breastmilk. I definitely attribute that to my child's. Bottom line: Use caution, but do not be paranoid, unless your child was premature or is otherwise immune-compromised. And by the way, you need your exercise and to be outdoors, so go and do it! It's good for both of you.

Not to take a baby out is what some cultures believe in and really just "old wives tales," about germs... The more exposed the stronger their immune systems, let them experience the world. My son and I were out and about out to lunch, Target, church... as soon as I felt up to it, 4 days. If a nurse or doc tells you to not take them out it is so you rest and recover. Have fun!

I am not a doctor. I always think that the people who are most crazy nervous about germs actually end up with more problems. That's just me. My daughter was adopted. She was born in Florida and we live in Los Angeles. We took her on her first plane ride at 10 days to visit her Grandmother in Atlanta. Then at 18 days she took a flight from Atlanta to California. Does it get any germier than a plane? She was absolutely fine. Now, if we knew someone had a cold or was sick, they wouldn't hold her. We're not crazy! But otherwise she's been super duper healthy. Have fun!

Aloha J.,

I've heard one month is a good time to wait to give your baby's immune system a chance to adjust to being out of the wounb....that's assuming you are breastfeeding :O)

Marie-anne :O)

What you are doing sounds fine to me. My third son is 17 months old, and by the time he was one month old he was coming with me daily to his older brothers' elementary school to pick them up in the afternoon. He was and is perfectly healthy. It has been my experience that babies are stronger than you might think, and as long as you take common sense precautions (having people wash their hands before they hold him, etc.) I think you'll all be fine. Frankly, your baby is much more likely to pick up a bug from family--my firstborn got his first cold at 2 weeks, from his grandma (my mom), who caught it on the plane as she was flying out to come help me after his birth. Of course I panicked and ran him to the doctor at the first sign of a runny nose and slight fever; she told me very kindly that there was no cause for alarm. Of course he got over it with little fuss, and is now a very healthy 8-year-old. Good luck with your son, and enjoy him!

aside from my babies 2 week appt i took her out and around people at 9 days old (we got her birth announcements made). she also went to church a couple days later. we would go a few places like to the store and a select friend and families houses. its really your choice weather or not to take your baby out and about. i personally think that going out for a walk and getting fresh air is good for you and your baby.

WE took our baby out in public from day one and never had a problem. She is 9 months now.

My doctor advised me to wait at least six weeks because they can't have any vaccinations until they are at least a few months old and they can become more suseptible to germs when they are out and about. The only time I took either of my girls out was when it was time for doctors appointments.

Its usually at the parents descretion to take them out sooner than six weeks but just be careful because those little bodies can't fight germs just yet and its better to be safer than sorry.

I heard it was just a personal preferance. When my baby was born people told me to wait two weeks, 30 days, 3 months, etc. I did some internet searching and didn't find anything that said not to take my baby out. Nor did her doctor say anything. So at two weeks I took my baby out. I did everything from walks, to shopping, and visiting family. Didn't have any problems except now she demands her daily walk and outings, lol. I did keep her away from those who were sick. She is now 4 months and remains healthy.

You will go crazy if you stay in till 2 months. As long as you are comfortable and baby is healthy go for it. Don't take the baby around sick people or near a lot of kids, but restraunts and stores are fine.

The advice my Dr gave me was that try and stay within your normal circle of "germs" for the first 6 weeks. You already have immunity to them and will transfer that immunity to the baby through your breast milk. It worked for me! I tried to use a common sense approach and I made sure my baby was only passed around my family and close friends, strangers get to coo from a distance. Some doctors suggest you keep baby at home for the first 6 weeks , mostly to minimize the risk of infection. The reason for this is that if a newborn has a fever they will want to rule out meningitis, which means a spinal tap...not easy on a little baby.
Hope that helps.

I've always been told six weeks. There was also a report on the news, right before I had my six month old. They say you are putting your child at risk by taking them out. Infant immune systems are so delicate. They've been inside for nine months...protected. And if they catch anything that early. That they could be right back in the hospital, hooked up to IV's. I chose to play it safe. There are alot of different infections, and colds out there.

Hi J.,
I can just let you know from own experience: I felt uncomfortable for a while to go out with our son but no one discouraged me to do so. All there is, is your own measurement - this is where the instinct is coming through. I had to learn how to listen to my instinct with our son as well, but you will menage after a short time. Please don't let anybody discourage you. Every book and every doctor say different things. Only you can measure. All I would recommend is not to let your child into the direct sun - it's unhealthy to the newborn's skin and eyes.
All the Best - S. (11.5 month old Liam's mom)

J., Its not advisable to take the new baby's in public
for about 2 months since there are so many germs that they can be effected by. However it is excellent to put the baby in a
stroller or some such thing to be in the air--at home in your back yard. Mommy also needs the fresh air and a time to relax
in the air.Keep the baby well covered-but not overly.

It's not necessary to keep them in until 2 mos. Besides, what are you going to do when the second and third child comes along? You'll have to go to preschool, their activities, etc. so you can't help but go out when you have older kids. I took both mine out very young, and they're fine. Also, I'm not a germaphobic at all - sometimes I even forget to have them wash their hands before eating (although I prefer that they do), and they are rarely sick. I never boiled their binkys or bottles - it's really not necessary. This is a nice time of year - who wants to stay in for two months?

Who could possibly stay at home for two months? I think it's rediculous when doctors say that. When I was checked out of the hospital when my second child was born, the doctor actually said "Now don't leave here and go the the Rib Cook Off (and annual event in Reno, NV). As if I was going to jump out of my hospital bed (after having my second c-section) and take my baby to a very crowded place. You just need to use common sense. Don't let people touch your baby before washing their hands (well) and if you have to go to someplace that is highly populated, keep him/her covered up as much as possible to avoid being sneezed/coughed on etc. Also, I found a website (after my third was already too old for it, of course) that sells little signs that you can hang from the carseat which tell people to wash their hands before touching your baby. I thought this was such a great idea, because then you don't have to say anything and it makes people think twice before touching your baby. I always thought it was so rude of strangers to come up and touch your baby anyway. The website is: www.mytinyhands.com Congratulations on your new baby! :)

Hi J., I'm old school, When i had my babies they didn't get their first shoots until they were six weeks old, so I din't take my babies out before 6 weeks unless it was a well baby appointment, also i didn't allow small kids around them,
Military moms have to put their babies in daycare by six weeks, how sad. I think it's an individual choice, just remember people smoke in public, are sick and who knows what else, plus then people take their babies into a public bathroom to change them yuck. J.

My advice would be to whatever YOU are comfortable with! I have 2 older daughters (32 & 23) and took them out as soon as I was able to get up and around. In fact, my youngest was about 2 wks old when we went to the OC Fair. When she was hungry, I found a semi-private picnic table, got out the nursing blanket and just relaxed.

My youngest just had a boy on 3/18 and he was in church 5 days later! At 2 mos, he's the size of a 4 month and taking 6-8 oz each feeding.

I started taking my baby out after a couple days. I didn't want him to get used to staying in one place. My doctor basically advised that you don't want to get the baby sick, so do go to places that are congested with people, like big indoor events, or let any stranger breathe on him/her. I took my baby to the mall, out to eat, to my parent's home... all before he was a week old. In fact we ran into my doctor at a restaurant not a week later. It is really easy now that they have those infant carriers, and they will sleep anywhere. (though it is a little tricky at first to breastfeed on the go).

Yes that is true, until the baby is three months old you shouldn't take him to any closed public spaces if you can avoid it. They are according to our PED a world of germs that tiny babies can't defend themselves against. You shouldn't put your baby on a plane till at least six months either, that is if you have a choice. Good luck.

Wow! You got a lot of responses!! Our daughter is 3 months old, and we've taken her everywere since she was 3 days old - Whole Foods, Ralphs, The Americana on Brand, the Galleria, Dish, La Cabinita, several other restaurants, Costco at least once a week, Target at least once a week. We even bought 2 new cars on her 2 week birthday! She has not been sick at all, is very smiley and giggley and sociable and alert. Have fun!!

i wondered the same thing. after about 6 days of being home, we got restless and began our journeys out into the world...target. ..dinner....hikes.....trader joe's....etc. it was wonderful. and would you believe that my daughter has yet to come down with anything? she is 7 months old and just got her first shots a few weeks ago.
so far so good. several moms commented on how young she was to be out....but it has worked for us.

Hi J.
Typically it's fine to have short walks like you've been doing. It's a good idea to keep the stroller or baby carrier covered with a blanket so amused strangers don't try to say hello and hold his/her hand, and spread bacteria to your little one. Infection control is important in the beginning. "Public place" means the shopping mall, the grocery store, or anywhere there are people in a confined area. If you had a premature baby this is even more important. RSV (Respiratory Synctial virus) is a nasty virus young infants are susceptible to, and the season for it is October to May, typically. Be extra careful during this time about public places or young children visiting your home. There is a vaccine for RSV but infants need to meet a criteria for getting it. This being said, I would enjoy your Starbuck's walks each day. It's important to get some fresh air and exercise; it will revitalize you and you will be a better mommy for it! Enjoy your baby!
Barbara P.

You know, when you have your first baby, you will hear tons of different stuff from people and it can make things very stressful. Your baby is fine going out. Don't even give it a second thought. The reason your doctor didn't say anything about it is because it isn't an issue. Trust yourself. You have motherly instincts too, not just your friends and you will make good choices on your own. Remember, everyone will have their little tidbits of advice for you, but you don't have to go with it. It's funny because with my first, I was so paranoid about stuff I think. I overhtought everything! I ran him into the doctor for the littlest sniffle thinking it might be pnuemonia! Just relax and enjoy him. He is a sturdy little guy. I would think to myself, well, there are people living in jungles right now and in the middle of nowhere in Africa with babies and they are doing ok so I am sure my kids will be ok here with me!

Babies can go to public places pretty early on (before 1 week old). My pediatrician always suggested waiting until the 2 month shots before putting babies in some sort of nursery, a place where they will be directly exposed to other germs. But an open air restaurant where they're in their carrier and not touching anything is fine. I think it's great you're getting out every day!

there are so many great responses... just keep people away from touching babies hands and tell them to touch her toes... then change her socks:) EVERYONE washes hands! germs are out there even in summer, my sons first cold was in August! The eight week mark is a good one, but there is no silver bullet and you have to get out... kudos to you for having the energy to leave the house this early. Enjoy

My baby is 7 months old and when he was only 10 days we dressed him warm, bundled him up good, and walked the stroller over to "Trunk N Treat" in the church parking lot on Oct 31st! You're the mom, don't let anyone scare you about taking baby out. As long as he seems to be a relatively happy and well-adjusted newborn and not giving you a hard time when you're on outings together - ENJOY IT! I'd recommend keeping a blanket up over the carrier b/c of winds and weather changes (and if its hot where you are like it is where I am, check that baby isn't getting too warm)
At 3 weeks you can still take baby to a restaurant and he's quite. You can enjoy a moment out and still provide all the care he needs. My son and I were out often (as long as we were both feeling up to it) and I let other friends and family hold him earlier on - he never even got the sniffles until 6 months old and he LOVES people!

Dear J.~

Many pediatricians will advise you to keep the baby home as a precautionary measure, but from my experience, you are doing just fine. I took my son out for the first time when he was just two weeks old. I did not have him out for long...just long enough to have dinner at a restaurant, and he did just fine. I also liked to take short walks also just for him to get out into the fresh air, and to keep my sanity because I got stir crazy being home so much. It was nice to be out if only for a little bit, and it kept me refreshed as well.

Like anything, use your judgment. Of course if you can initially stay home, it is probably best as it allows there immune system more time to tackle things. However, for me it was driving me crazy to stay home and I went to Walmart at 2.5 weeks (late at night with few people around I was careful to completely cover baby in his stroller and wash my hands) and then had girlfriends over about once a week for two more weeks. You don't want to expose them to a situation where they get a heavy virus or more bugs than they can handle. The chances are more likely if, a)there are more people and, b)something happens where they can catch the germs present (i.e., people touching them, you touching things and then them, someone sneezes, etc...). A lot of people do go to Starbucks so just use your common sense.

The only thing the ped. said to me was to keep them in doors until cold and flu season was over in April. My boys were born in December so that was about 3 months for us. Since the weather is warm you should be fine after about 6 weeks. And for the people telling you to keep them indoors until they have their shots...I believe the only shot they get at 6 weeks is their HIB shot and uh they aren't going to contract that virus anytime soon since its blood born. In any case...just be careful about what comes in contact with his hands since they are going to go in his mouth and make sure you keep your hands clean and be aware at what you touch. Take that little guy out...he'll be fine and he will be so stimulated to see the outside world. Mine LOVE it.

Hi J.,

Follow your instincts. I think it is great that you are feeling up to getting out and that your baby gets a change of scenery. I am a mother of four children and I took my oldest out shopping at 4 days old...but, with my younger children, I was more cautious. I think the time of year when your baby is born, is an important factor. My oldest was born in June, so it really wasnt flu season. The winter months (two of my children were born in January) are flu season and big time RSV months, so I kept my children away from public places. But also, you can't stop living life. If your infant has no special health issues, I would live my life like normal. If you attend church on Sunday, then go to church. it you want to go out to lunch, then go. If you need to go to the market, then go. But take necessary precautions to avoid letting strangers touch your baby. Let them adore him from a distance. Keep the stroller covered or keep him close to your body, so strangers can't touch him. I would try and limit the places and how often you go, but I think it is great that you get out, it is important to your mental health.

Congrats on your new little guy, babies are so fun!

I waited two months before took my newborns out. So many people LOVE babies and they just can't resist touching them. I didn't ever feel comfortable telling people to stay away... so I just stayed away. I, did, however take them for walks in the stroller or Bjorn. That is just my two cents...

Personally, I think it's a bit ridiculous to keep a baby indoors for the first several weeks. In a lot of instances, it's just not practical. I've had all my babies out and about with me within the first few days after birth. If you're breastfeeding, they're getting your antibodies anyway, and even if you're formula feeding, as long as you're not allowing people to breathe and put their hands all over the baby, s/he should be totally fine. A sling is a wonderful way to take baby out but still keep him/her protected from curious people.

My Dr. said the first 5 weeks.

The only thing I waited for was taking her on a cross country flight. I waited till she was 6 weeks just for her immune system given that recylced air and to have breast feeding established so there would be any big issues on the plane. Otherwise she went everywhere with me, I just didn't let people touch her while we were out in about for a few weeks.

When my son was born we took him out when he was 3 days old. That was to his doctor's appointment and then to the store for a little bit. Every time I had a chance I took my son outside for a little while. Whether it was to the store or even my mom's house. Just take him out a little each day. To the store, to a friends house and even keep taking him out to Starbucks. It is good that you are taking him out because it will help with his immune system in the long run. Just take it slowly and do what you feel is right. = )

Babies are not born with an immune system. Any cough, sneeze, runny nose can cause your baby to fight extra bacterias that might be harder to handle for your little one.

You may take your child out in public... Just be careful of the environment. If it's 100 plus degrees, it would be sensible to take him/her inside.

You cannot control strangers oogling and touching stangers children. I would cover the stroller with a blanket and be firm with the holding and touching without washing hands.
4 weeks is safer than two.

every baby is different, your friends baby could have issues. I've been taking my baby everywhere since week 2 and he is now almost 3 months old and still alive..... albeit a cold. Personally I think babies that are cooped up end up with more problems.

First, congratulations on your new baby! As far as taking the baby out, my pedi said that it was good to take the baby out for fresh air daily, such as a walk in the neighborhood. It was also okay if we had guests over to the house or were gathering with family or close friends (people we know and can be sure that no one is sick). We have a small open air mall in our area called The Avenue (recently changed to The Promenade) that never gets very crowded and that was okay to go to there. She wanted us to avoid crowded public places for at least 6 weeks, preferably 8 weeks. This means things like the mall, grocery store, restaurants, fairs or events; anything where there would be a lot of people, especially children. The reason being is that babies are very susceptible to any germs, bacteria, or viruses at this age. It is very easy for them to become sick and a fever of 100, at this age, will put them back in the hospital. I had a stroller/infant car seat combo where the hoods will completely close over the baby. So I would close this up or hang a blanket over the front of the car seat to shield him from people that might sneeze or try to touch him (it's shocking how many strangers will try and touch your baby!). I know its tough. I got a little stir crazy. Thank goodness for that little outdoor mall where I could go grab a coffee and window shop every now and then. The time does pass quickly. My son was born in December and now we are always out and about. I call his car seat the "adventure chair" and he gets excited whenever we get ready to go on another "adventure." Again, congratulations and good luck with your new journey as a parent. It's wonderful.

Yes, my Pediatrician also said 2 months. Their bodies cannot defend itself if they get stricken by a virus or infection, or it can cause complications etc.

Some cultures, don't take an infant out until 3 months.

With my first baby, this is what I did. With my second baby, I waited until 2 months. The only place I took them was to their well-baby check ups, or outside in our garden.

Every Parent is different. But if you do take him out... don't go into dense crowds, or crowds with a lot of children(since children can be sick), or in close proximity to people.

I"m sure you know as well, but probably it's best not to let anyone touch the baby either, without washing their hands etc....so as to prevent transmission of germs. For me, I didn't let anyone touch my baby's face or hands either, or get too close. And I certainly did not let anyone visit who was sick, or just getting over a cold. But, I am just more picky that way. That's me.

Everyone is different. Check with your Pediatrician.
take care and congratulations,

Hi. My doctor said not to take the baby out until 8 weeks too. But he did say as long as you don 't take the baby out of the stroller and no one you don't know touches him/her you should be okay. So, I did go out a couple of times when my baby was under 8 weeks old, but kept him in the stroller the whole time. There are a lot of germs out there and the baby does not get their immunizations until 8 weeks. Good Luck.

I really think it depends on the time of year. My sister is a pediatric RN for Children's Hospital and she did say during the months of November through April you have to be very careful because of RSV. She saw a huge spike this year in February where they had 29 infants in one night. I have a 4 month old and like you had to get out of the house a little every day from week 1. I think as long as you are diligent about hand sanitizing and not letting strangers touch the baby while you are out, you should be fine. That said, my little one caught a nasty cold at 10 weeks and it was so scary! I am sure the first one always is. Made me feel guilty too for exposing her to the germs....but she survived and is just fine. Just be cautious and use your best judgement...and keep purell and hand wipes in your car and diaper bag!

That is ridiculous. I have three kids, and all of them started going out within days of birth. If you think about it, going to the pediatrician's office is probably the most dangerous place to go, with all the different kids and germs going in there. It is actually beneficial for the baby to be exposed to the world. I saw keep going!!!

2 months! WOW that is a long time. I took my first child out to a restaurant at a about 2wks. He slept the whole time in his carrier and nobody touched him. I took my daughter out at about 2wks. of course she sleep in the carrier and again I didn't allow anyone to hold her.
Just use good judgment and keep your hands clean with germ gel, and don't allow others to hold the baby. My Dr. advised this and even so at 9wks. still said not to be around large crowds, but a little trip her or there is fine.
I hear the Asian culture the MOM is not allowed to leave the house or drink anything cold for 1 month. So you see everyone is different. It's your first so you are nervous, the more you have the more relaxed you will be.


We took our son to the store when he was about 3 days old and 3-4 x's his first week we had to go see the lactation nurse because he had lost so much weight. One of those days was in poring rain. From week one we took him to church every Sunday. We just didn't let strangers and children touch him or anyone who was sick. Our lactation nurse said rain, air, etc. won't hurt the baby. Just keep them bundled up and covered. Now if the babies are premies that's a whole other story. Their immune systems can't handle new germs and they can't build their immune system either. Have fun with the baby and enjoy the outdoors. ;-)

We were hanging out at Starbucks when our son was three days old and we were the most popular people in the place! It's fine! You and the baby need those walks and the fresh air. Congratulations!

I didn't take either of my babies out into public (other than outdoor places like the zoo, park, family & friends homes (if no one was sick), etc) until 3 months.

My son was born 6 weeks early, so I asked the doctor how long I should keep him out of the public - she said that in theory, 6 months would be the goal (since most immunizations have been given then)! But she said that realistically, 3-4 months would work well - their immune system is set up at that point.

You may never have a problem taking them out early, but then again... it all depends on what's out there in the place where you are. My friend took her daughter to the store, restaurants, etc. when she was a week old (and continued) - she ended up in the hospital for a week with RSV at 2 weeks old. I just think it's better to be safe than sorry!!

Take your baby out as much as possible. What you heard about not taking the baby out is just an old wives' tale. I am the mother of 4. 26, 23, 18, & 13. I took the oldest out for dinner with 12 other people, THE DAY I BROUGHT HER HOME! One day. My inlaws almost flipped out but all my kids are the most sociable kids you can imagine. Community service, ASB kids, Scouts, etc etc. Its important for them to be around all kinds of people and at all times. Most importantly, talk to your baby when you are out in public. Tell your baby where you are, what you are going to do etc. Babies want to be included in all the daily stuff. Cooking, walks to the park, grocery shopping etc. My youngest was at his older brother's little league game the same night I brought him home from the hospital. So you see, as long as you take the proper care, blankets, bottles, full diaper bag etc. You can do it all. Lunch, dinner, a movie, etc. Good luck and many happy years in raising your baby.

Hi J.- it really is all up to you-but my mother in law told me back when they were raising babies they didint take them out for months-really til the baby got babtized- so I am REALLY careful about everything maybe too much.With my first I didnt take him out for around 3 months till he had some vaccines in him BUT then with my second little guy I didnt really have much choice my husband changed jobs out of state to here (NV) and I was left alone with the 2 babies ( just 2yrs and a newborn)so I had to take him out for groceries ect.. so use your judgement its really your choice I personally would try to limit his time in big public places of course you dont want to go stir crazy either so little outtings are nice not sure where you live I was in NY for my first baby so it was also cold there when he was born so that was another reason I didnt take him out except to the Dr - If it makes you feel better call your Dr and ask them what they think but its really your choice your the new mommy CONGRADULATIONS!!

Hi J.,
my pediatrician said to wait 8 weeks to go out.
She also said that if we needed to go out in public before then to just be sure to cover the baby (for example; putting a thin blanket over the stroller or carrier) that way sick people can't cough on him, etc...

Fresh air and indirect sunlight is great for them! If you're breastfeeding it's even better, you create antibodies to fight any germs you come in contact with, and are giving lots of natural immunities as well. I encouraged the "look but don't touch" with little ones whether they are sick or not and sick big people should know to stay away. Enjoy being out and good job for walking! Nov-March is RSV season and I'd be more caution during that time and wipe carts,etc really well. They usually are comfortable with one more layer of clothing on than us.

I know you have recieved a lot of responses, I too have a 3 week old and she is my second. With my first I really never went out until 8 weeks, besides doc.app and little errands. With this one I have been out and about since she was 3 days old. Shopping, Legoland, Zoo etc. I have taken her every where. The only reason they tell you stay home is to keep baby healthy, but for my sanity I had to get out more this time. I just try to keep her in a stroller and I don't let strangers touch her, or be sure hands are washed. Good Luck

Three weeks is not to early to take a baby out, it is good for both. Of course depending on weather the baby should be dressed accordingly. Have fun, enjoy.

We were also told not to take our babies out in public for 2 months...I'm sure your baby is fine, it's just a good idea to keep such a new baby home and away from other people/germs etc. Taking a walk and getting fresh air is good though...

My doctor told me that if the baby is strong enough to be in a hospital, than he/she is strong enough to go out in public. We took both our daughters out as soon as WE were up to it, which was when they were a week or two old.

My little lady is 7 months now and we started taking her out on stroller walks within a week or so of being born. In fact, our regular mother/daughter walks to Starbucks were often a highlight of the day when I was home on maternity leave. (I learned to never underestimate the power of a little fresh air and excercise to put a smile on my face!) Just use common sense, and as many others mommys have said here, enjoy this special time....You won't believe how quickly they grow and change!

My Dr told me not to take any of mine out until at least 6 weeks past thier due date (all three of mine were early). They are just so prone to infection when they are so young and they have a heard time fighting off even simple things like a cold. Besides if you have ever seen a baby try to nurse or drink from a bottle with a stuffy nose - it is just so sad. If you can take it - try and stay home.

As long as you're not exposing the baby to sick people, you're fine going out in public. I wouldn't let any one except maybe family hold the baby for two months, but going out with you should be fine. This is what I did, in fact I took my 1st baby out when she was just 2 wks old and she's fine. I wouldn't be too worried.

I would say 4-6wks old is what I have heard most often. But I have heard everything from 1 week to three months so I am not sure there is any set rule on this. If I were you I would ask my ped. for their opinion. But I don't think you have anyway but your baby in harms way by taking him out.

Congratulations on your new arrival. I have a 5 month old and that I rarely took out of the house until she got her shots at two months. I would go to my mother's house but rarely took her out. I was extra cautious. My sister's son who is now 6 years old caught meninjitis at 2 weeks of birth because she took him out to public places. Dont rush things! They are too precious and if they get sick there is really nothing you can give them. You have a whole life ahead. Take care of your little one. But if you do decide to take the baby out make sure not to be around anyone who is sick and make sure the baby is covered with a blanket.

Good luck!

My mom told me not for the first month but ee took our daughter out when she was two weeks old. I carried her in a sling, so no one could touch her anytime they walked by. My doctor didn't give me a time when would be best. I would say as a rule use your judgement on the good places or bad places. Trust your instincts.

Our pediatrician told us 6 weeks...we could go to a relatives house or out on walks, but that was it for 6 weeks. She said it wasn't just the germs but that babies didn't need the additional stimulation. We did that and I'm comfortable with it...Saved me gas, that's for sure!!!


Taking your baby out for short walks or even out in public that young isnt bad for them, otherwise they wouldn't have dr.'s appointments at 2 weeks old. Take hime where ever you feel comfortable. What the big concern is is everyone loves new babies and wants to get close and talk right in his face and touch his head, and you don't know what is all over theeir hands, and YUCK! And don't worry about people thinking your rude or whatever but he needs fresh air and sunshine to grow just like evrything else. Just if people want to get touchy feely, just ask them not to touch his head or face, and carry wet napkins.

My doctor never said anything to me about taking the kids to public places. My grandmother didnt want me talking the kids anywhere until they were two months but thats just how she was brought up.

Do what you want when you want. Some mothers are freaks about there baby getting a germ on them. I exposed my kids to everything as soon as I was comfortable to get us out of the house. I'm not saying take your baby to the neighbors with the sick kids, I'm saying walks and dinners and shopping is fine, even parks and McDonalds. You can always keep the baby covered, and it's not like your baby is old enough to touch everything and pick up all the germs. Just use your comon sense. If your a first time mom you are probably already a worry wart, I don't think I've ever met a first time mom who wasn't. Just remember your the mother and you know what it best for you and your baby. Good Luck! J.

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