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When Is It Okay to Take Baby Out in Public?

My daughter is four weeks and four days old. i know doctors say wait tell their at lest a month old but i want suggtions from mothers. i take her to the store but no one is allowed to touch or get to close.

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Thank you all so much. It helps alot to hear your oponions and advice. I will wait tell shes at least two months old before taking her any where else but for a guick run to the store.

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Hi M.,

I waited one full month until I "debuted" by daughter. I also asked that everyone wash their hands AND use a hand sanitizer because you can't confirm that people actually know how to properly wash their hands. My doctor recommended that as well.
I think you should be good now, but remember that it is still cold and flu season and that no one should still touch the baby without the above regime.
I hope that helps and good luck,

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I took my son out pretty early on. Here's the trick, though. Wear your baby in a wrap (like a gypsymama wrap or similar). That way, people don't try to touch baby, and can't get super close. Plus, you have the added benefit of being close to baby!

Hi M.,

Babies are born with immunity transferred from the mother. Also, your breastmilk will provide antibodies to protect her from whatever either one of you are exposed to. It is a good idea, as someone has already mentioned, to carry the baby in a sling or wrap. Most mamas that I know are out and about with their new ones within the first week of life. The bigger issue is making sure that you don't overdo it, for your own well being!

Hi M.,
I think it's ok at about 6 weeks if you still don't let others touch. With the amount of sicknesses floating around now I would just be very careful. My daughter got very sick from my other kids school when she was young. It was scary but she turned out ok. I think as long as you are careful it will be ok. Try to stay away from the mall when it's very croweded though. Good luck. I'm an older mom and I wish you the best in your quest to be a good young mom!

Like most other moms, I'd suggest at least 6 weeks. With my first, I kept him home for a full 2 months. With my second, she was home for 6 weeks. With my third, I took her out at nine days (shame on me!!!) to take newborn pictures at the mall, of all places. But I knew the photographer and I knew what kind of pics she was capable of taking in the studio. It was a risk, Daddy was okay with it too (he's a paramedic), but it was in August--off-season for colds/flu/RSV. If it was winter, I definitely would not have done this. She was in her carrier the whole time (until we were ready to actually do the shoot) with a blanket over the carrier. We immediately left when we were done--I went later by myself to see and order pics. Aside from this photo shoot escapade, and a quick trip to Costco for diapers where an elderly lady scowled at me in line when she asked how old my baby was and I told her she was 3 weeks, I kept her home for a month. Thank God she didn't get sick, and I do love to look at the "Anne Geddes-like" pictures in her nursery and scrapbook. The sweet, precious pictures will be cherished always. With each baby, their public debut got progressively sooner. I think 6 weeks is a good time. Just remember that just because your baby shouldn't be in public doesn't mean you can't get out yourself. You can go stir crazy at home! Just be sure to wash and sanitize before holding your darling baby.

Hi M.,

I waited one full month until I "debuted" by daughter. I also asked that everyone wash their hands AND use a hand sanitizer because you can't confirm that people actually know how to properly wash their hands. My doctor recommended that as well.
I think you should be good now, but remember that it is still cold and flu season and that no one should still touch the baby without the above regime.
I hope that helps and good luck,

I have 3 children (1 1/2, 3 &4) and took all of them out as soon as I felt strong enough myself. With our oldest, we went out to dinner the night we came home from the hospital! Just going out to the park, store or wherever is not going to make your child sick. You're the parent & you decide who gets close to & who touches your child. An easy way to keep others from touching her is to carry her in a front pack or sling (which is safe to do from day one). It's important to wash your hands & keep items around her clean, but if children are never exposed to germs, they run the risk of getting very sick. Immunity is built little by little, over time. Don't completely change your lifestyle just because you have a newborn. Use your head, wash your hands & eat healthy - breast milk is the best source of immunity you can offer your children.

Hi, about 2 years ago I made the mistake of taking out my 3.5 week old baby, even when I was very careful with him. He ended up catching RSV, which can be fatal. He spent a 9 days in the hospital. I regret taking him out. So when that doctor gives you advice I would consider it. As for taking your baby out into the public, I would actually wait at until the baby is about 2 months.

Hi M.,
Most people know not to touch a newborn. You can take her out whenever you want. There is no rule or law on it and infants gain immunity from mom's breast milk and the "germs" in the world. Just be careful if there is something going around. If there is, don't go out with her.
I had my son out on a blanket at the park at 3 weeks. He loved it and was smiling at all the passersby. If you are freaking out, your baby will be too. Freaking out lowers immunity, whereas, acceptance and calm create strength.

I know with my first I waited about 6 weeks to take him out..and I didn't let anyone touch him..With my second I waited about a month and still didn't let anyone touch Her.. I'm not sure where you live but over here in phoenix there is some kind of virus floating around and always seems to be..The last thing anyone needs is a sick newborn..So she is probably old enough just don't let anyone touch her that is sick and bring ur own hand sanitizer so if someone really wants to pick her up or touch her you can kindly ask them to sanitize themselves...They will understand especially if they have kids..I hope this helps and good luck..

Hi M.! I have a 7 week old. We have been taking him out since week two to the store and stuff. He stays in his car seat with a blanket over it. However, I regret also taking him so young because he was in the hospital as well with RSV. It is a horrible virus. He was in the hospital at week 4. I honestly dont think it matters when you take them out it depends on what is in the air and who is around your baby and what he can catch so always be very careful. We took our first born out 5 days after he was born and he never caught anything. Kinda hit or miss.

I had my daughter out very early and she is fne, I asked the doctors about it and they said as long as she was bundled up and not exposed directly to sick people she would be okay My daughter went to a restruant at 5 days old for her grandma's birthday party with permission of her doctor of course.

I always "had" to take my kids to the store if I wanted to get any shopping done in the day time. I used to drape a blanket over their carrier in the cart, so people were deterred from touching. As it warms up, a lot of the cold bugs and rsv should start tapering off, so that will help. Use your best judgement. I know some people that don't go anywhere for the first three or four months, personally, I'd go nuts. I never kept mine home longer than three or four weeks, sometimes less even. I guess things are different now than when I had my first three kiddos, but even w/ the last two (about the time RSV made its debut) I know I was back into church within a couple of weeks. Hope this helps.

I am a first time mom of a 7 week old boy so I understand your concern. When we were discharging from the hospital, the nurses and doctors said to stay away from the malls and grocery stores. Pretty much where there are A LOT of people. I still haven't taken my baby to the stores especially with the cold/flu season still here. I know by now you have to feel kind of isolated-believe me I know the feeling! I would say whatever makes you comfortable. I am not comfortable with taking Donovan to the busy places yet but, I am sure it's because I want to keep him in this invisible bubble (since he is my first) while I figure out the invisible instruction manual...lol. I visit family and friends to get out of the house and amazingly it has brought all of us closer because you end up seeing them more often.

I think it depends on the time of year. During cold and flu season my doctor recommends keeping them out of the public until they are at least 6 weeks. However my "summer" babies I had out in the public at 2 weeks and never had any problems. (My first child was at church 3 days after she was born!). As long as you keep them in their carrier and encourage people not to touch them (and keep them away from noticeably sick people), there should be no reason to keep them home...especially if you are outside...fresh air is good for them.

i know of a child who was less than 3 weeks and got RSV
being taken out after a week. just because people aren't touching your child doesn't mean the air they're breathing is germ-free, and if you touch the wrong thing you will be passing the germs right to your child yourself. i waited a minimum of 40 days as per my grandmother's recommendation (and biblical too, if that interests you) before i took mine out. newborns have to get used to living in a totally different environment than they're used to and at that age their immune system is not as strong, only becomes so as they nurse and you pass on all those good antibodies and they get a little older.
i suppose (what i do) is to measure the cons and the pros.
is it worth having a sick young child who can't really have any kind of meds and that even if it's "only a cold" will be miserable, fussy, not eating well, not feeling well for at least a week all over a trip to bashas? only you can make that choice.
have a great day~

M. - I gave birth to my daughter on a Thursday and she came to church with me the following Wednesday. (I had a c-section so recovery time was slow). My OB and Pediatrician both told me that it was an "old wife's tale" not to take my baby out. We are one of the few cultures that put this restriction on moms. Just be smart, stay away from germy places - i.e. hospitals, etc. and you and your baby should be fine. Both of my daughters are teenagers and my neices are too - my sister took her babies out early, also and all 4 are healthy.

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