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When Does Menstruation Return After Weaning?

My son weaned himself just before his 1st birthday. I pumped for 2-3 weeks afterwards until my milk ran out. It is now nearly 2 months later and I still have not gotten my period. I took a pregnancy test, just in case, but it was negative. I've also been on the mini-pill since my son was born - not sure if that would matter. I've researched this online, but have only found that it 'varies' so I wanted to know what others have experienced after weaning? Is this normal?

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I was on the mini pill also and didn't start my period again for 3 years. Doctor told me no worries, my body would have one when it needs to. Enjoy not having them and no need to worry. D. G

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"Varies" is the right word. With my first child, it didn't come back six months after I stopped nursing. My OB finally put me back on the pill to get it started again. With my second, it came back when she was two months old, even though I nursed for 13 months. I'd enjoy it while it lasts. If you want it to start to increase the chances of working on child number 2, then speak to your OB.


I was on the mini pill also and didn't start my period again for 3 years. Doctor told me no worries, my body would have one when it needs to. Enjoy not having them and no need to worry. D. G

Hi D., mine took about 5 months to return. Hubby and I were still having sex, so I always worried about pregnancy as well, but the first month it came back, it was very light and only about 3 days long. It took about another 2-3 months to get back to normal. Now, I sorely miss my non-menstrual days. :(

Hey D.! I'm anxious for mine to come too as we'd like to start trying for #2 soon :) My OB said it's normal for it to take 3 months after fully weaning, so hang in there!! Best of luck!

up to 6m after weaning is considered normal.

weaning a child does not necessarily mean your period will come immediately. With my first,I lost my mimlk when she was only 4 months old. I thought my period would come in a month or so bu it didn't come until she was nearly a year old (7 months after I stopped breastfeeding!) With my second, he just turned one, we are still breastfeeding and my first period came this month.

My cousin go her period 3 months after her child was born BOTH times and she breastfed them both over 2 years.

So there is definately a WIDE variance!

i got mine about 2 months after weaning for both children. you'll probably get it any day now!

I was confused by the very late return as well. It finally showed up when my daughter was about 14 months old. Be thankful you haven't had to deal with it just yet!


Hello D. ...

I can certainly understand your concerns. I've been a prenatal/postnatal health educator and lactation specialist for the past 28 years. In my experience, most periods return about 4 months after weaning.
Like a few other moms have commented ...
Enjoy your "period-free" time! Consider it one of life's little blessings.

Have a Magical and Meaningful New Year,
~M. Kissell

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