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When Do You Make Dinner for Schoolkids Who Have a Home-late Dad?


I'm having a hard time figuring out when to serve dinner at home. My daughter gets home from school at 3pm and is hungry. Her last meal was lunch at 11am. My hubby comes home between 6:30pm-7pm every weekday evening from work. My children's bedtime is at 7pm. I try to put my girls down for bed at 7pm but Dad just getting home has them wound up. Plus, I grew up having dinner with my entire family every evening and I want this for my kids, but in order to keep the 7pm bedtime, I have to serve dinner before my hubby comes home. Right?

I bet other moms have husbands who get home around the same time. What do you guys do for your kids after school? Snack? And then when do you serve dinner? Does your hubby just heat dinner up when he gets home? How does it work?

Help, I think I'm too clueless about scheduling to figure out how to make all this fit!

Thanks :)

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Nutrituous snack when they get home from school.
dinner at 7ish
Bedtime at 8 or 8ish whenever you can get through.
I would think 7 is too early to go to bed.
They need a snack when they get home and they need to see dad.
Is there anyway dad could aim to be home at 6:45? That would help too. He needs to try to make that a priority to be involved in their lives.

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When my children get home from school they have a small snack and then do homework. Once homework is done they play until dinner at 6:00. My husband gets home by 6 most of the time so we are able to have a family dinner, however there was a time not too long ago when this was not the case. Back then I fed the kids at 5:30, did baths and had them in their room reading/playing quietly until he arrived at about 7:30 to go in and say goodnight. My husband and I would then eat a late dinner together. We made sure then that every Saturday and Sunday night was a family dinner together (and usually lunch too). Since it seems impossible to do the family dinner and keep them on their bedtime routine, I would say go ahead and forget it for the weekdays. Can your husband get up and have breakfast with the kids before going to work? You could always make that your family meal together instead of dinner.

Good luck,

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Well, I have a 3 & 4 year old. We have a snack at around 3:30 - 4:00. very light. Examples, fruit gummies, rice crispy bar, 10 smore crackers, 7 peanut butter crackers, handfull of raisins. Then at 6:00 we eat dinner the kids & me. Then I bathe them and get them in pj's. At 7-7:30 dad comes home and eats. We join him by having a small dessert. Usually, sliced pear, strawberries, 2 table spoons of pudding, tapioca, rarely but at times, i scoop ice cream or a cookie. They enjoy the extra treat and dad still gets the togetherness with the family. We then brush teeth, go to bathroom and get into bed. They go to bed aroun 8:00 to 8:30. This leaves dad & me 2 hours to ourselves. Dad & I get up at 5:45am and kids around 6:30-6:45am to start our day. This seems to work well for us and if dad gets home early, then we have dinner together. Good luck.

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It sounds like you may like many other parents have to resort to the seperate meals. Crock pots for you and your husband,there is also casserols that can be made ahead of time. Put half for the kids in one dish and the other half in one that can be started later that evening. With school starting etc. they do neet to get to sleep, have the weekends be for dad and the kids. Hard I know but that may be the only way to keep almost everyone happy and healthy. Been there with the military life and in and outs. Good luck.

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A small light snack after school should be given... as far as dinner you can not help what time your husband gets home from work so I would just always have dinner for your children ready at a particular time like maybe 6: 30 so that sometime daddy will be home to join ya'll in dinner. and push bedtime back to 8:00. That way Dad gets to spend a little time with the children to. Your best thing is to talk to him about the kind of activity he gets them involved in when he gets home and suggest it be calmer activity. He may understand. If he does not then let him help with getting them to sleep if he does not already and he will begin to understand why the activities need to be calmer. I hope this helps a little I use to struggle with this to but I realized somethings are oput of my control and had to do what was best for mychildren and me and their daddy altogether

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This is a hard one because Dad probably cannot change his schedule. What if you have a healthy snack ready for after school. Our daughter prepared a beautiful plate of fruit for her children and any friends who came home with them. The trays I saw had strawberries and cantaloupe or bananas and apple or orange slices. And, grapes. Then, the girls could have their dinner with you sitting or eating with them at 5:15, take their baths and be ready when daddy comes home to sit at the table with you and him for sweet family time together. They could have a small pudding or glass of milk which would be a bedtime snack. After that, brush teeth, story time, and off to dreamland.
Sounds so easy on paper, doesn't it? You sound well organized enough to pull it off. Best wishes. B. K

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In our house, Dad gets home after 9pm. We decided to start doing a big family breakfast, all at the table. Dinner is a little more loose. Then we did big "all at the table" dinner on weekends. It's a great way to start every day!

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It's okay to give your girls a snack in the afternoon - make it a small / healthy one. Consider goldfish crackers, fresh fruit, dried fruit, yogurt, carrot sticks, etc.

If it is difficult to serve dinner and deal with bedtime within the same time during the week - you might want to consider serving dinner to the kids a little earlier and adjust bedtime to 7:30 so they can spend a little time with dad before bedtime. Then on the weekends you can sit down as a family during meal times.

AS your girls get older and involved in different activities dinner time / bed time will be challenge.

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Hi E. - YIKES! 7pm is a little early for bed ..... I think dinner together as a family is so important (if you can swing it) and you might not be able to do it for long. As the girls get older, they might have activities that could prevent everyone from being home at dinner time. Move their bedtime to 7:45 or 8pm and have dinner ready at 6:30 or 7pm so everyone can eat together! On the days that your husband gets home at 6:30, you might be able to get them to bed a little earlier!

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