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When Did Your Kids Lose Their First Tooth?

My daughter is 4 years 8mos and said that her tooth hurt a little this evening, looked at it, it looked a tad crooked and I touched it and it wiggled! It just seems too early for her to lose it. Will call the dentist tomorrow am, but just wondering until then. Thanks.

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5 years old is very common.

My son is 5.75 years old and just lost his first tooth.
My daughter was about that age as well when she lost her first tooth.
My son's Kindergarten Teacher says, it is common.
I also work at my kids' school and everyday, Kindergarten aged kids were SHOWING me their loose tooth or teeth. Or showing me the gaps in their mouth of where they lost their tooth.

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Why call the dentist?????

My daughter got her first tooth at 3 months. At the age of 5, Easter before starting Kindergarten she had no teeth from eye tooth to eye tooth bottom and top. My grand kids who got their teeth in early have already lost several of their teeth too. It is normal to start losing them at 4 and 5.

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i'm glad you asked this question - my son is 5 and several of his little friends have been losing them since they were 4, i was starting to worry lol. but per the answers below he's still ok...lol.

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No, it could take a couple of months for it to come out and 5 is a normal age to lose your first tooth. My daughter was 5 when it happened to her and my son was 6. A loose tooth in an almost five year old really isn't a reason to call the dentist or to be alarmed.

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Honestly this seems OK, the kids in our family usually lose their first tooth between 4.5 and 5.5. A rule of thumb is early teethers lose teeth earlier, and girls generally lose their first tooth earlier than boys. One of my brothers had 4 teeth missing when he started kindergarten at 5 and the other kids thought he was special, lol!

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My son just lost his first one and he turned 6 in January...

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The earlier they teeth, the earlier they lose 'em! My 1st teethed late and didn't lose her first one until 6 1/2. My youngest is 4 1/2 and teethed early so I'm expecting a loose one in the next year.

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My older son turned 6 in January. He lost his first tooth shortly after he turned 5. Since then he has lost 4 more, and three more are currently wiggly :) and a word of advice...be prepared! The tooth fairy was not ready when his first tooth came out. She didn't have any singles (or change) so she had to leave a five! Luckily, she scales back from that tooth on ;) all the rest of his teeth will now be worth a quarter.

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My son just lost his first tooth in Disneyworld. He lost it a week after his 8th birthday. He didn't even know he lost it, we assume he swallowed it, but wouldn't let us verify, lol, if you know what I mean :)

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Your daughter is fine...

My daughter was 3.5-4 and in preschool when she lost her first. By the time she was 10, she had lost every tooth she was supposed to lose plus had her 12 yr molars.

Some children go through it earlier. Our daughter has a perfect set of teeth with no orthodontics needed, no cavities, etc. Just instill good habits now!

Also, when the dentist recommends sealants... do it. Most insurance covers it and it is SO worth it.

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