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When Did Your Child Say His Own Name??

My 26 mth old son still does not say his name at all? I was just wondering at won't point would it be worrisome if at all? What age did all your little guys say their own name. He does say his younger brothers name, his two cousins but never himself. When we look at pictures of him , he either says its his brother "Baby Nate" or his favorite cousin Joshua. We play games all the time and ask him what his name is or even just to repeat us saying his name. He just looks at us like we're idiots.

Also I find it weird that when when we ask him to say a word or can you say....such and such he never attempts to repeat the word. NEVER. All the other kids I've been around seem to try to say words when requested at least. Compared to other kids his age I thought he was right up there, but we just went to the park and met a bunch of other kids his age and they seem to speaking much more fluently and making 2-3 word sentences. My son has a great one word vocab list (100-150) words, and uses a bunch of signs, but no where close to these other kids. I know every kid develops at their own pace, and boys are a little bit slower. But there's always that concern you might be missing something? Pediatrician seems to think he was fine at his 2 yr check up, said he was very engaging and I shouldn't worry about it. But you know how that goes???

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I wouldn't worry about it too much at this point. If he's got a good one-word list, he's probably fine. He might not be using 2 - 3 word sentences because he doesn't have to. He is probably finding that his one word vocabulary is getting him what he needs, so no point saying more. Also, you say he never tries to say a new word when you ask him to. some kids don't like to "practice" in front of others. one day he will just come out and say the word because he's been practicing it on his own. If he's not putting sentences together by age 3, then I'd look into it. For now, enjoy the peace and quiet!

I always started with please you can hold things away from them and once they say please they would get that item. Than you could start pointing at different things and telling them what they are and they will eventually start mimicking you.

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My "little" guy was about 3, more or less, when he said his own name. You might want to take a digital pic with him wearing distinct clothes so he recognizes himself and show it to him immediately after you take it and see if he recognizes himself.

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it too much. He might be a man of few words, which could be a blessing. Be careful what you wish for... There are day my 11 year old son does not stop talking for a full 2-3 hours. ;-)

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Hi A. - nope wouldnt worry about it too much. My first was an early clear talker and my second has a speech delay so I am pretty familiar with what's normal and what's not.

There is always going to be some kid way more advanced than others. I remember thinking my first was doing great at about 26 months. We met a little boy at the park who walked up to my son, put out his hand and said clear as day "Hi, my name is Evan, what's your name?" I asked his mom how old her son was and he was 3 months younger than mine! It's perfectly natural to compare and doubt that our kids arent doing well.

Continue to narrate your day and what you do with your son in simple clear sentences. Who what and where questions are also good. Why is more advanced and closer to kinder level ability.

At age three you can ask the local school district to evaluate your son. They might have some programs that would help him. In CA, there are early start programs for kids under the age of 3. I think most of them are county programs. You might want to find out who your local "regional center" is and they could probably tell you about "early start" programs. They would be better able to tell you that your son needs some extra help then the doctor.

To be honest, your son sounds like he's probably fine, but if I were you I would get the opinion of an expert in early education, too.

My daughter started saying her own version of her name at 2.5 years old. Our son was also 2.5 when he started saying his own name.

My son didn't really pick up on his speech until around 3 years old. Now that he is 4 he talks non-stop. Some children just speak later than others. Does your state have an early childhood intervention program? If it does then you can always see if he is qualified to be evaluated.

Dear A.,
Not to make light of your fears, but I think you may have answered your own question to an extent. Your little one doesn't want to repeat words or say his own name and just looks at you like you're "idiots". I am TRULY saying that with a sense of humor. He may just not be interested in the repeating game. But, hold onto your boots because you will have a little one who repeats things you likely wish he wouldn't before you know it.
I babysat one little guy who wasn't much of a talker, but he was bright, affectionate and engaging. His mother was worried something was wrong with him because he wouldn't repeat the names of animals in picture books. If she asked him where the dog was, he would point to it, but he wouldn't say dog. Period. What I discovered is that he much preferred making the animal sounds. If I pointed to a cow, he would moo. If I pointed to a chicken, he would say bock-bock. If I pointed to a cat he would meow. He clearly new the different animals and the sounds they made. He obviously knew a dog from a chicken, he just didn't care to say the names of the animals. There wasn't anything wrong with him. He was just interested in playing the "game" differently.
When my daughter was little, people tried telling me something was wrong with her (OR ME), because she called me by my first name. I mean, people threw FITS. It didn't bother me or her doctor or my family, but other people thought it was the most horrible thing in the world and that she didn't know who "mommy" was.....Baloney.
My friends didn't call me mommy, my neighbors didn't call me mommy, the mailman or the people at the grocery store didn't call me mommy. She called me what she heard other people call me in daily life. My name was the first one she picked up on and hers followed soon after. Mommy had a "name". Grandpa had a "name". Daddy had a "name". She had a "name". I've known many, many children who talk about themselves in the third person for a while. "Riley wants juice. Riley is tired". Getting that whole ME and I thing down is processed differently by kids. I don't think you should worry so much. If your son responds to his name and is getting the hang of others names, it seems to me he's just getting it all sorted out.
Try to remember not to compare him to any other kids. If you're going to take him to the park and let him engage with other children, let him absorb from the experience and just have fun as opposed to it being a comparison experiment. I know that's not your intention, but he's 2. There's likely nothing wrong with him. Relax and enjoy him. Read to him. Shoot videos with friends and family and play them back to watch together so he can see the experience you all shared from a different point of "view".

Best wishes.

I wouldn't worry too much. My son is 27 months and at his well child last month his Dr. started getting concerned about Autism because he was coming up short on a couple of milestones language wise. My son wouldn't ask me for things he would just throw a fit and he won't respond to his name when I call him. And he generally didn't repeat what I was saying to him. However, about two days after his appt. his vocab about doubled. He started grabbing my hand and taking me to show me what he wanted. It was almost like he understood the dr. and wanted to prove him wrong! He still doesn't respond much to his name, but I really think that's just a stubborn thing. If the Dr. isn't worried about autism and he can say some stuff and sign, I would just give him time. The lightbuld should come on soon enough and he'll be talking like crazy. Some kids are just more observers at first and then look out!

My little boy is 26 months (born Dec. 23rd) and he JUST started saying his own name (Cameron)... of course it comes out "Mameron". hehe He will repeat just about anything he hears and has been putting together 3 word sentences for about 2 months now. His vocabulary is getting better day. Now, having said that... I also run an in home daycare, so he is around a lot of other children (both older and younger) so he has a lot of other kids to learn from. He also has a 10yr old brother. I wouldn't worry about your son just yet.... kids develop at different ages and I know my 10yr old was nowhere close to talking as much as my 26 month old is when he was that age. Also, you mentioned that your son uses a bunch of signs. I've heard that children who learn signs tend to talk later than those who don't. Simply because they don't feel the need to learn to talk as fast since they can communicate with you by other means. You're little one will be fine. I'd say wait until he is 3 and if he is still having problems talking THEN get him in to a specialist. ;)

my daughter turned 3 in December and I just got her to start saying her first and last name.

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