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When Did Your Child Give up Their Security Blanket?

I'm just curious. My stepdaughter has a security blanket she sleeps with every night at our house (she spends plenty of nights at her mom's or one of two grandma's without this blanket).

The other night I had forgotten about it in the washer so it was all wet at bedtime. She had a meltdown that she didn't have her blanket and claimed she couldn't sleep. She layed there awake, refusing to sleep until the blanket was out of the dryer.

When did your children give up security blankets? Also, how did you do it? The blanket is getting very frayed and worn with holes because she drags it around the house still (she's had it since she was a baby) and I wash it every week and that is contributing to it falling apart more.

What can I do next?

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NW my daughter is 26 almost 27. She still has the "ducky blanket" that we brought her home from the hospital in. She doesn't sleep with it anymore of course and hasn't for years. but when I almost got rid of it when she was a teenager she freaked. It has moved with her thru 2 states and 2 countries (her husband is in the army) it is literally shredding each time it gets washed. I offered to take it apart and make a quilt out of the squares that are still whole but she will not have any part of that. she just keeps it in a box and says to leave it alone. I would just let her give it up in her own time.

Yep, I agree with the previous post, my daughter's precious baby blanket was unrecognizable as such - to someone, unknowing, it looked like a handful heap of fabric. To her it was the loving blanket that kept her comforted. She's a level-headed kid but could be reduced to tears when she misplaced it. I always made sure I treated it with importance. It never even became one of those items that I ever had the heart to use as a take-away punishment. Let's just say she was older than 7.

Yes, wash it every week.

I'm almost 26 years old and I still sleep with a blanket that I've had since I was born. I obviously have no problem sleeping without it and I don't carry it around the house, but it's on my bed. I do think it's ok to tell her that it is for bed and that she can't carry it around the house. But let it be her bedtime comfort. We all have things that sooth or calm us. That is hers. :)

She'll give it up when she doesn't need it anymore.

Hi! My 6 year old daughter still sleeps with her blanket and my 7 year old son sleeps with his teddy bear. My daughter's blanket is falling apart, but she doesn't care. Who knows when they'll grow out of it. I have a co-worker who is in her 20's and she STILL sleeps with a stuffed kitty. I don't think that's too common. I think everyone's different. Have a great day!

We always had rules about "blanky". Neither of my kids could drag it around or take it in and out of places. they did/do take it on vacations etc. One of the most traumatic things for my oldest son was when he was around 8, his blanky went missing from the hotel room when the maid service came in! I went to the housekeeping dept and asked them to look through everything, to no avail. that kids cried his eyes out. we did replace it with a very similar blanky, which he kept in his bed until he was a teenager. I think it is still in his drawer somewhere. our younger son, 14, still has the remnants of his blanky. keeps it in his bed.

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