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When Did You Stop Buying "Happy Meals" for Your Kids?

Hello ladies,

My daughter who is seven asked me for a value meal when we went to McDonalds the other day.(No we dont eat fast foods everyday, maybe once weekly) It kinda caught me off guard, she told me that she no longer needed the toy anymore and wanted a bigger meal. I have always gotten her the "Mighty Kids Meal" or whatever its called and she eats all of that.I feel like a value meal is too much food for a 7 yr old. I was just curious to know when did your kids ask you for a value meal instead of a kids meal?


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I've never been big on the kids meals. Usually I just order off the value menu and split it between my 2 kids. It's way cheaper to do it that way and besides we don't need any of the junk toys that just end up in the garbage anyway.

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the value meal is too big for a 7-year-old. if the mcdonalds has a calorie chart posted, look at it or search it out online. the mighty kids meal is bigger than the happy meal, and either one is enough calories for me...I'm way over 7! good luck!

My 7 yo son no longer gets the Happy Meals or kid's meals anywhere. He never has been a "kid's menu" kind of kid--he's looking for broccoli soup, shrimp, etc! :-)
But now he likes the snack wraps at McD's when we do go. Most of his friends, also 7, are phasing out the toy meals.....

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I agree with another mom that talked about Food Inc!!! Shocking what we as a society have allowed into our regular eating patterns! We have killed off any idea of real food for cheap processed foods... gross.
My family became veggies after seeing the movie although it is not a pro-vegetarian movie. It is more about getting back to basics and raising/growing food that is REAL once again!
Anyhow you should stop eating fast food all together, but since that is not likely to happen giving her larger portions of that fake food isn't a good idea.

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I think this would be a good time to start teaching your children portion control and good eating habits. The mighty kids meal should be suffice for a child her age. Teach her to eat slowly. Think back to when we were kids (at least when I was a kid), and, all of the meals for grown-ups were about the size of a mighty kids meal now. Please don't let her get pulled into the eating too much craze. Maybe instead of a McDonald's night, you should have a veggie/fruit dinner night. No cooking involved, just wash and cut. Maybe add a plain yogurt dip and drizzle some healthy oil on the veggies? I feel so sad for our kids growing up today.

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I'm 40 years old and still get the happy meal:)

Let her know it's the same size as getting something off the regular menu (ex. the size of a cheeseburger is the same regardless) except that you get a toy too. In her case, let her know that if she's too old for the toy, she can make another child really happy by giving it to them. If you're going that often (which is kind of a lot - sorry), perhaps suggest to her that you'll collect the toys and donate them to a children's hospital or something.

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You have lots of responses, but I just have to let you know because this happen just yesterday. My 14 year old was at the library working on 4-H projects all day. She called asking about lunch but didn't want to stop working--I asked her what she wanted--her response "anything but a banana!" We never eat out but I was off to a softball game. I got her a cheese burger happy meal with apple dippers and chocolate milk. She was so excited!!! She gave the toy to a little boy who just went crazy with excitement-that made her day too. The portion size was perfect.

My answer-never too old, but limit eating out or you will never see the happiness a happy meal can bring!

PS -we all know that McDs is not good for us - that too much of anything isn't good for us - but I feel if you deprive your kids of all fast food, all sweets, pop, ect. --when they are on their own and can choose whatever they want to eat-they may go overboard. (have you heard-Freshman Fifteen) Teach everything in moderation. My opinion! Which you are probably doing already!

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Maybe she has hit a growth spurt and the kids meal isn't enough for her right now. I started buying adult meals for my oldest daughter when she was 8. She's almost 12 now but her 10yo and 8yo sisters both still eat the kids meals. The 8yo still gets the 4 piece happy meal and that is plenty for her. All kids are different. Make sure that if you let her get an adult meal that she knows she doesn't have to eat everything. When my daughter started getting the adult meal we had to make sure she knew it was okay not to clean her plate. We threw out food (waste of money) but it was better than her over eating and stretching her stomach (or vomiting). It never hurts to buy it once for her and let her decide if it is too much food or not. Just get it regular size.

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I've never been big on the kids meals. Usually I just order off the value menu and split it between my 2 kids. It's way cheaper to do it that way and besides we don't need any of the junk toys that just end up in the garbage anyway.

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when i was still eating hamburgers and fries i would get the happy meal as an adult. ( i went to sonic for a drink ) the portion sizes are HUGE these days and i bet that when the origional burgers came out they were about the size of the happy meal burgers. i was under the impression that 12 and under was considered a kid. thus being able to eat off the kid meals. was she wanting something different from the value meal side? what was her reason for wanting to skip the kids meal? she wanted to be grown up?

My boys were about 10 or 11 when they stopped eating kid's meals. But at some restaurants, they will still get a kids meals because the portions are so huge at restaurants- and they are 13 and 14 now. The regular meals are much bigger in comparison to the regular meals and way too much food for a 7 year old. Also take into consideration the calories and sodium in one of these meals- huge differences. If she is still hungry after eating a kids meal, perhaps offer some fruit instead.

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