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When Can You Give a Baby a Blanket in Their Crib at Night?

At what age can you use a blanket to cover your baby at night? My 9 month old's bedroom is always cold at night. I can't help but wonder if he would sleep better if he were covered. I am afriad of SIDS and haven't been able to get myself to cover him with a blanket. He is pretty mobile, he is crawling and has always been healthy. My friends have given me answers ranging from 'wait until he is 2 years old' to 'it is okay from day one.' I have honestly totally forgotten what I did with my 3 year old. Amazing what 3 years of sleep deprivation does for your memory! Does anyone have any advice?

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Wow- thank you so much! I really appreciate you all taking the time to respond to my question. I have decided to wait until Drew is 1 year old to give him a blanket and am going to buy him a couple sleep sacks. Thanks again, what a great network of moms!

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It really is a personal preference I think. I started covering my 17 month old when she was 1. When we would play peek a boo and she would put a blanket on and off her head on her own I stopped worrying about it. I also put her in pretty heavy feeted jammies as her room is always cold also. Good Luck.

I always wait until about 18-24 months until I put a blanket in a crib... My 3 year old sleeps in the crib still with a crib tent on top and has several blankies in there because he refuses to sleep with out them.

With my 18 month old, I still have not needed to put a blanket in there I just buy the sleepers with feet... or warm pj's

My 3 year olds room is above the garage and its gets REAL cold in the winter in there and REAL hot in the summer and we put one of those electric oil radiatiors in there when its really cold at night and in addition to a ceiling fan we put a oscilating fan in there in the summer at night... works for us.


Holy Cow, give that baby a blanket. At nine months there should be no problem at all. I used the sleeper blankets until they were about 2 months old and then have always used blankets and pillows. You need to be comfy to sleep.

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I have given both of my boys a blanket from day one, I found that they would both sleep better if they were tucked in, it's comfort thing. But if you are too afriad to do so there are tons of other options, you can buy a swaddler blanket, these velcro so they don't come undone and will keep your baby swaddled all night. Or you can get a thick sleeper sag, you would put this on over your baby's pj's and it will also keep him or her warm. The only problem I have found with a sleeper sack is neither of my boys have liked having their legs enclosed. My youngest is 6 months right now and he sleeps every night with a blanket around him, a light cotton one in the warmers months and a heavier one in the winter. He rolls over and plays and all and has no problem whats so ever. But I recommend you do what you are most comfortable with because even if your baby is sleeping if you are worried about SIDS all night then you wont be anyways.

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Just a little info. Both of my last two children were swaddled in the rec. blankets and one of them was able to wiggle herself enough that her head was down inside the wrapping. God was watching because he woke me and although she wasn't making a sound and was sleeping God made me grab her out of her bed.

Make the baby a sleep sack. It is very simple. I never used anything else after that experience.

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The risk of SIDS goes well into the 1st year. Don't take the chance. If you think the baby is cold, put a onsie under the sleeper or use one of those sleep bags - they come in fleece. If your baby isn't waking up from a sound sleep to complain about being cold, then my advice is to leave well enough alone. It's just as bad to be too warm as well.

I worried about my son too, until I realized he actually likes to sleep slightly chilling which is the exact opposite of me! :-)

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I also used a crocheted blanket with both of my children. Once they could crawl I changed the blanket to a normal one. I guess it's whatever you are comfortable with ~ I have no problem with the blanket issue but am a freak about choking. I still quarter my four year old's grapes :)


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Hi R., I was worried about this as well when my boys were little. What I found that worked my for my firstborn was a baby afghan blanket – a crochet blanket made from real light yarn. It had lots of holes in it so if and when he did pull it up over his head, he was still able to keep on breathing. (Even though I knew he was fine, it still freaked me out that he pulled this blanket up.) I also dressed him in an onesie and then put warm pjs on him so when it was pulled away from his body, he was still warm enough. Please stay away from space heaters; they are such a fire hazard!! Hope this helps.

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Our daughter is just shy of 10 months, and she, too, is very mobile -- crawling, pulling up on things, walking behind toys. I put a light-weight receiving blanket on her at night and during her naps. (I just lay it over her from the waits down. I don't wrap her up in it.) We haven't had any problems.

You could try it during his nap time and see how he does if you're worried. We found that our daughter, when she does move around, just kicks it to the end of her crib.

Here's a link to the AAP Winter Safety Tips. http://www.aap.org/advocacy/releases/decwintertips.cfm
They do say not to put a blanket, if one must be used, above the baby's chest.

Hope this helps.
J. S.

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A sleep sac is definitely better than blanket. My children always used one instead of blanket. There are diiferent sizes. Here is one of the models I found:

There are diiferent sizes, you might want to check if it's not too tight or too loose.

Good luck.


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Absolutely not okay from day one. At 1 year they should be able to handle a blanket, but even then, I waited until my son was almost 2. He would get tangled up in the blanket when he was half asleep anyways, and only now is he better able to handle it. Until then, I dressed him warmly or kept the heat on... not both as overheating babies isn't safe either. Just think how many layers make you comfortable. If you are too warm in a long top and long bottoms with a blanket on, chances are they are too.


A lot of people think the sleeping on the back thing is silly, or stuff the baby's cribs with toys and blankets thinking "their child turned out fine", but SIDS does happen, and I have known people to lose their babies to it.

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I'd wait. My husbands cousin just their baby (around the age of yours) to SIDS...so it can happen to an older infant.

I have 3 children and use to use the flannel cotton very light weight swaddling blankets or just get a sleep sack...they sell them at Right Start.

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I use the blanket sleepers. Like a wearable blanket. Neck and arm holes but the rest is a "sack." By them at Babies R Us. My baby is 14 months and still sleeps in one. That way, when she moves around, it stays with her and she is not cold.

Your message caught my attention....
This was something I was also concerned about when my children were that age...
They got cold, blankets were a hazzard and when they got "old enough," they would roll over and the blanket would fall away and again they would get cold...
My solution which I always advise people of.... BLANKET SLEEPERS!
They are the best.
You can find them at Wal-Mart (and most anyplace that sells baby clothes).
Hope this is helpful!

hi R.
i have a 10 month old right now whom i've covered since he came home from the hospital! He was a preemie born at 32 weeks and spent the first 7 weeks of his life in the NICU...i still cover him and he hasn't had any problems!

My doctor said it was fine to put a small light weight blanket over my child at age 1. It scared me at first, but I did it and I just kept an eye on him for the first week or so and he did fine. Just don't put a huge adult size blanket on your child and I would think it would be just fine. Until your child turns 1 yr. old... have you tried putting long sleeves and pants (pj's) and socks on him?
Hope this helps!! :)

With my son, who is also very mobile in his sleep, I dress him in a footed blanket sleeper and give him just a light receiving blanket. He never stays covered. I also bought a small electric heater that is kid-safe (no hot coils show where they can be touched and burn him). It is like a fan, but it has heated coils inside which help it blow out warm air. The receiving blanket is more for security than warmth.

I always did it from birth. Around their waist and tucked under the mattress. Then when they started rolling I figured it wasn't an issues because they can obviously move their heads.

DD was swaddled until she was 5 months old and then we used a blankie

As a SIDS mom, please do not put anything in their crib until the age of 1. Use a sleeveless sleepsack like the one halo makes. We lost our 2nd son to SIDS at 5 months. He always slept on his back and had nothing in his crib...but still, don't do it. Believe me, it is the worst thing imaginable. Check out www.firstcandle.com for more guidance.

I've always used a blanket with my now 9 month old son. I swaddled him for the first couple of months, before he really started moving around so much. Then I started covering him, but I made sure to put his arms on top of the blanket b/c he likes putting his hands over his head, so the blanket ended up on his face if I didn't leave his arms free.


Greetings! Your son has pretty much passed the SIDS period. He can lift his head and get fresh air in his lungs and brain and those are risk factors for SIDS. Istill recommend you sleep him on his back, but a blanket at this point won't be as much of a risk factor, unless it is a large down blanket or a heavy quilt. He is old enough for a light blanket at this point.

Love and blessing,
Birth Blessings
Doula Services and Lactation Consulting

I have covered up my now 8 month old since day 1. I swaddeled him at first then just put a light blanket on him up to his chest. Now I don't worry about it because he can turn over by himself.

Yes, the risk of SIDS is greatly decreased when your baby can push up with his arms, roll, crawl etc. But why risk it? With warm footed pajamas I feel much more at ease with my 9 month old than with a blanket that may not stay on him anyway or get tangled up on the wild moving sleeper that is my son.

I have a soon to be 3 yr old girl and I covered her with a light blanket from newborn till now and I had no problems, sometimes I used the light blanket or sheet. I think that should work for you.

My kids won't use a blanket even if I put it on them. I recommend a very safe space heater or super warm PJs. Neither my 2 year old nor my 1 year old will keep a blanket on them.

when they can roll over.

Your 9-month-old should be fine with a blanket. However, my babies never were very good at keeping their covers on, so I slept them in blanket sleepers.

Enjoy these wonderful times.

use those zip-up wearable blankets! Can get them anywhere! They are ranged to size 24 mos (or so many pounds) for sure, and maybe even more.

Hi R.!

I have always used small balnkets on my daughter ever since she started sleeping in her crib around 2 months old - she usually ends up with it off anyway - and if her PJ's don't have feet I make sure she has thicker socks on when she sleeps so at least I know her feet are kept warm which will help her whole body keep warm too :)


my son is six months old and thats what do i with him. he's been using a blanket since about 3 or 4 months. thats how he's most comfortable. i put the blanket over his ear and he goes right to sleep. i think your kid will be just fine. my son moves around so much in his sleep that the only problem he has with the blanket is that he kicks it off...but he has always slept on his stomache. i never worried about sids b/c i always kept things out of his reach and i check on him during the night. try it a few times when he takes a nap or something. then you'll see how he does with it.

It really is a personal preference I think. I started covering my 17 month old when she was 1. When we would play peek a boo and she would put a blanket on and off her head on her own I stopped worrying about it. I also put her in pretty heavy feeted jammies as her room is always cold also. Good Luck.

If you are not doing so already, try a sleep sack (blanket that the baby wears). I think the general recommendation from the professionals say to wait 1 year before giving your child a loose blanket or any stuffed animals to sleep with. I would ask your pediatrician based on your child's developmental level. We use a sleep sack and a light blanket for our 11 month old depending on the temperature of the house. We started using a light blanket after he was able to roll over and adjust himself in the night and not until he he became mobile (crawling and able to pull himself up) which was around 6 months old. We also would frequently check on him during the night to see how he was doing. Every child is different and what is not a problem for one, may be an issue for another. If you do offer a blanket, make sure it is breathable cotton and does not have any loose weave that can get caught in the new teeth. I hope this helps you.

Have you tried putting him in some warmer, thicker pajamas? Mine wont keep a blanket on him, and ends up freezing, unless I put warm pjs on him. Try that

Do NOT give your baby a blanket! I'm sure there comes a safer age (maybe 1 year) but from experience, not good to give a 0 - 9 month old a blanket. My son is 9 months and I recently starting giving him a blanket. Yesterday I heard a muffled cry coming from his room. I went in to find that he had worked his way underneath the blanket (despite tucking it under his arms as recommended on Baby Center). He was suffocating! Had I taken a another minute longer I'm fairly certain it would not have turned out well. Please do not use a blanket until they're good and ready. You've read the other options that are far safer (layering of clothes, heaters, etc).

We did give our little guy a blanket from very early on (too early). His room is always the coldest in the house no matter what we do. He was very strong and rolled over very early. I would definitely not use a large snuggly blanket like we did. We had a video monitor and saw him get tangled up one night which was incredibly scary. At 9 months he should be fine with a small blanket. Our son is 18 months old now and he chooses his big snuggly blanket which we allow now that he is bigger.

I have been covering my baby up with a blanket since he was born. He has always had a strong neck and has never had a problem with his blanket. He loves his blanket and I couldn't imagine putting him to bed without one. Your doctor would probably tell you to not give him one but you need to do what is more comfortable for you and your son. Maybe you can try putting one in with him during his nap times over the weekend so that you can see how he does. I'm sure he will be fine.

With all three of my children, I covered them up with a blanket from early on. I can't remember exactly what age, but it was I think basically from the day them came home from the hospital and they were just fine. Your child will probably sleep better with a blanket covering him especially if his room is cold at night. He needs to be warm. I would try covering him up and see if that helps. If it makes you feel better, find a small thin blanket to start with. Good luck!

I always wait until about 18-24 months until I put a blanket in a crib... My 3 year old sleeps in the crib still with a crib tent on top and has several blankies in there because he refuses to sleep with out them.

With my 18 month old, I still have not needed to put a blanket in there I just buy the sleepers with feet... or warm pj's

My 3 year olds room is above the garage and its gets REAL cold in the winter in there and REAL hot in the summer and we put one of those electric oil radiatiors in there when its really cold at night and in addition to a ceiling fan we put a oscilating fan in there in the summer at night... works for us.


Holy Cow, give that baby a blanket. At nine months there should be no problem at all. I used the sleeper blankets until they were about 2 months old and then have always used blankets and pillows. You need to be comfy to sleep.

I'm a very happy mom of 3 healthy boys, 5, 4 and just yesterday 3. With all 3 I started the blancket stage at around 6 months. I consulted with my doctor on their sense of awareness and he said it would be fine to start using the light, thin crib blankets to start. See how well he does with that then you can gradually go thicker. I would, of course, keep him dressed warm in case he doesn't care for the blanket at first. Always start with something light to get them used to something new.

The greatest SIDS danger is over at 6 months, though I *think* the official pediatric opinion is to wait until one.

I gave my baby a toy bear starting at 5 months, and have used a lightweight blanket since 7 months. BUT, he doesn't really stay covered with it. I suggest using a Halo sleep blanket ... you put it on over your baby's clothes, and that way you know he'll stay covered!

I agree with Tanya--please don't use a space heater!! --C. :)

I waited until 2 yrs. old. We buried my friends baby in November....her bed was full of stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, etc........one only has to wonder. The baby was 10 weeks old & turned over to her tummy & could not breath. Beware! Better safe than sorry.

I have twins that are in separate rooms. We use a room heater we bought at Wal-mart, $30. Be sure you purchase one that is thermostat controlled meaning it will turn itself on & off depending on the temp. reached. We use these in almost every room to save on our electric/gas bills.


I have always covered my baby with a blacket or cover. When he was smaller we would wrap him in the cover tight like they do in the nursery in the hospital. He is 2 and ask for a cover or pulls the cover up when he goes to sleep.

My son is 18 months now but has used a blanket in his bed since he was about 6 months old, it was one his Gt. Gt. Aunt made him, so it has the little holes in it, and I thought even if he does put it over his head or something, it has the holes in it so he could still breathe, it has never been a problem. I will say he does not actually cover up with it, we just dress him in the pajamas with the feet that zip up and that way he stays warm but not too warm. He carries this blanket with him everywhere and uses it as a little pillow. Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much just use a really light blanket or get a knitted one with holes in it, I think another reason my son liked this one so much was because he could put his fingers and toes through the holes and hang on to it. Good luck!!

When a child is at an age that they can turn over on their own, and knows how to pull something off their head/face when covered (we played peekaboo with our baby girl by putting her blankie or burpie cloth over her head, and she knew how to pull it off), then you should be OK. I think 9 months is fine . . . but he probably won't keep it on anyway if he's a mobile as my 14 month old is when she sleeps! You are better off just putting him in warm PJs with footies, which will act as his blanket and keep him snug.

We spoke with several physicians about this. What they all said is to use something lightweight like swaddling blankets until the babies are one year of age. At that time, you can then decide whether or not you think you baby will be fine with something that is a little heavier weight. We have swaddled our twins since they were born. They are now six months old and we still occassionally swaddle them if they are having a hard time falling asleep. It works everytime. They both starting sleeping through the night at 10 weeks old.

Hello R.,

I'm not sure of the age, but there is a product that I have used for my 3 month old. We've used the Halo Sleep Sack and I am happy with it. They make wearable blankets.

I hope this helps,

Wow - I have 3 kids and never heard of NOT giving them a blanket at night. I always heard controversy about giving them pillows, not blankets. Pillows I know you have to wait a while.

I use and LOVE sleep sacks with my 13 month old. Started around 11 months. No worries that she'll kick it off, plus it should help keep her from climbing out of the crib when she gets to that point! I haven't found any for bigger babies around town, but you can find them online. (Or make one like I did, but that's 'cause I wanted to learn to sew. There's a Burda pattern for one.) Apparently they're used a lot in parts of Europe. I saw a friend's toddler in one from Germany that was long enough for a 5 year old to sleep in! I sleep better because I'm not worried about her getting too cold or wrapped up in her blanket, and it seems to have helped her develop a good sleep routine. We even use it for naps.

I would use the sleepers with the feet. Carters used to have the two piece pjs that snapped together at the waist and had the slip soles on the feet. My son had a habit of pushing up his shirt and exposing his tummy so I found these things and kept his tummy covered and him warm. He was one of those sleepers that turned all over the bed and liked a cool room. Also make sure you put an undershirt or onesies on underneath the pjs to keep them warm and that should be enough unless your house is in the Arctic.

I haven't looked at any of the other responses yet, so chances are this is already mentioned - but it's definitely worth it! Get a sleep sack for your little one. Try a Froogle search for sleep sack, wearable blanket, or sleep blanket. You'll see lots of choices, and they're available lots of places.

It's kind of a mixture of a sleeping bag and a pair of jammies... your baby wears regular PJs or a sleep & play, then gets zipped into this sack - looks kind of like a jumper on top (sleevless, with the zipper up the middle), but the bottom is enclosed.

They're usually made out of the same material as a fleece blanket, so you get the cozy warmth you're looking for, but there's no way for it to go over the baby's face or head, and there's no heavy sleeve to rebreathe into.

Because it's worn over pajamas, 2-3 should be plenty to rotate and keep your baby warm every night.

Another benefit of the sleep sack is that it makes it almost impossible for your baby to crawl out of the crib when they get old enough, and adventurous enough, to think that sounds like a good idea!!

Hope it works for you.

I have always been very nervous about the whole blanket thing, too. When my now 20 month old was one, I put an afghan with a lot of holes in it in his crib. I figured that he could breathe through the holes if he needed to.

We still don't use a pillow. My son likes to lie his face on a stuffed puppy and I'm relieved!

Also, when you do put a blanket in, be sure it's crib size and not too large.

A thought to try; play peek-a-boo under a blanket with your baby. See if he has a hard time getting it off his head.

My Ped. told me that the risk of SIDS is greatly diminished when the child can roll over, lift his head and use his hands to move things around. At that point, the child is capable of moving his head or moving an lightweight object that can block his face. If your 9 month old is already crawling, he has this gross motor ability and is in the safe zone.

K. C
Mom to 3 ages 6, 4 & 3

That's what footie pajamas are for! Worked for my sons ...

Grandma GiGi

Do you remember in the nursery at the hosp. that the nurses keep the babies covered or wrapped in a blanket? When they bring them to you, the babies are always wrapped in a blanket. Do you sleep without any cover? If you want to protect them the blanket is part of it. Babies start in a very confined area and that makes them feel warm and safe. Blankets help do the same from the min. they are born.

Hi R.,
From your question I can tell you are a fabulous safety conscience mother! From my many hours of training as well as teaching other providers in the Early Childhood field and from my yearly SIDS training as an in home child care provider for 20+ years, I am told that a light (receiving blanket type) is ok from day one, if any blanket is needed. American Academy of Pediatrics (you can check their website!) says to cover the child up to the chest and tuck the blanket under the armpits. However, since your child is now 9 months old the blanket will most likely not stay there. SIDS deaths occur most often in children younger than 5 months. By the time they are 9 months the likelihood of a SIDS death is pretty much over. By 9 months your child's brain should be developed enough to prevent SIDS from happening. The brain tells the body to move if their head is in such a position as to prevent breathing or to tell their body to take a breath if it stops for any reason. You could compare it to conditions such as "sleep apnea"
I am also told that when a child is able to roll over unassisted that is the time when/if they roll over in the middle of the night that it is ok for them to continue the rest of their sleep on their tummy.
That being the case, and in your childs' case since he has otherwise developed normally (can now crawl) I would advise that yes, your child can safely have a light blanket in his crib. If you feel he needs something more than that I would suggest a blanket sleeper type outfit made for sleeping. Be sure to check the label for fire retardant material. My sleep policy in my daycare is not to provide anything heavier than a receiving blanket until a child is old enough to sleep on a cot.
Hope this helps you in your decision.
For the Love of Children,
D. B.

I would buy a Halo sleep sack. They keep them warm but do not allow them to overheat as they are sleeveless. They come in two different weights, a fleece and a cotton knit. I used them with my son until he was 2 I think because he would not keep the covers on. They have them at Babies R US, online and also at Right Start. Go to www.halosleepsack.com

Honestly, we have always co-slept, and when the babies weren't in the bed with us, they were in a bassinet- with a blanket. The first several months they didn't keep it on them anyways, but I felt like it held in a little heat, being next to them or around their feet. I would just dress him extra warm if you're afraid of SIDS. Since my babies have always been right next to me, I was able to check on them several times a night and didn't worry about it so much.
This is definately something everyone has their own oppinion on, so just do whatever feels safe to you. Good luck!!

Have you tried a sleep sack? They are very popular in Europe, and most European companies make them. I think Hannah Anderson makes one. I used them until my child was almost two.

Babies R US has a great variety of sleep sacks. I think Halo is one brand, and it zips from top to bottow so you don't have to worry about the baby eating the zipper. They make warmer fleece ones, and then just cotton ones for summer time. They also have sizes from newborn up to 18 mos. I think you can even get larger sizes for 2-4T wiht a hole in the bottom to allow kids to walk. I think you have to get those on-line. Just search for Halo sleep sack. My son wore one until he was 2 and we transitioned him into a twin bed.

I have been giving my 9 month old girl a blanket from day one. Also Sids is highest from birth to 4 months and the risk decreases from there.

i have covered my twins and my 15 month old from day one. i think it is a pillow you are thinking of that you have to wait for, and that is at about a year

I'm not sure of a specific age to use a blanket but I used blankets with all of my boys and they had no problems. I always tucked the blankets in on the side so they wouldn't get tangled in it.

Hope this helps.

Hi R., well in babysr'us the store they have a wearable blanket and that is just great, my baby is 10 months now and she is doing just great with that kind of blanket, what Im not sure is if they sell it for 12 months and up, Im sure they have for newborn to 12 month. I hope this help.

I think you should base it on how mobile and strong your son is. If he is strong enough to crawl, he should be strong enough to remove a blanket if he can't breathe. I put a blanket on my one-year-old when I put him down, and he immmediately bicycle-kicks it off. How about putting your son in cozy footed jammies at night and warm socks during his nap? I don't think the blanket will stay on him anyway, plus you'll have your peace of mind. Good luck!

We have an 11 month old who uses a blanket. I would start with nap time and see how he does. For night time, we make sure it is a thicker crib blanket (almost the thickness of an adult comforter) or else she wraps it around her head. I also have an angel care monitor, so I am not worried B/C if something happens and she stops breathing for 20sec it sets an alarm off. I would try to dress him in the warm fleece footie pjs if you are really concerned, it is safer for him and it will keep him warm.

If he is an "active" sleeper, he probably won't keep the blanket on anyway, use those heavy sleeper jammies and he will be warm enough.

use shower curtain rings,looped through the sides and corners of the blanket,attach them to the side rails,and when baby turns over the blanket will move up and down,keeps them from getting tangled in the blanket,hope this helps

Sleepsacks or similar products are excellent for keeping your young child warm and safe. Just search for sleepsack (the most popular brand) or wearable blanket on Google.

I'm not sure about the answer to your question. Our baby is almost 10 mths old, and we've always used a Halo sleepsack (wearable blanket). You can get them at baby's R Us. they come in cotton, a heavier thermal, or a thick quilted material.

You should not put anything soft in your baby's crib until he/she is one year old. Chances are, he will probably kick it off anyway because most babies and toddlers are restless sleepers. My daughter did not keep covers on until she was 4 years old. She would start off under cover, but by the time I went to bed the covers were off. So, I tried a few things including extra layers of pj's and socks and/or a space heater in her room.

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