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When Can You Give a Baby a Blanket in Their Crib at Night?

At what age can you use a blanket to cover your baby at night? My 9 month old's bedroom is always cold at night. I can't help but wonder if he would sleep better if he were covered. I am afriad of SIDS and haven't been able to get myself to cover him with a blanket. He is pretty mobile, he is crawling and has always been healthy. My friends have given me answers ranging from 'wait until he is 2 years old' to 'it is okay from day one.' I have honestly totally forgotten what I did with my 3 year old. Amazing what 3 years of sleep deprivation does for your memory! Does anyone have any advice?

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Wow- thank you so much! I really appreciate you all taking the time to respond to my question. I have decided to wait until Drew is 1 year old to give him a blanket and am going to buy him a couple sleep sacks. Thanks again, what a great network of moms!

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It really is a personal preference I think. I started covering my 17 month old when she was 1. When we would play peek a boo and she would put a blanket on and off her head on her own I stopped worrying about it. I also put her in pretty heavy feeted jammies as her room is always cold also. Good Luck.

I always wait until about 18-24 months until I put a blanket in a crib... My 3 year old sleeps in the crib still with a crib tent on top and has several blankies in there because he refuses to sleep with out them.

With my 18 month old, I still have not needed to put a blanket in there I just buy the sleepers with feet... or warm pj's

My 3 year olds room is above the garage and its gets REAL cold in the winter in there and REAL hot in the summer and we put one of those electric oil radiatiors in there when its really cold at night and in addition to a ceiling fan we put a oscilating fan in there in the summer at night... works for us.


Holy Cow, give that baby a blanket. At nine months there should be no problem at all. I used the sleeper blankets until they were about 2 months old and then have always used blankets and pillows. You need to be comfy to sleep.

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I have given both of my boys a blanket from day one, I found that they would both sleep better if they were tucked in, it's comfort thing. But if you are too afriad to do so there are tons of other options, you can buy a swaddler blanket, these velcro so they don't come undone and will keep your baby swaddled all night. Or you can get a thick sleeper sag, you would put this on over your baby's pj's and it will also keep him or her warm. The only problem I have found with a sleeper sack is neither of my boys have liked having their legs enclosed. My youngest is 6 months right now and he sleeps every night with a blanket around him, a light cotton one in the warmers months and a heavier one in the winter. He rolls over and plays and all and has no problem whats so ever. But I recommend you do what you are most comfortable with because even if your baby is sleeping if you are worried about SIDS all night then you wont be anyways.

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Just a little info. Both of my last two children were swaddled in the rec. blankets and one of them was able to wiggle herself enough that her head was down inside the wrapping. God was watching because he woke me and although she wasn't making a sound and was sleeping God made me grab her out of her bed.

Make the baby a sleep sack. It is very simple. I never used anything else after that experience.

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The risk of SIDS goes well into the 1st year. Don't take the chance. If you think the baby is cold, put a onsie under the sleeper or use one of those sleep bags - they come in fleece. If your baby isn't waking up from a sound sleep to complain about being cold, then my advice is to leave well enough alone. It's just as bad to be too warm as well.

I worried about my son too, until I realized he actually likes to sleep slightly chilling which is the exact opposite of me! :-)

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I also used a crocheted blanket with both of my children. Once they could crawl I changed the blanket to a normal one. I guess it's whatever you are comfortable with ~ I have no problem with the blanket issue but am a freak about choking. I still quarter my four year old's grapes :)


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Hi R., I was worried about this as well when my boys were little. What I found that worked my for my firstborn was a baby afghan blanket – a crochet blanket made from real light yarn. It had lots of holes in it so if and when he did pull it up over his head, he was still able to keep on breathing. (Even though I knew he was fine, it still freaked me out that he pulled this blanket up.) I also dressed him in an onesie and then put warm pjs on him so when it was pulled away from his body, he was still warm enough. Please stay away from space heaters; they are such a fire hazard!! Hope this helps.

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Our daughter is just shy of 10 months, and she, too, is very mobile -- crawling, pulling up on things, walking behind toys. I put a light-weight receiving blanket on her at night and during her naps. (I just lay it over her from the waits down. I don't wrap her up in it.) We haven't had any problems.

You could try it during his nap time and see how he does if you're worried. We found that our daughter, when she does move around, just kicks it to the end of her crib.

Here's a link to the AAP Winter Safety Tips. http://www.aap.org/advocacy/releases/decwintertips.cfm
They do say not to put a blanket, if one must be used, above the baby's chest.

Hope this helps.
J. S.

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A sleep sac is definitely better than blanket. My children always used one instead of blanket. There are diiferent sizes. Here is one of the models I found:

There are diiferent sizes, you might want to check if it's not too tight or too loose.

Good luck.


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Absolutely not okay from day one. At 1 year they should be able to handle a blanket, but even then, I waited until my son was almost 2. He would get tangled up in the blanket when he was half asleep anyways, and only now is he better able to handle it. Until then, I dressed him warmly or kept the heat on... not both as overheating babies isn't safe either. Just think how many layers make you comfortable. If you are too warm in a long top and long bottoms with a blanket on, chances are they are too.


A lot of people think the sleeping on the back thing is silly, or stuff the baby's cribs with toys and blankets thinking "their child turned out fine", but SIDS does happen, and I have known people to lose their babies to it.

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