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When Can I Start Giving My Baby Apple Juice?

I have a 3 month old son, my first. I was just wondering at what age approximately can I start giving him other things other than formula. I have been told at about 3 1/2 months to start giving him cereal, but I was wondering about like apple juice. Something in his bottle to please him other than formula. Any advice would be great! Thanks in advance.

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I believe I gave my son Ian apple juice at six months and then I cut it in half with water. I'd like to say I remember clearly but the sad thing is Ian is now three and a half and that seems so long ago. Are you in Springfield, Illinois?


Well, this is an answer from what I did with my kids only. I'm not going to tell you to try the same. I did give my kids juice at three months, half and half water, just to give them a change, but still give them water through the say. Use one kind of juice so you can see if they have alergies to it, same with food when you start, veggies first

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you should never give your child anything besides formula/milk or water in the bottle. juice should only come from a cup. juice from a bottle tends to stay in the mouth longer, pooling around a lazy suck.. which leads to dental carries, and can be very troublesome to treat in a child very young.

oh no!!! apple juice is not good for the baby @ that age...i know we as adults like different things and i use to wonder about my child enjoying the "fruits of life" other than just formula EVERYDAY! but he's not ready for it yet. he needs all the nutrients he can get and that's in the formula that he drinks. i have a daughter that is 3 yrs old and i barely give her apple juice because it can cause infections, especially bladder infections. so it's not even good for a 3 yr old either!...as far as cereal goes...4-6 mths is a good time for the cereal...his little belly will be able to handle it then..but start a little bit @ a time ok. don't put in too much because it is a change on his stomach. if he get's constipated, get some KARO syrup ( the clear kind) and add a little to the formula and cereal, helps ease everything out smoothly :). hope i have helped you. let us know how it goes!

Never. Apple juice has no nutritional value, per my pediatrician. The best thing for your child is breastmilk/formula until 4-6 months old, when you can start with rice cereal. Once he switches to whole milk start giving water (one year old).

My opinion is that it is never good to start teaching your child to get satisfaction from food. You can 'please him' with other things like attention or toys. I agree with the bottle thing some other mothers have written. It's horrible for their teeth, even if they don't have any yet. Use a sippi cup.

Just know that whatever you decide to do is not wrong. It's your child and your decision.


Well, this is an answer from what I did with my kids only. I'm not going to tell you to try the same. I did give my kids juice at three months, half and half water, just to give them a change, but still give them water through the say. Use one kind of juice so you can see if they have alergies to it, same with food when you start, veggies first

Juice. Don't start with apple. You can give juice out of a baby bottle. Just make sure to take a cold wet cloth and wipe out their mouth when they are done! That will prevent the cavities! Or they have oragel tooth and gum cleanser that works. As for food, let your baby give you those cues. Do NOT start it before 4 months however. Do not put cereal in his bottle. This could cause a choking hazard. As for a sippy cup give him one now to play with that way he gets used to it being around and when you introduce him to it with a drink, he will be more prepared.

Definitely cut it with water. I did 1/4 Apple, 3/4 H2O because my daughter would get really bad diapers with apple juice. You may want to think about a white cranberry instead. It isn't as sweet and is really good for your body. I started my duaghter on juice when she was 1 and 1/2 because I really didn't want to give her sweets, but you are the mom and you need to do what is best for you. Try to get the baby used to the things that your family uses, that way the baby will develop and aquire similar tastes and eat food better. Be careful how much fluid you offer because when the baby starts eating, it will effect hunger hugely. I gave my daughter all the milk she wanted and she wouldn't eat a whole lot of food.... I just thought it was her nature, but the doctor said I was giving her too much. He told me to cut her back to 3 c. milk and 1 cup juice (he also said that he would prefer I not give her any juice) and her appetite increased dramatically.

If you are having a problem with your son not being satisfied by the bottle then talk to your doctor about starting cereal. My son was not satisfied by the bottle around 3 months old, and my doctor told me to go ahead and start cereal. I would definatly not start juice of any kind until 6 months though. If you get the go ahead to start cereal then make sure you give him water with it and after he eats. I would not start your son with apple juice either, start with something else, and dilute the juice, I put 3/4 cup water to 1/4 cup juice so they are not getting all that sugar.

i gave my son other stuff at 3 mos and juse at 6 but do half juse and water

all babies are ready at different times. my third and last is9 weeks old,and ive been giving her up to 8 ounces aday1/1 juice 1/2 water for about a week now! she's tolerating it great. i would start out a couple ounces at 1st and wait afew hrs. and see how she tolerates it. thats my advice. from, experienced mom.

I believe I gave my son Ian apple juice at six months and then I cut it in half with water. I'd like to say I remember clearly but the sad thing is Ian is now three and a half and that seems so long ago. Are you in Springfield, Illinois?


Go to Gerber.com for lots of good advice. At my baby's 4 month check-up the dr. went over all of this with me. The American Academy of Pediatrics is now saying to wait to start any solid food until at least 6 months of possible. She said that it helps with the development of diabetes and obesity later on in life as well as warding off allergies. No juice until 8 months old, if at all. Start out half water and half juice only in a sippy cup. I know you are anxious, as I was with my first, but enjoy the ease of just a bottle. It only gets messier from here. :)

When you start to give you baby cereal Sometimes they will get harder stools... At this time I was told to give my baby some juice... I did give My little guy Juice almost every day.. I was told DONT GIVE Apple!!!!! I was told not to give apple till over a year... give Pear it is better on their tummys!!! and Watter it down!!!! and WARM IT UP!!! so half and half it!!!!

Josh loved it!!! and still does!!! He always did love Pears in the first place... but Keep in mind Pears are great to UN Bind a plugged up Baby * Just if you ever need to know that for later ok... I have an older son.. who had Major probs.. and I try to pass that on to everybody when I see anything concerning apple Juice!!!! I am very against apple Juice!!! It reallly messed him up!!!!!

But 2 to 4 total Oz a day total of Juice a day now is ok of Juice is OK... I gave Josh that much since he was about 4 months old.... He loves his Juice....

I am a mother of two, Jack 5 years and Kaylee 8 months. With both of my children I only introduced juice, watered down greatly around 6 months. Also, I onlylet them have it from a cup, I just bought the generic spillable ones so they could learn to use a cup and would want to when they knew it was a special "treat" like the juice inside. As for the rice cereal, I gave it to them around 4 months and then began stage 1 baby foods (single ingredient) at 5 months. This all worked well with both of my happy, healthy, growing children! Best of luck to you!!!!

Well, when my son was 8 weeks old he was crying constantly and eating 6-8 ounces every two hours. So i started adding 1-2 tblspoons of baby rice cereal to his bottles a couple of times a day. I told my doctor at his 2 month appointment and he said that was absolutely fine and that a mom knows sometimes better what her baby's particular needs are. I introduced baby cereal on a spoon when he was 3 months and he did excellent with it, he then started baby food (stage one) at 3 1/2 months and is 6 months now and i started him on juice. my doctor approved all of this...you can easily try things out to find out how your baby handles different food types. I have given my son water from the start though he doesnt like it much.

I would never give a baby juice in a bottle. It just starts bad habits. My son is 1 and has never had juice except for diluted prune juice (1 oz juice, 3 oz water) when he was constipated before he started solids. It rots their teeth, has extra, useless refined sugar (especially apple juice), and it will get them hooked. Just give him water or lukewarm, unsweetened peppermint or cammomile tea if you don't want to give him formula.

I've always been told around 5 months and ONLY FROM A SIPPY CUP. DO NOT PUT JUICE OR CEREAL IN A BOTTLE. It is bad for the little one's teeth. I would recommend asking your child's doctor when she/he feels is a safe time to start.

okay, well, you have your book parents, and parents who have done it oh too many times. With all of my children, we introduced cereal (very thin) between 3-4 months. Just depending on the baby's cues. As far as juice and first baby foods, you can actually introduce those at about six months. Make sure to only introduce one new thing at a time so that you can make sure your baby doesn't have an allergic reaction, or get a tummy ache from it. And personal opinion, I wouldn't start with apple juice. I always went with pear or something a little less sweet first. Once a kid tastes sweet, that's what they want! I know one of the other moms said not to put anything other than formula in a bottle, but none of my kids really took a sippie cup until around 8 mos, so I put the juice in a bottle until then. As far as cereal and food, that's spoons only baby! Anyway, good luck and congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

Just my own personal thing I did about the juice. We chose not to give it until 14 months. I just felt that my son didn't need to get that sugary taste so early. Then when we did give it it was 1 part juice to 4 parts water. Now at age 8 he doesn't drink sugary drinks because he doesn't like the taste. He will only drink OJ and no soda! I would say check with your doctor on the age he/she recommends but I would think not until at least 6 months.

this is something iwould like to know too.

I would encourage you no matter how exciting it is to watch your baby experience the eating solids milestone to wait until your baby has started producing digestive enzymes so he can effectively digest them starting around 6 months at the earliest. The only way you would know if the baby is not digesting accurately is later once he is toddler to preschool age and his digestion is damaged. Most of the time this goes undiagnosed even then and the kids will have experienced frequent runny nose, several ear infections, dark under eye circles and many are lucky enough to get tubes in their ears several times, which doesn't fix the root problem. Later as adults and even much sooner than that it can cause all sorts of problems. Regardless you want digestion to work because the 1st 3 years of life is so tremendously important when it comes to growth and brain development.

Starting cereal early sounds like a great idea to some and I have even heard some pediatricians recommend that to get parents to stop complaining (its a standard recommendation to end night wake ups but is strictly in violation of what American Pediatrics Association recommends), but there is also a blood sugar disorder and even obesity issue that come with that too. The same thing goes with juices. They are loaded with sugars that kids just don't need. Juice is not healthy despite what everyone else is saying. Water is a much better alternative. This is not to say they shouldn't ever drink it, just not start off as being THE only drink other than milk/formula. Children that start off on juices too soon and get them too frequently are more likely to turn in to those kids that refuse to eat anything or drink anything that isn't loaded with refined sugars and carb...so they are on the chicken nugget, mac and cheese diet and they must have lots of candy, cookies and juices. Picky eaters are no fun. This isn't true for ALL as some parents can curb it early enough that it doesn't become a HUGE problem, but it gives you a picture to think about so you can make better choices for your child now. I know that is what you want or you wouldn't have even posted. Good for you seeking out information and congrats on your precious little guy! I started all of my kids on a sippy cup of water at 4+ months. This way we could differentiate between needing a drink for thirst and needed food in the form of nursing. I was on a schedule with my kids for feedings and the thirst was more important when we traveled to a really dry climate. Good luck and God Bless!

B. :)

I have always waited until they have a good feel for baby food and even then it is very rare. Juice is generally is very acidic as you know and it can cause issues if introduced too early. And then you absolutley don't want to give it in t bottle. The juice can actullay break down his teeth causing a whole other set of problems with teeth down the road. Use a sippy cup for sure. I know it's hard to wait...especially being your first...but believe me it will be worth it. Formula is all he needs right now anyways and then cereal a little later down the road...I always ahve done it about 5 months or so (the cereal that it). Good luck!

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