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When Can He Sleep with a Blankie

Hello, My 5 month old really likes to cuddle with a blankie when he sleeps...but we are nervous about the risk of him suffocating on it. When do you think it is okay for him to sleep with it in his crib?

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Hi D. -

I would say that when he is able to roll over easily and maneuver the blanket easily it should be OK for him to sleep with his blanket.

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Good Morning,

All three of my little guys recieved Taggie Blankets (small square 12 inch fleece material with little tags of different colors and textures sticking out all around) as baby gifts. They love to cuddle with them and I have never had to worry about them getting tangled in them or covered in them. They are great. I think they have a website at Taggie.com

as long as he is moving himself around he shouldbe fine.my son used one since he was 4 months old.

Hi D., I just finished a SIDS training for my daycare license and the proper way to have a blanket in the crib if you feel it is necessary is to have the child sleep at the bottom and then tuck the blanket tightly on each side under the mattress and then tuck the bottom in. Hopefully this works, I have a 8 month old in my care an he loves to snuggle with his blankie but he didn't give me any problems when I switched to the proper way. As long as they can hold some part of it I think it will work. Good luck

I was very nervous about this with my first. She didn't sleep with a blanket until she was probably close to a year old! My 2nd is 5 months old and she sleeps with 2 blankets, and has been for almost a month. Sometimes she gets a little tangled or gets it over her face, but I always check on her and she'll cry if she's in any discomfort so I don't worry too much.

I've seen people completely cover their infants with blankets for naps (face too)!! You should ask your ped. or maybe the American Academy of Ped. if you want the official answer.

Good luck!

2 years old is what they recommend! Due to SIDS, your child could get tangled or suffocate from blanket before 2 yrs of age.

I have always used blankets with my baby, and have never found a problem with it. I have never heard of it being an issue. I did it with my almost-2 year old, and now with my daughter (6 months old). I just use smaller baby blankets that aren't too thick. I hear my baby when she wakes up and she does try to chew on part of the blanket, but I have never found her in a compromising position.

Hi D. -

I would say that when he is able to roll over easily and maneuver the blanket easily it should be OK for him to sleep with his blanket.

My 5 month old daughter also likes to sleep with something soft. She has been sleeping with a little security blanket since she was about 3 months old. She likes to hold it against her face. I let her fall asleep with it and then I take it away from her when she's fully asleep. It makes her comfotable when falling asleep and makes me feel comfortable knowing she won't pull it over her face while she sleeps. I also know there is a company out there that makes blankets that are very soft and so light weight that a baby can breath through them so they won't suffocate even if they put it over their face. I wish I knew who made them. But it's something to search a little.

My son (who is now almost 2) also enjoyed snuggling his face into a blanket when he was an infant and enjoyed sleeping with blanket over his face. I too, was nervous! I ended up giving him one of those 18" x 18" Taggies to put over his face while he slept...it was big enough for him to snuggle with, but not big enough to wrap around his body! His Taggie is now his blankie which must be present at nap and bedtime! Hope that helps!

At 5 months he should be okay with a blankie. My son had a blanket that my grandma knit for him that I used to swaddle him in and he has had it in his crib with him his entire first year. If he is moving his head and his arms around without a problem then go ahead and put it in with him.

Hi, I was given a small, soft, crocheted blankie with an open weave which I felt was more breathable - at least more air got through - if that's helpful. There is a store near us that sells handmade blankies, but we're in NH so that's not too helpful. Maybe online?

I nearly suffocated with a blanket in my crib as a baby, but I think it was a fairly large blanket and the baby sitter didn't hear me crying because she was asleep with the radio blasting (thankfully my parents came home). The smaller the blanket, the lower the risk of there being a problem. Babies usually suffocate because they stuff their face in (usually several folds of) a blanket or because they accidentally wrap it around their face/neck. A blanket too small for either of these things to happen is reasonably safe. I know parents who have cut their child's blanket into quarters or smaller, which has the added bonus of giving them several copies of the same blankie for when they inevitably lose one (the raw edges have to be hemmed unless it's a knit).

Hi D. -
How about getting one of those nice soft tiny blankets that have a animal head on them, i.e. frog, bear, monkey - they are very soft and just the right size for the little babes.

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