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When Are Internal Exams During Pregnancy?

I am 20 weeks pregnant. So far, the only internal exam I've had by my OB was during my 1st prenatal visit. I can't recall from my first pregnancy when additional internal exams are performed (other than right at the end). Does anyone know?

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I am also 20 weeks this week! Due Sept. 30th. We must be very close to each other. Anyway, I'm seeing midwives at Methodist. They only did a vaginal exam at the beginning because I had some symptoms of a bacterial infection (which I did in fact have), but they would have held off even on that because I had had a pap smear within the year. They said they won't do one again until 36 weeks now. Seems to be what happened with me my last pregnancy too. Anyway, no one wants to be up in stirrups any more than necessary, right? :)
Best of luck to you!!!
A. K

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some providers will check you at mid pregnancy- around 20 weeks. others will not start until 34 weeks. good luck with the new baby

With my first child they did internal exams at every visit. With my last child who was born 2 months ago, they didn't do them until the last month when I started going weekly.

I am about 21 weeks and I haven't had any internal exams either. They did do a quad screening with me by taking my blood, but nothing else.

You don't need any...ever. If you want one when you feel you're ready to push, fine, but otherwise they are pointless and can lead to problems.

By internal exam do you mean vaginal ultrisound? If so, I only had one of those. If you mean when the doctor looks at you, I think only three or four, unless they suspect a problem. You could refer to the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book...that might say.


After the initial visit, I never had any until just right at the end.


I don't think you usually get an internal exam other than the ones you already know about.

I am 36 1/2 weeks pregnant and have my 1st of 3 internal exams scheduled for today. Up until now, it's just been visiting w/ the doctor, geting measured, peeing in a cup, listening to the heartbeat, and non-stress tests. I did have a pap smear at my very first appt. so I wouldn't have to mess w/ that for another year. And I did have the Strep B test at my appt. last week. But as far as the official 'internal exams'...they don't start til today for me. Hope this helps! GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTYHING!

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