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Whats the Fastest, Cheapest, Easiest Way to Remove Bathroom Mildew????

please help!!!! trying to remove mildew thats in bewteen my bathroom tiles and nothing will work, scrubbing bubbles=nothing, comet=nothing, i live in a basement apt and its always damp and humid...please help...thanx!

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Tilex Deep Root Mold and Mildew remover. It's in a blue bottle. This will get to the heart of everything.

Bleach is all you need. You can dilute it down or use full streghth. Open up a window to air out once you have applied it. Oh, and remember to use old clothes as it gets everywhere and everything you have on will have little white dot's on it. And never combine using bleach with any ammonia product. It produces a toxic vapor that can kill you.

I clean my bathroom every morning just to avoid the midew and mold build up on the tiles. I spray the shower/tub down with Clorox Clean-up. I haven't had any mold or mildew building up since using it. I live in a very old house and am a pro fighting against mold and mildew.

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i don't know about cheap, but maybe you could find some at a dollar general or something? Try either Tilex Mold&Mildew Remover or Clorox Clean up (You could also use just straight bleach). If it's really bad, you may want to use a couple of applications. My advice is if you can't afford much, just spend the 4 or 5 dollars one time for the Tilex Mold and Mildew (It may not even be that much, I can't remember) and it should definetly work for you. I have a big mold problem in our bathroom also..there's just nowhere for the dampness to go, so it just turns into mildew/mold...i've got to clean it at least once a week with bleach, but the Tilex works excellent also!!
Good luck!

i use bleach in a spray bottle. spray on, turn on fan, open windows, leave and in 10 min. its gone!! tilex with bleach is good too

hi poeta...
i live in a basement too and had the same problem.. i used everything too but the only thing that works for me is straight bleach... i spray it all over the tiles and leave it there for like 10mins then ill scrub it down... good luck....

I use Tilex Mold and Mildew. Spray it on and let it sit for a couple minutes. That'll typically take care of things. Then you can wipe it down with water and you'll be good to do - with no scrubbing! :>) Good luck!

I had the same issue...bleach is the ONLY thing that will work. I put some on a q-tip and applied it that way...just depends how much mildew you have I guess...mine was just bits in certain places so a q-tip worked well for the application. Good luck!

Hi,bleach could be very strong but it works. I sometimes use vinegar if the build up is not much, then I use a wash cloth with baking soda and give it a good wash. That does the trick for me. Hope something work for you.

Good Luck.

well first you need a dehumidifier if you are living in a basement, otherwise you will never get rid of mold and mildew. It will always come back. Try clorox cleanup. Cleans just about everything. Be careful though, dont spray too much, its pretty strong. Or you could try Mr. Clean magic eraser, little pricey but they work like magic, seriously! good luck!

Bleach solution. Dilute some bleach in a spray bottle. Spray it on, let it sit for 10 minutes or so, then scrub it with a brush. Ventilate well!


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