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Whats the Difference in Blankets?

I was looking online and have had other new moms asak me what is the difference between a swaddling blanket and a receiving blanket...?
Also what is best to swaddle a baby with a blanket that is a square or a rectangle
A. E

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A regular receiving blanket is usually too small for swaddling. Also, a swaddling blanket is cut differently. I would think a blanket more square would be better than a rectangle but that also depends on the size difference of the sides.

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i agee with the first responder. I really like the cotton waffle weave blankets (usually a good deal at Kohl's), they are a bit stretchy to get a snug swaddle - always good. Congrats!

Receiving blanket- is just a piece of cloth. There are swaddlers that come with a pouch and velcro closers- they are the greatest! Best is Kiddopotamus- they have small and large and are only about $10 each. For blankets, the best are those stretchy, "waffle print" type ones.
Take it from me, I know swaddling- my little girl still enjoys being swaddled every night and she is 11 months old! It keeps her cozy and secure and nice and warm!

Swaddle blankets are larger than receiving blankets, making them easier to use for swaddling. They are also square which makes it easier since all sides are the same length. I like the swaddling blankets, as we were able to use them longer because of their size.

Hi A.,

I'm pregnant with my second and just purchased some lightweight swaddling blankets on https://www.babysteals.com/

I haven't tried them, but they look like a blanket that I used with my first that was incredible!


I like swaddlers better. The regular receiving blanket becomes too small for swaddling in mere weeks and the swaddlers are available in larger sizes - until your little one doesn't need to be swaddled anymore (my first was over 6 months and my 2nd was about 3 months when they didn't want it anymore). Swaddlers have Velcro so they hold better - receiving blankets are too easy to kick out of.

We had 2 swaddle blankets and my daughter did not like being in them. They are specificly made for swaddling so you will not be able to use them once the baby has outgrown swaddling.

We just used the flannel receiving blankets to swaddle my daughter. I think most are rectangle and for me that worked best. You can use the receiving blankets for a much longer time, we still use ours and my daughter is two (on changing area, for play with dolls, keep in car to dry of playground slides if wet and so on).

I would get one swaddle blanket and reciving blankets and you can try both out and whatever works best for the parent(s) and child go with that.

A regular receiving blanket is usually too small for swaddling. Also, a swaddling blanket is cut differently. I would think a blanket more square would be better than a rectangle but that also depends on the size difference of the sides.

I wasn't aware that there was actually a thing called a swaddling blanket--other than the swaddlers that are sold specifically for swaddling. All three of my kids liked to be swaddled, and for the first two, we just used regular blankets--either the waffle weave kind or the oversized flannel ones. But if your baby likes being swaddled, a product like the SwaddleMe is a great idea (there are tons of styles and brand names, but they're just designed to make the swaddling easier and hold together). We used it with our third, and it was a great thing to have around. But we also have a thousand receiving blankets--the smaller square flannel ones--and they've been used to swaddled baby dolls, catch spit-up, even wipe noses, long after there was a baby to wrap in them. So they're definitely useful as well and I'd sure recommend having at least a few handy!

Congratulations and good luck with everything!

A true swaddling blanket is usually made a little different because it is not a traditional square or rectangle but instead has little "arms" to help tuck into the baby. There might also be some velcro or something to help keep it closed. Besides that, there is nothing different. You can swaddle with a receiving blanket. A receiving blanket is just an old-time term that women used because they "recieved" the baby in the blanket. I preferred square blankets, but either work.

for swaddling, fold down one corner, and put babys neck just at the fold and use it that way.
i dont know if there is much of a difference - swaddling blankets are probably more breatheable and bigger. receiving blankets are pretty small.
anyway good luck!

The smaller, sqaure receiving blankets were always too small to swaddle my son in.

Swaddling blankets are just for swaddling and can cost quite a bit. I would wait to buy too many, since I know several people (myself included!) whose babies didn't really like being swaddled once they were more than a few weeks old.

Swaddling with a bigger receiving blanket isn't too hard once you get the hang of it:) Good luck!

I used a swaddling blanket called the Miracle Blanket. I couldn't get my son swaddled very well in a receiving blanket. He could always kick himself free and would startle himself and wake up. If you are good at swaddling a receiving blanket is probably fine, but after two babies, I'm still not good at it. I do agree with using a blanket with some stretch. Good luck!

I borrowed my blanket from a friend, but I think you can get them online at www.MiracleBlanket.com

A receiving blanket is usually just a really thin, square blanket. A swaddling blanket is in the shape for easy swaddling, and sometimes even has velcro you can use to hold it in place after you've gotten your baby all tucked in like a little burrito! They are nice! Especially for the first couple months when they are used to the uterus. Square blankets are definiely better for swaddling. And make sure they're large enough so you can tuck the corners in under baby. Good luck!
P.S. You probably only need 1-2 swaddling blankets.

Square is the best for swaddling! And I agree, the ones with a little stretch seem to do better than all flannel or cotton.

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