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Whats the Best Diaper Pail to Use as Far as Keeping the Smell Away?

I have the diaper dekor plus. My daughter is 5 months old & I am about to throw this thing out the window. haha. It hardly holds any diapers & DOES NOT keep the smell out. I have a 1200 foot home, one level & I just walked in from running an errand & I can smell it in the whole house!! & there are only a few poop diapers in there! Help. Need to make a change.

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Hi J.-!

When we did disposable diapers, we did not have a diaper pail at all for the very reason that they ALWAYS smell. Anytime there was a poopy diaper, it went straight outside to the big garbage can on the side of the house. It was worth the extra trip out there to not have poopy diapers in the house-!
When we did cloth diapers, I had a regular pail with about 2 inches of water in the bottom with about a tablespoon of bleach, and I always rinsed solids out in the toilet before putting the cloth diaper in the pail, and then I washed diapers every day.

I have the Diaper Genie in my sons room (he's 2.5 yrs and not yet potty trained - in process!) and the Diaper Genie II in my newborn daughters room. The Diaper Genie II is far better as far as smell and as far as tying off the bag and emptying it. I recommend it.

I LOVE my Diaper Genie II!!! It has a spring action door that you stick the diapers through. You can sometimes smell the poopie diapers, but it does a much better job than the original Diaper Genie. I hope this helps!


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We tossed out our diaper genie. It seemed to trap the smells and make them worse. Standing within 5ft was enough to knock you over. Even when we sprayed it with clorox every time we emptied it. Also tried scented dryer sheets in the bottom. Yuck. Rotting diapers and scented dryer sheets.

We opted for putting poopy diapers in plastic bags in the kitchen garbage (scented trash bags) and take it out every day. It isn't ideal, but seems to work better. We don't get any horrid rotting diaper smells! The worst is that the trash can stinks a little when we open it.

Hi J.,

My babies are now 48 and46. So I assume there have been a lot of changes in the diapering business since then. (That might be considered a poopy pun)

I used foldable cotton cloth diapers. A diaper soiled with stools was hand held in the toilet bowl.sloshed around in the flushing water until the stools flushed away. The ones with urine were sloshed the same way. They were then put into a plastic container that had a lid. This container was about half full of water plus a cup of baking soda. When the pail got full I flushed the "soda" water down the toilet. Any water remaining in the diapers I spun out in the washer. Then they were laundered with regular detergent, no chlorine bleach, rinsed in water with half a cup of soda and dried outside on the line in the sunshine. They were dried on an expandable wooden rack inside during bad weather.

No bad smells. No diaper rash. No urine and/or feces going anyplace but into the local waste water treatment plant. No trees had to die for baby poopy paper; nor plastic used
to cover each one. Everything ended up where it could be properly treated and no human feces or urine ended up in the landfills to seep into the water tables. No one had to worry about stepping in one of those smelly little presents in the parking lot when they got out of their car.

I had the same one and it was worthless. I started just taking the poopy diapers out to the outside trash.. It is free and my house never smells!!

We eventually moved our diaper changing station into the bathroom, got a trash can that has the step on lever to open the lid and dumped the poop in the toilet before discarding the dirty diaper into a plastic bag in the trash can. That is what worked best for us.
Good luck!

Sometime back I had asked the same questions. I have a 16 month old with one due in February. I have the diaper genie 2 and wanted something new the second time around. I had received a lot of input, some even recommending the diaper dekor (hahahha) and other recommended some Lysol spray each time you use your pail.
I actually got some Lysol and started using it AFTER each use of the pail and it has helped greatly!
If you dont like your Dekor, then maybe try the Genie 2. My only issue with it now, is that the refill inserts are almost 5 per roll. Granted, the roll lasts and holds quite a few diapers yet its definitely not cheaper than regular bags.
Good luck

I thought I had a unique idea, but see that everyone agrees with me about taking the diaper straight out to the trash. What I'm doing with our daycare, since it isn't always convenient to take the diaper straight out, is that I have a small regular trash can next to my changing table. I wrap the diapers by turning the gloves I have to wear inside out over the diaper. Poopy diapers are then wrapped in a plastic bag. The diaper is dropped into the small trash can and as soon as I can get a chance I open the door that goes into our garage and put them into a larger trash can I have sitting just inside the garage.

If you are looking for a diaper throw away bag, we've found some at Dollar Tree. They are small, thin, pink bags that have a nice scent to them and seem to help keep the odor confined. I use them just for the poopys and can put two of the glove wrapped diapers, plus the baby wipes I've used in one bag. I haven't noticed any odors that are overwhelming in the garage trash can. During the cooler months we can get by taking that trash to the outside bin once a week. During warmer weather I try to empty it about every other day, because the heat in the garage will tend to cause it to smell.

Our plastic grocery bags (which we are trying to eliminate as much as possible) are used to send home soiled clothing from the day, and/or donated to our church food closet.

so we use cloth diapers and am not sure if paper diapers will work the same but we use a stainless steel simple human trash can with a flip top lid and it works great, it is easy to clean out with 2 sprays of bleach water spray and some apple cleanser and then I set it outside for an hour or so.
I rarely smell a thing unless I open the flip top, might be worth a try

You could try emptying the poop down the toilet. I cloth diaper and there isn't too much smell, mainly because of that I think.


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