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Whats Going On?? - Maple Shade,NJ

I am the mommy of 3, my youngest just turned 1 last week. I am still breastfeeding her and I have still not gotten my period since having her. My hubby and I really are not as careful as we should be, assuming between my breastfeeding and withdraw we are protected. (I know bad idea) I am not sure whats going on with me. About 2 weeks ago I was crampy and tired and it crossed my mind that I might be pregnant. I took a test and it was negative. A few days later I felt normal again and forgot about it. Now the cramping is back and my normal discharge (TMI sorry) has incresed and I feel like my belly is bloated, yet I have not gained weight. I have been feeling flutters in my belly, but I remember feeling them from time to time and not being pregnant before. All those things put together is what has me a little worried. I took another pregnancy test this afternoon and it was negative again. (I've been taking Dollar Store tests as to not waste tons of money) Im kind of confused as to what is going on. Could this just be the returning of my period after a whole years vacation? Or should I worry? Any ideas?

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Thanks ladies for your advice. I took a better quality pregnancy test and it was negative. I ended up starting what I believe is my period a few days later, on Saturday, and I am still experiencing "flow." Im confused because it is VERY light, barely using a pad a day. I had implantation bleeding with all of my pregnancies. Im going to wait and see how this plays out and see how I feel. Thanks again :)

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Just to be safe, I would go to the doc and get blood work. I had 3 negative home pregnancy tests with my daughter prior to finding out I was pregnant. You can never be too safe. Hope all works out!

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could be stress related. Give it another week or 2 and if nothing then go to doc for blood test.

You are taking huge chances and at least use condoms.

Go see your doctor. Something is definitely happening.

Hi D.,

If you are not pregnant, then it sounds like your period may be returning. I don't know how long you went with your other children, but typically the longer you go without, the more pain you have when it returns. You should end up getting one long, rough period and then it should return to "normal" after a few cycles. Congrats to you on breastfeeding your baby for such a long time - that is wonderful!!


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Congratulations, D.! You have nursed your child for over a year AND have managed to not get a period for that long! You are one lucky lady! :-)
One of the most wonderful things about breastfeeding is that it provides cancer protection for you AND your child! The longer you nurse, the greater the protection. In fact, a study recently came out showing that mom s who nurse their children for 2+ years (not even consecutively, though that does add greater protection) can reduce their risk of ALL female cancers by 40% or more and if they're nursing a girl baby, she can reduce her baby's risk of female cancers by 26% or more! PLUS if she grows up to nurse, she'll get that 40%+ reduction rate on TOP of what you've already provided her! What a priceless gift!!!!!

Most moms will find that their cycle returns once baby starts solids, but a select few won't get it until baby is farther along in the weaning process. It sounds like your body is starting to get ready for that, so if you're not ready for another child, you may want to step up the birth control (ie: condoms, IUD, pill). But you may also have several more months till your body starts a cycle again. Either way, because you've been so lucky to have been period-free for so long, you're getting a tremendous amount of protection from breast, ovarian and uterine cancers!

Enjoy it while you've got it & keep up the awesome work!!!

Hi D.,

Contact your local La Leche League representative at


She may be able to help you understand what is happening and maybe give some advice about B C.

Good luck. D.

The sky is the limit on weird things your body can do while deciding to have your period again. Don't worry, wait and see.

Meanwhile, watch out! I'm on baby #3, Our 2nd surprise since using the nursing/withdraw method a few too many times. Get some condoms and make a plan!

I breastfeed both my boys for 16 months & got my period again after just over 12 months of giving birth. I'd say the discharge is your body preparing for the monthly cycle.
I think the dollar store tests are accurate, especially if you've done 2. I actually used an expired test & got a positive result.
I wouldn't worry, but for reassurance you should check in with your doc.
Maybe consider other forms of birth control so you don't cause youself the unnecessary stress!
Good luck!

My guess - 2 weeks ago you ovulated, and pretty soon your period will start again. Time to start being more careful unless you are ready for another child!

I nursed my first two and had a period every month from the month I delivered on. It does sound like your period is trying to start up again. With my surprise child #3 I took 7 dollar store tests and everyone of them from the day before my period was due came up positive so I do believe they are accurate. Good luck.

My son is 14 months and my period returned for the first time last month. I felt bloated and crampy like you. If you think about it.... your body does get alot of hormones going through it when your period comes and you (and I) haven't felt them for a long time... it's a big adjustment on your body. I only spotted a bit (not the full on bleeding like I thought would happen). I'm weaning my little guy from the boob (only twice a day now). I wouldn't worry at all.

Just to be safe, I would go to the doc and get blood work. I had 3 negative home pregnancy tests with my daughter prior to finding out I was pregnant. You can never be too safe. Hope all works out!

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