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What to Use for Eczema

My son has a small patch of eczema on his butt cheeks. The Dr said most lotions should work, just wondering what other moms have used and trust for their little ones.
Thanks in advance!

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WOW! Thanks for all of the advice. We are going to try aquaphor (sp) and see what happens. If that doesn't help then I will try one of the many other wonderful ideas.

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You've gotten a ton of advice. So I might as well add mine! My friend who is on a strick budget said that she tried the Walmart Brand of Cetaphil body lotion (found by the face creams in the store)and that was the only thing that has worked for her kids. She just lotions the eczema spots every day and they pretty much stay under control. If by chance the eczema flares up then she will use the hydrocortizone. I, too, have heard that the Arbonne baby products for this work.

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I use Eucerin for my eczema patches. It is the kind they give out at hospitals and is fragrance and dye free. I love this stuff.

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There are a few things that are topical that help. The ointment that the other M. referred to helps, but can affect the pigmentation of the skin. We also found that aquaphor helped, as well as aveeno oatmeal bath.

What we also found that you can put 100 different lotions on his skin, but unless you find out the cause of the eczema, the lotions won't work. We made that mistake for 2 years.

There might be a food that your son is ingesting that is causing the skin reaction. If you want to know more information on how to go about doing that, I can give you some suggestions. My 3 1/2 year old had constant eczema (elbow pits, knee pits, butt, face cheeks) and we tried everything under the sun, but nothing helped until we took a close look at his diet.

I hope this helps,

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Hydrocortizone cream (1%) works very quickly for my son.

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Some great advice from moms, but after having 3 kids and researching products, so many products contain oil and chemicals that penetrate through babies skin, which is much thinner than our own. Everything you put on your baby: wash, lotion, shampoo, diaper cream - all get infused through their skin. The skin is the quickest way to get absorbtion of any type into our blookstream as well. That's why they make all the skin patches from birth control to stop smoking!

In order to protect your baby's skin, you must use products that are pure and botanically based. Not all products, even in the health food store, are pure! Not all doctors or dermatologists know everything either, but luckily there is a company who does research well beyond the most noted ones and does actual skin patch testing to make sure that all their products, regardless of the age of the intended, will not harm, but actually protect and work with the needs and functions of the skin. I may be going far beyond what you wanted to know, but truly believe that what I use for my whole family is for our best interest and the future of our health. If you or any other readers are interested in more information, please feel free to email me. I am more than happy to explain and educate. You don't have to be a doctor, but a wise consumer is the best there is. Do investigate before buying. As you can see, trial and error is not always the best thing when you do your homework upfront. Your little one will be much happier....and so will you. Take care--

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My son had eczema for the first 9 months of his life on his face and hydrocortizone 1% ointment did the trick everytime he had a flare up. It is safe to use and recommended by my pediatrician.

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We use Gold Bond Lotion - expensive, but it works. My son (now 4) has had excema since he was an infant. Been using Gold Bond for about 2 years.

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My two children have it severely. We use Moisturin which is comparable to Eucerin. I also use a topical steroid on the real bad parts. The doctor can write a script for the topical steroid.

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Hi Mary-

I got Mustela's lotion for extra dry skin and eczema. It works really well. I bought it through Drugstore.com but is also available at Bigelow's Pharmacy at Woodfield Mall. I'm sure it's sold other places as well. I read customer reviews before I purchased it and everyone said it worked amazingly well and is gentle.

Good luck!

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I have dealt with eczema since my son was 5 months old and he is 3. A couple of things i have used is Aquaphor for Babies which u can buy at Walmart, walgreens, etc. That always worked best. It usually clears up the red spots in a couple of days. Also I had taken my son to a dermatologist last year and they told me to buy Elta, which is like $15 but you can buy it cheaper on Amazon. I also only use Dove soap on him in the bath tub and NO bubble baths. They actually sell an Eczema body wash not sure of the name but its at target and it is a blueish bottle with winnie the pooh on it and I use that for my bubbles. Hope this helps.

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