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What to Get a 10 Year Old Girl for Christmas?

My daughter is 10, and when I ask her what she wants for Christmas she comes up with two things, a cell phone and the Wii Fit. She is not getting a cell phone and I did get her the Wii Fit. I would like to be able to pick up a few other things for her, but she just has no idea what she wants. She says no clothes, and no video games. What are other girls her age asking for? Thanks for the help.

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All my nieces (2 of them - so this is not a big sample pool) loved getting collection of fancy pens and papers for writing notes at that age... gold and silver pens with feathers and glittery stuff. Maybe those would make good stocking stuffers?

Call me old-fashioned, but a 10 year old does not need a cell phone. I have seen the Wii Fit and think it is pretty cool, and I'm not a video game fan. Giving her one of the two specific items she has asked for for Christmas is great and much more than many children receive.

As for other little gifts, what about a coupon book of fun things you can do together? Dinner out just the two of you, a trip to see the movie of her choice, or another fun activity that you both would enjoy. I still love spending time alone with my mom, and I'm in my 30s!

Happy shopping!

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im 10 so i should know a little here is a list

1. jewlery
2. purse
3. I pod
4. candy
Hope i helped you

I'm 11 years old but it's the same thing.You should get her a phone because sometimes if she's bored she could text her friends or play games.Also because they might make fun of her because she doesn't have one and other kids do.

The cell phone!!! why not? You ask her what she wants. and she told you. either
1-she is withholding any other ideas to put you into a delima of what to get so that you will give up and get what she wants. (smart 10 yr old)
2-Shereally doesnt want anything else. So give the WI along with a cup of christmas morning hot choclate and a merry christmas hug. (some kids arent getting anywhere near that)
3-Get the cell phone. there are plans that allow you to be in control. You control who,and when she can talk as well as how long. Times have changed drastically. When I was 10 I lived in Germany. It cost.10(in german currency) everytime you picked up the phone. So we were not allowed to touch it. 7th grade was the first year I remember talking to freinds on the phone. But a cell phone is the uniform of todays kids. Just like a lawyer puts on his suit and tie. picks up his breifcase and pda or blackberry. Todays youth puts on the jeans(or whatever the new fachion is today in your area) and picks up their cell phone and school books. Its their uniform. So your job is to find a way to accept the uniform with your rules. (check out the new plans.) one more idea is maybe she doesnt want cloths because she doesnt want the style her mother would pick out. give her a visa green with enough $ on it to buy her style of cloths. Please do not buy a store gift card... go to your bank and get Visa green

lease do not buy a store Gift Card

How about a mosaic picture frame set, a bracelet-making set for friendship bracelets or some other handicraft she might enjoy? Something special for her room might be nice too: frames for pictures, a nice candle holder, etc.

Hello! My daughter is 10 and would also like a cell phone (no way!) as well as a Wii Fit (maybe????). She is also asking for a "wrislet" purse ("Coach" term) but realizes that the reasonable/realistic present would be a Kohl's version. Another dream is an I-Pod. My husband lost his job 2 weeks ago so I am realistically focusing on lower cost gifts. My daughter loves to read and I am planning on getting her a subsription to a "tween" magazine as it will reinforce for reading skills as well as being "more fun" than a book as well as providing an anticipated monthly mailing.

My 2 girls, 9 and 11, look forward to opening the same gifts each year. Each Christmas brings a craft project, a book or 2, new mittens, wool socks, a game, cozy pajamas, and an item from their list. This is in addition to Santa's gift and stockingful. This tradition makes shopping easier and the girls know what to expect. Last year, we missed 1 item and boy, did we hear about it! (miscommunication between mom and dad...we'll double check this year)
By the way, our 11 yr old asked for the cell phone. We will enter into negotiations at some point in the new year. A cell phone will require a change in our cell plan to allow for the texting my daughter will desire. And my daughter will be expected to do more around the house to "pay" for this priviledge.
Good luck!

Well if she is anything like my step daughter who is 10 some days she acts older then there is other days where she acts very younger then 10 so she loves music so i got her a karaoke wich really was not that bad in pricing i think i paid around 35.00 for a emerson and all she needs is a sd card to put more music on. nail polish make up NO EYELINER <MY OPINION > . also petshop toys she loves those little things and lipgloss purse and if she really wnats a cell phone when you are ready for it get the pre paid cells there cheaper and if she looses the phone you paid 20.00 so then oyu would know you have to wait alot longer and she can not blow your phone bill up or you can start off with getting her own landline in her bedroom basic service lol i remeber when that was the big thing my own phone line but just trying to help i hope this gave you a little insight :)

All my nieces (2 of them - so this is not a big sample pool) loved getting collection of fancy pens and papers for writing notes at that age... gold and silver pens with feathers and glittery stuff. Maybe those would make good stocking stuffers?

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