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What to Feed Guests at a Late Afternoon Birthday Party?

I need help! I'm having my daughter's 2nd birthday party at 3:00 and not sure what to feed adults and children. I was planning on having a veggie and fruit platter, spinach quiche, taquitos with sour cream and guacomole, chips and dip, and maybe cookies and of course, a birthday cake. Is this good enough? I figure I don't need to provide too much food since I can't see the party lasting more than an hour and half and people do need to make dinner for their families. I don't want to overstuff the guests. Should I have something else?? I prefer something easy. Any suggestions would be grateful! This will be my first party that I will host. Will both kids and adults eat what I have suggested??

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Everything went great! I had a ton of food leftover but all in all, the party was great! The only thing I took out from the menu was the quiches. That would have been food overload! The party probably lasted longer than expected but that's okay because both kids and adults had a blast. Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it!

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I wouldn't think you would need more than cake and ice cream. If you did need a bit more, then I would just put out some bowls of chips, pretzels, etc.

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Honestly, I'm with the camp that says, just cake and ice cream and drinks. That's part of the beauty of having a non-meal-time party, you don't *need* all the extras because people are going to go home and eat a real meal.

Especially as you said your daughter will be turning 2 yrs old. Personally, I have tried to keep the early parties low-key because the child won't know a difference until she's older, and you'll feel the need to top yourself each year.

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That's fine. It is not lunch time nor dinner time.
I like to make sure I have diet sodas or waters for the adults in addition to the kid's drinks.

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I think that's way more than enough -- especially given how long you want to stay. I think you could even cut back on the amount of food otherwise it's going to be more of a dinner party and people might stay longer.

I think it's perfectly acceptable to just serve cake and maybe a few muchies like the veggies and fruit. This way, dinner isn't spoiled. You can say somethign like "help us celebrate our daughter's birthday. There will be cake and ice cream." That way, people know to go get dinner on their own afterwards.

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I think that sounds great! I always make sure I haave more than enough snacks/ food at my kids b day parties. I want guests to enjoy themselves and feel appreciated for taking time from their weekend to attend and bringing my child a present. If you decided on just a few snacks make sure you have enough to last the length of the party. I have been to a couple parties where the dip ran out in the first 15 min and the only thing left was animal crackers.

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At a 2 or 3:00 party, even just cake and drinks are fine, simply for the reason you mentioned -- folks will go home for dinner. Sounds like your guests are well taken care of!

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I think you have plenty there already. Your guests will be well fed until dinner.

Oh girl, you're going way over the top for a 3 o'clock party. I agree with everyone else... by having it at 3 you are strategically avoiding a real meal but hitting snack time which will be taken care of by the cake and ice cream.

No more is needed but if you feel you must put out some muchies with some gourmet chips & dips from MarketStreet or Central Market - Can't go wrong there!!

To be fun I had some funky drinks in galvanized tubs in several locations throughout the house... everyone had fun seeing what they could find. Vintage looking Coke bottles, all of the different flavors of Jones Sodas, so many choices again from Central Market. The pictures/labels on the Jones Sodas are so kitschy that they caused a buzz. And you can even customize the label if you order enough in advance.

Speaking of customizing - did you know that you can also customize fruit rollups for a party favor? And M&M's? Adorable!!

Good luck party planning - SOOO much fun.

- C.

I wouldn't think you would need more than cake and ice cream. If you did need a bit more, then I would just put out some bowls of chips, pretzels, etc.

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