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What to Feed Almost 8 Month Old Baby??

OK well I am so lost on what to feed my daughter. She is getting formula and stage one veggies but she seems ready for more! The pediatricain gave me a list but it really didn't make sense. What did/do you moms feed your 8 month old babies. I want to start giving her more but I'm not sure where to start. A little advice would be wonderful! Thanks so much in advance

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Thanks Moms!!!! I really appreciate all your advice and tips. I will be starting a new menu and schedule this weekend!! thanks again and have a great Memorial Day

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My daughter is 7 months old and she is on stage 2 food. She will be starting on table food about 9-10 months so the dr said. Like cheese, yogurt, things like that. I am sure she will be going to stage 3 at any time now. At breakfast I feed her cereal/oatmeal and some fruit, snack is usually fruit, lunch is veg and fruit, then snack of veg or fruit, then dinner is cereal/oatmeal and veg. Of course she still takes her bottle between those times as well. I think I am going to have to move her up soon to stage 3 since I think she is getting bored with her menu. I used to mix her cereal/oatmeal with formula but now I do it with apple juice and she LOVES it. Eats it all.

Hi J.:
We made all of our baby food at that stage - it's so easy to mash up some bananas and throw them in a bowl. (and cheaper with less waste!) Just introduce one new food at a time and wait for a few days to see if it's OK. Then you can mix them together for new textures and flavors. This really comes in handy when you're introducing veggies or other non-sweet foods -- mix them with something sweet and it works really well. My mom would cringe at the pineapple/mash potato mixture, but baby loved it...and now she eats potatoes plain with no problem.
Some things that made it into our food processor:
Sweet potatoes
Mixed veggies
Mix any of the fruits with some baby cereal and breastmilk/formula once a day so she's getting the added iron she needs. If you get one of those mesh food holders, you can also give her orange slices and other large pieces of fruit -- our baby LOVED tasting new flavors and it was less work for us without worrying about choking. Have fun and good luck!

Hi J.!

Isn't it so confusing how, what, and when to feed your baby?! I found it so stressful at times; making sure he's getting enough, does he need more vegetables!

My son was on Stage 2 baby food by 7-8 months, and Stage 3 at 9-10 months. Around 7 months, I gave my son fruit and cereal for breakfast, vegetables for lunch, and a dinner jar for dinner, along with all his bottles.

At around 9 months, my pediatrician had me introduce "table food"; mac and cheese, yogurt, etc. By 11 months, by son was no longer on baby food at all.

Just remember, feeding your baby now is just practice for her! She is getting ALL her nutrients she needs from her formula. She's just learning how to eat. So it isn't "that" important how much and what she gets. I also always fed my son when we ate and gave him some of what we were eating-mashed potatoes, bread crust, corn cobs(great for teething!), etc. It made the transition from jar to table food (and my life!!) so much easier.

Good Luck!

Hi J.,
I also have an 8 mo. old, and I am a bit picky on what he eats. We started veggies around 6 months, then moved on to fruits. We make it ourselves--takes a little longer, but it's easy and cheap. Bananas, prunes, peaches, pears, applesauce are great for starters (just look at the grocery and see what they have). If you want to branch out from jar food, I have found mango and avacado to be a big hit with my son, and easy to prepare. We pureed his food for a while, then slowly processed it less until he was used to that texture. He now eats small bite-size pieces of very soft fruits and steamed veggies--baby peas are great because he can pick them up one by one. If it's not soft enough, I run it through a food mill (Babies-R-Us sells them). He also eats baby oatmeal, small pieces of whole wheat toast with a little butter, tiny abc pasta, cheerios, and pieces of graham cracker for a special treat. Just this week I gave him pieces of rice cake, which were a nutritious hit. By pieces, I mean nothing bigger than the tip of his pinky. I'm holding off on dairy and meat until his 9 mo. check up. I hope this helps!


My son turned 8 months on the 12th. I have been feeding him the stage 2 foods for a little over a month. I have started him on the stage 3 foods for dinner. I also give him the fruit/veggie puffs. I give him bites of our mashed potatoes, popsicles, ice cream. If she is making chewing movements without any food I would say she is ready for more then the stage 2 foods. Good Luck

Hello J.

You can feed your daughter stage two food you can mix it they do have food like turkey and rice or beef and rice or veggey meals if can even give her a little table food I say this because I have a 71/2 month old son and he eat any and everything plus I have 3 girls and I did them the same way

It sounds like you have already gotten a lot of godd advice. I gave both of my babies a lot of the same things everyone else is talking about. One thing I started was making and freezing my own food so that you always have some on hand. I bought several extra ice cube trays at the $ store. About every two weeks or so, I would buy a whole supply of fruits and veggies, both fresh and canned (green beans, carrots, peaches, pears, and fruit cocktail in light syrup, etc.). It takes a couple of days to cook, puree, and freeze it all, but then you have about a two week supply. I would cook all the veggies and fruits if needed (canned things don't need cooked), then puree in the blender or food processor, and pour into ice cube trays. Freeze the trays of food and when frozen, store in labeled ziploc bags. When it comes time for eating, just grab as many cubes as you need and let them thaw. (I used the microwave even though I know people tell you not to do that, but in a pinch sometimes you have to.) With the cubes, you can mix all kinds of things to give them new tastes. Once I started offering meat, I also ground up chicken and turkey and froze it as well so that you can mix that in with fruits and veggies. I also have a baby food grinder that my mom bought for me. I believe you can get them at Babies R Us. At around 8-9 months, I started grinding up everything that we were eating so that they could get the tastes and get used to the things that we eat. Both of my boys are very good eaters and it never harmed them to taste what we were eating. I hope you can use my ideas.

Anything that is stage 2 or 3. When we took my son to his 9 month check up, the doctor told us we could start with "big" people food. We plan on doing the samr for our daughter. She is 6 months old & has had several stage 2 already.

Hi J.,
I posted the same request last week- only it was for my one-year-old! I, too, just don't know what to feed her.

However, at 8 months, my daughter was eating stage 2 foods. We offered her EVERY kind there was, which is a pretty wide range. She ate all of them with no complaints. She was still eating the stage 2's at 10 months because she gagged on whenever we tried to give her anything chunky (stage 3 foods). She started eating crackers at about 10 1/2 months, but that was only because my mom recommended we try it. :) I think we're a little slow moving through the food transitions, since she's 13 months old and just now starting to eat noodles and chucks of veggies/meat, but she's been OK with what we've given her.

Anyway, our day went something like this at 8 months old:

breakfast: small bowl of rice cereal/oatmeal, sippy cup of water, 5 oz bottle of formula

snack: 5 oz bottle of formula

lunch: stage 2 jar of veggies/fruit, sippy cup of water, 4 oz bottle of formula (about 20 minutes later)

snack: 5 oz bottle of formula

dinner: stage 2 jar of veggies/fruit (whatever she didn't have for lunch), sippy cup of water, 5 oz bottle of formula before bed

I guess the point is, let your daughter be the guide, but don't be afraid to let her try new things. She may not want them at first, but that's OK. Just try a few days later.

I remember going through all the baby foods one by one leaving time in between for an adverse reaction then moving on. Once I figured out he could handle chunkier foods, I just started cutting up people food. Just remember to stay away from honey, peanuts (including peanut butter) and dairy until age 1. Otherwise go for it!

My son is almost nine months old but since he was seven months old he has been eating stage two food for lunch (because he gets fruits or veggies and they are the same at all stages just different sizes) and at dinner he gets stage three because they have chunks in them that help babies learn how to chew. I think your daughter should absolutely be on stage three foods she will love them. Good luck!!


You best bet is to first move her up to stage 2 or 3 baby food. I believe the age range for stage 2 is anywhere from 6-9 months, and stage 3 is 10+months (if that helps) The texture is more clumpy and this will get her used to chewing. Also, you can feed her anything soft and mushy...potatoes are good, as are banannas, green beans, cooked carrots, mac n cheese, etc. If she doesn't have any teeth, or very few, don't worry, her gums are stronger than you think :) Just don't feed her big peices until she is ready. With my daughter, I kept a schedule like this one. The biggest thing is variety because that will encourage a non picky eater. I am so glad I introduced my daughter to lots of things (even stuff I wouldn't eat lol) because she will now eat anything. Hope this helps.

6-8 ounces formula
Jar of fruit, some cereal
or, any kind of mushy fruit (banannas, peaches, etc)even some dry toast is fine, or some cheerios

Gerber makes great bite sized snacks, like fruit puffs, or wagon wheels (which my daughter still loves and she is 14 months old)or some cheerios
some juice (2 ounces or so diluted)

jar of stage 2 or 3 veggies
can also feed your own veggies like green beans, carrots, peas, mashed potatoes etc
another 6-8 ounces of formula

some cheese or more fruit, or some crackers

jar of stage 2 meats and veggies
or, you can cut up small peices of chicken, pasta(mine loves spagetti)any kind of mushy veggies. Basically you can feed anything you eat to your daughter, as long as the peices are small and nothing she can choke easily on (hot dogs)
2 ounces juice diluted

6-8 ounces formula mixed with some cereal before bed

So, basically at 8 months, I believe she should still be getting in about 24 ounces of formula a day. Some drink less, but try to stay at 24 and below because most of her nutrients will start to come from actual food. If you feed too much formula, it will full her up initially, but then she'll be hungry again in an hour or two, or won't stay asleep during the night and will wake up hungry.

I started with things like bread, carrots, potatoes (boiled till really soft), cheetos. Things like that. Start with anything soft or that kind of melts in your mouth. She will very soon get the hang of eating. Im actually surprised her pediatrician doesnt have her on stage 3 yet.

You can start your daughter on fruits, cheerios, crackers (ritz are good, they get soggy quickly), gerber puffs (they also get soggy), you may even be able to start her on yogurt (small amounts at a time), cooked egg yolk (no whites yet). And if she doesn't have teeth, don't worry. Those gums are harder than you think. My 13 month old still doesn't have teeth and he eats everything lol.

I feed my 6 month old stage 2. In the morning she has some ceral and some fruit. then i give her a bottle. For lunch I give her some fruit and some veggies and a bottle and for dinner i give her some ceral and some veggies with a bottle. plus a few more bottles through out the day. The pediatrician gve me that schedule. Then she said at 8 month she shoud be eating 2 jars at night. she told me to wait 6 to 8 weeks to start meat baby foods. I have been doing it for 4 days and shes starting to like the food alot more.
Hope this helps


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