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What to Feed 14 Month Old for Breakfast

claire has been eating just solids since her first birthday. i have tried to give her eggs waffles other things. so far all i can find that she likes is peanut butter toast, yogart and cheereos. i was wondering what you all give you little ones. shes not a big fan of fruit (which i thought was odd) but i feel like shes gotta be getting tired of the samething everyday

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i've read taht they really like the same thing every day...makes them feel like they have control because they know what to expect.

My son was big on bananas. but he also likes cheerios, waffles, pancakes, french toast, apples, and apparenlty slimfast meal on the go bars :) he always wants a bite of mine :)

My kids all like mini wheats and when they were younger I used to crush them up so they weren't such big bites. Bananas mashed up with some granola, rasins and just a bit of milk or soymilk is good too, and good for them if you can get her to try it.

As long as she has teeth and can chew good, you can try, eggs, bacon, sausage, oatmeal, apples, bananas, waffle, pancakes, hash browns, or you could make like a ham and cheese omlet. Good luck. J.

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My little girl (12 mon) is the same way. She's not a big fan of fruit or plain waffles, but I've found that she likes the whole grain blueberry ones very well. She also likes oatmeal really well. Either the gerber brand, or she also likes the adult kind with the flavor. I try to get the low sugar. Our pediatrician always shakes his head and laughs, calls her a weird kid for not liking fruit and then tells her he guesses its better for her anyway (he's a good friend of ours so he likes to pick). She doesn't like other sweets such as cake or ice cream either. Sometimes I try to mix a little stage 3 fruit into her oatmeal just so she gets some vitamin c. Other than that, maybe try a smotthie with more yogurt than fruit. From experience, it's either give them what they like or they don't eat, so just experiment, try new things, and she'll get the nutrition she needs. Babies have a way of doing that-even when us parents are skeptical..

Hope this helps,

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Here's what I make my daughter if she doesn't wake up screaming for cherrios (which happens a lot she loves those things! )

try mini-pancakes my daughter (now 2.5yrs old has always loved them since she was 1yr old)
I use this recipe (i usually make 8 she'll eat 2 i'll eat 2 and hubby will have 4 lolol...) (*note* we also have the george foreman pancake grill it makes them in less than a minute a really good investment it was only $20 at bed bath and beyond)
1cup all purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 tablespoon baking soda
2tablespoons vegetable oil
1tablespoon sugar
1 cup of milk (or 1 1/2 i sometimes sneak more in because shes not much of a milk drinker)
1 egg
and a pinch of salt...
mix and if you're doing it in a pan just watch it you'll know when they're done

you can also try a mini breakfast burrito
just get the small tortillas (walmart sells a big bag for like $1.50)
make scrambled eggs with ham and cheese (sneak in some veggies too) and roll like 2 thin ones for her...

french toast sticks are good too
for Katelyn I get 2slices of regular bread
I mix 1egg , sprinkle cinnamon, a bit of milk, 1 tablespoon of sugar (or syrup or honey) ( i eyeball all the measurements really)
dip the bread and fry til brownish... and slice into strips....

cottage cheese with some jelly/jam

Oh yea and maybe a bagel lightly toasted with the cream cheese and jelly
Hope this helps...

Try tiny bits of string cheese or raisins.

Any food will do as long as you shoot for 5 servings of fruit/vegtable, 2 protiens and 3 dairys each day. We do pizza, soup, bagels, hamburgers ect. Our servings are small at breakfast. and if your kid doesn't like fruit use puree's in her food. She won't taste it and she'll still eat them.

My youngest daughter is 17 months old so I know how you feel, but I think it's just us! Adults crave variety in their diets, Toddlers... not so much! They love eating the same thing & I don't believe they tire of it at all. I'd like to say it doesn't last long but my 3 y.o. daughter just went through a stage where all she would eat (all day) was yogurt & PB&J! That passed but she still doesn't like a wide variety of foods, like me. It sounds like she does have a good variety of healthy foods, be it a small variety. I also give my toddler Carnation instant breakfast in her milk in the morning & it gives her an extra boost of nutrients that may be lacking (she all of a sudden refused to drink whole milk and our Dr. said she HAD to have whole milk, not 1%... I asked on here & a mom gave me that idea & it has worked so far! I don't use the entire packet but just 2 TB of it).
Hope it helps :)

i've read taht they really like the same thing every day...makes them feel like they have control because they know what to expect.

My son was big on bananas. but he also likes cheerios, waffles, pancakes, french toast, apples, and apparenlty slimfast meal on the go bars :) he always wants a bite of mine :)

My kids both loved Morning star farms soy sausage patties & cottage cheese. They both ate it almost every day for a year.

Hi, E.! My kids loved instant grits (the cheese kind), instant oatmeal (any kind), cheese toast (toast with cheese melted on top), cottage cheese and instant cream of wheat (add a little sugar). Kids usually don't get bored with food (remember the PB&J we ate almost everyday during our elementary school years??). Just try a variety of things. Keep trying them and see what happens. And I know you are thinking of her eating oatmeal and grits by herself -- let her be a "Big Girl".

I think you're doig pretty good, there are only so many things you can eat for breakfast. If I had to think of a couple of others, it would be oatmeal and french toast. Maybe even hard boiled eggs. My kids are a little older so they eat sausage biscuits and piggies in a pancake... pancakes are another option as well. Too bad about the fruit. Maybe you can put the fruit "in" the yogurt...

But I would watch with the peanut butter because I don't think you're supposed to give it to them until they are 2 yrs old. That is to help prevent food allergies. My children broke out around the mouth when they ate it too young.

Good luck.....

C..... mother of 4 children: 14, 11, 9 and 3 months old.

Good ideas from book "Super Baby Food" by Ruth Yaron which I am using for my baby. Good luck!


Hi E.!

My children like grits and oatmeal. Surprising but they do!

My kids all like mini wheats and when they were younger I used to crush them up so they weren't such big bites. Bananas mashed up with some granola, rasins and just a bit of milk or soymilk is good too, and good for them if you can get her to try it.

A few people have mentioned that you shouldn't be feeding peanut butter to your baby-- but that's not necessarily true. Our pediatrician gave us the go ahead at 12 months for any sort of food that might be allergenic-- peanut butter, strawberries, egg whites, etc. (I have always been really careful about feeding him-- he was exclusively breast fed until he was almost 7 months old)

She said that since he had no reactions (and we have no family history of food allergies) that he was fine to eat anything.

If you're worried check with your doctor-- but if she's eating peanut butter now and she's doing ok- I think you're fine.

My daughter who is now 2 1/2 went through the same thing!! I wanted to feed her all the right stuff and make her a different balanced breakfast every morning, but she just wasn't interested in most things. She did like fruit, but eggs and toast no go. Anyway I would suggest continue trying different foods eventually she will like other things. My daughter ended up loving bacon, bagels, and many other things. She is an awesome eater now it just took some time!!

It doesn't have to be breakfast food. B food is a bunch of carbs. She is very little, so she doesn't need a lot. She could have veggies, fruit, protein, anything she will eat. Banana with p butter, apple with p butter. Any of the other spreads, like a small bagel with cr cheese, and fruit or tomato.
Macaroni, pasta with sauce, leftovers. Just try different things, as long as she is eating healthy.

I give my 13 month old oatmeal from the variety box, so he ahs different flavors everyday, Cream of wheat (variety box), Grits (variety box), and Kix. He has fruits and yogurts for snacks.

Good luck and God bless,

A friend just recommended greek yogurt to me. I'm told it's more dense than regular yogurt and has tons of protein in just a dab. I think you can mix it with other things to give it more flavor. It's good for a spread on bread.

My daughters ate nutrigrain bars and soft boiled eggs religiously after 12 months.

My DD, 13 month, loves bagels so we do those fairly often. Honey Nut Cheerios are another thing she likes. She is a fruit person too so we do bananas, strawberries, pineapple, etc too.

A little secret I've learned over the years is that they really don't get tired of things! We think they should be, but when we try to back off, they beg for their old stand-by's! Toddlers like consistency. You might want to try applesauce (I'd go with the no sugar added variety) just to give her the fruit, but otherwise just let her keep going! Those are pretty good breakfasts - not like if she were eating poptarts or sugary cereal every day. All three of my kdis have been the same way, even when we try to introduce variety. In fact, when my middle daughter was two, she went to school crying to her teachers that she wanted her cereal - she didn't get it that morning! They knew I wouldn't have let her go without breakfast, but they asked me anyway - we'd had pancakes that morning! :) She just wanted her cereal!

Babies like repetition. Put bananas on her tray everyday or other fruit (fruit coctail works great because they can pick it up with their fingers). Scrambled eggs with cheese, waffles, french toast, oatmeal, grits, you can basicly give her anything you eat with three exceptions -She should not be eating peanut butter, chocolate and honey until the age of 2 though.

I used to make a simple french toast for my son. I just beat an egg, dipped the bread in and put it the frying pan for a few minutes each side, but instead of pancake syrup I spread peanut butter (lightly) or yogurt, or even peanut butter mixed with yogurt, sometimes fruit jam or applebutter. That was the only way he would eat eggs for a while. Now he only eats scrambled eggs if they have cheese in them. Have you tried oatmeal or grits? I also made oatmeal/banana muffins that used applesauce instead of oil. Hope that helps!

It's funny how different two kids can be, huh? I have a 3-year-old son (who loves carbs the best), and a 16-month-old daughter who has a sweeter tooth (likes fruit a lot)!

Have you tried some different types of fruit ... just wondering if there's something that she might like if you haven't tried it yet. My daughter likes to eat cut up apples, strawberries or banana for breakfast. She loves cheerios and yogurt, too. And, she also likes any other "carb" breakfast ... waffles, pancakes, biscuits, etc.

My daughter also loves those fruit cereal bars (Gerber makes some, but you could also try the Nutrigrain ones, too). Those are great for "on the go" or mornings you might be more rushed!

I think the suggestions made by the other moms are great,
Although since she is still little you can get some fresh fruit puree it and add it to the oatmeal, cream of wheat, cream of rice,
Also you can try the drinkable yogurts....

If I may point out, many people assume that a child doesn't like something, but it is recommended if a child doesn't like it continue to give it to the child and encourage for them just to try it.. it may take up to 25+ times and it being offered for a child to decide if they really don't like something.

My DD doesn't like tomato's.. although funny enough, she will eat the grape size tomoto's or the cherry size tomato's.

Whole grain, organic fruit bars or breakfast bars might be a nice alternative once in a while.

I noticed someone gave you a recipe for pancakes... I used to make them by the batch and let them cool, place them in baggies and then into a larger zip lock bag this made breakfast a snap.

I have a 16-month-old daughter who likes the store-brand version of fruit and fiber breakfast bars. (I just cut them up into bite-sized chunks.) They've got loads of vitamins and minerals... Give 'em a try!

My little girl has been eating oatmeal for quite a while, probably since she was just a little older than your daughter. She eats it nearly every morning and has always really seemed to like it. You could also try other hot breakfast cereals, like grits or cream of wheat.

Have you tried oatmeal? You can also mix fruit in that. Healthy cheese (not American) is a good breakfast food as well. You could also give her vegetables for breakfast if she likes to munch on them instead of fruit. Sometimes my 22 month old daughter likes left overs from supper for breakfast. Have you ever tried smoothies? We make smoothies with frozen or fresh fruit,a splash of OJ or mango juice, and a cup of kefir. Kefir is a great probiotic, kind of like drinkable yogurt with protein too. They sell it in health food stores next to the yogurt, and at some regular groceries in the refrigerated section. My daughter loves it.
I would definitely stay away from pre-packaged over processed breakfast foods like Hotpockets and Nutrigrain bars (and some brands of waffles too.) Check the ingredient lists, there is very little in them that will be good for your baby--if they have hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavor, and artificial colors and dyes then don't feed them to her!

try maple and brown sugar oatmeal, pancakes, sausage, banana, etc

Good luck!

Hi,I feed my 13 month old twins pancakes, toaster scramblers( in the frozen breakfast isle) and they eat alot of cereal( I put it in milk for a couple minutes to soften it up and then drain it and put it on their tray, muffin tops( they love)- next to the waffles, and there's alot of frozen things like breakfast hot pockets and biscuits that have eggs,cheese,and meat in them, also sausage cut up, hope this helps

As long as she has teeth and can chew good, you can try, eggs, bacon, sausage, oatmeal, apples, bananas, waffle, pancakes, hash browns, or you could make like a ham and cheese omlet. Good luck. J.

When my babies were little we did not start off with breakfast. We started off drinking water..in their sippy; for the first 30 min. to an hour. This gave them time to wake up and made their belly wake up as well. This cleans out the acid that has formed in their stomachs from the night before. Remember, their little stomachs are are about the size of their fist...fill them up with milk,they can not eat that much...the milk satisfys them and they aren't really HUNGARY.For Mine, this meant, "Let the fight begin"! "DING, DING".
I also would give them something "New" at breakfast. If they were Not responsive, it was O.K. we would try again at lunch or supper/dinner.(They were not expected to eat it, just TRY it.
I would try "Not" to feed them anything with sugar first thing in the morning.Because within a few hours (after they had ran through the house like "wild children" they would begin to get irritable "sugar Low Crash"); and be hungary and whiney!I Hated Whiney!!!!
Try slushes/shakes made with:cooked and cooled oatmeal and a flavor of fruit juice she likes. Since she likes yogart use it as well.
Keep Trying...she will always keep you on your toes(That's her job. Your job is just to teach her to make good eating choices. Does she like eggs? Also,Cheerios and other finger foods could be for an afternoon snack, after she has tried other New things.
I also fed my girls anything(for breakfast) from Pizza to "What we had for supper last night"...as long as they ate; it was fine(It did Not have to be a typical Breakfast Food).
Now, I babysit. I do the same, with her. By the time she is awake she is ready to eat.
May the Lord Bless You and Your Loved ones, LaDonna

I've been giving my 2 year old Kellog's fruit bars for months. He loves them!

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