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What to Do with Peed-on Couch Cushions?

One of my kids took a nap on our couch and *totally* (unexpectedly) peed. A lot. It wet both the bottom cushions (made of foam) and a side cushion (made of polyester stuffing). It even went through the bottom of the couch (just springs, it's not a pull-out), and there was a little puddle on the floor beneath (uggh!). So I scrubbed the bottom of the couch with soapy water, dried it with a fan and applied fabric refresher. I took the off the covers of the wet cushions and washed them in the washer, then took out all the peed-on foam/poly fill pieces and wet them with the hose, squeezing out as much water as I could several times. They're still drying outside in the sun. Is there *anything* else I can do to make the smell go away? Or is this couch destined for the landfill?

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Rinse with a solution of half vinegar and half water. I keep it in a spray bottle and use it that way. You might not need to submerge everything. Perhaps a spot treatment with spray will help. The vinegar odor dissipates relatively quickly.

Likely as not, if you dry 'em good and dry, the sun will take care of the smell. If not, try an enzyme cleaner meant for "pet stains".

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Hi Pam-
There are a couple of different products I reccommend. THe first is Nature's Miracle. It naturally breaks down the ick with enzymes (normally sold for animal stains and pee, but I use it on my carpet for regular cleaning, in my laundry, anywhere there is a smell or something...funky). A second product one of my co-workers swears by is called Unrine Off. It is basically the same idea as Nature's Miracle. I believe both can be purchased at your local pet store- and both- from experience- work well. You may have to do 2 or so sessions of soaking and drying, but it's a heck of a lot cheaper than a new sofa with plastic covers. =)
One last thought is vinegar. I am not sure exactly how to apply other than with hot water- you can add essential oils to your white vinegar- or cinnamon sticks- to change it from vingar-y to spicey smelling. But that may be your cheapest option, and vinegar is the all purpose cleaner- maybe treat with baking soda, rinse then soak with vinegar.
Hope this helps and that your sofa is saved!

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I just wanted to say - you have five kids and this is the first time your couch got peed on? Wow! My 3 kids peed and threw up on our old couch MANY times over the years. I used Nature's Miracle and Lysol. And then, when it was about 15 years old, the poor old couch finally got sent to the landfill, after years of great loyal service.

Good luck!

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We used a product called Bac-Out. It is made by Biokleen. (They also make other household cleaners, but if you are trying to eliminate organic stains & odors, you need the Bac-Out.) You can find it at Raley's. It is an all natural enzyme cleaner that actually breaks down the stains and odors. It is concentrated so you don't have to use a lot and it is safe for kids and pets (and the Earth!). It worked on our couch when my daughter had an accident. Hope it works for you!

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nature's miracle - you can get it at pet supply stores - it has worked for me!

I cured my couch cushions that were soaked in cat pee! I did it with white vinegar and sunshine. Just soaked the cushions in water, washed them with dish soap, rinsed them thoroughly, and saturated them with vinegar. After a day in the sun they smelled perfectly fine--actually they smelled a bit like vinegar, but that faded quickly. You can get big jugs of white vinegar at CostCo or Smart & Final. I had tried Nature's Miracle already and it didn't do the trick by itself, plus it was really expensive. Good luck!

I'd get some of that stutff you use for cat and dog pee--Natures Miracle--and spray that on it, several times. And if you can replace the foam cushions that would help as well. We have a corner of the couch which is a fave place for our cat to pee, and so we're constantly fighting that battle. (Hopefully your kid is easier the train than our cat!)

Good luck!~

Febreeze. Seriously, it's amazing. You might end up replacing the foam, though- it's a lot less expensive than a new sofa. Good luck!

I hate to say it, but I think it's destroyed for good. You can never fully get that smell out once it soaks through.

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