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What to Do with My Daughter During Summer.

My daughter just turned 12 in March. She currently stays home after school for a hour and before school for half a hour before school by herself. I am at a loss of what to do with her during the summer. I feel she is too old for daycare and too young to be home all alone all day. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Thank you all for all the suggestions. I have decided to put her at the YMCA for three days during the week and the other two days she will hang with her grandma for half days. I am excited because the Y does two field trips a week so I know she will have a good summer. So the extra money for her to have fun is worth it.

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Daycamps (and sleep-away camps, too) are really popular for this age group. You can find some that go all summer, or piece together a variety of different camps so she can explore different interests.

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day camp. I know there are several in the BCS area, so Spring should be no different. They are geared towards older kids with field trips and usually reasonably priced.

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maybe she could be a mothers helper for someone in your neighborhood with small children? maybe 3 hrs every day??

see if there is some local camps or programs thru your school district.

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When my daughter was 12 she was pretty naive and not quite matured as other girls her age. But I had to leave her home and we had an agreement she wasnt to use the stove or go outside. She was mostly on the phone with her grandma helping to reasure her that she was fine and mom would be home soon. After a few days she felt confident, that she was o.k. Sometimes she had a freind over to watch movies with. Our children are braver than we think and we just need to give them the space to learn.

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If you choose to leave her home alone all day are there neighbors who are home all day? If you know your neighbors and they don't mind popping in every now and then, then I think it would be just fine leaving her home all day alone. Will you be able to check up on her at lunch? If not, day camps are a great idea. What about checking with the daycare about her helping out with the other kids instead of actaully attending daycare as someone who needs to be watched over. My neighbor has a daycare and if you have a sibling about this age willing to help out with the younger kids she takes some off the bill for the younger siblings.

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YOu could find out if any day camp programs have jr. counselor programs.
maybe even a child care center who offers a school age summer program would offer a position for someone her age.
Also check places like the Y, boys and girls club and other community center programs for this level of support.
She could also find some worthwhile volunteer activities. . . library, humane society/animal shelter, etc.
Good luck!

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Daycamps (and sleep-away camps, too) are really popular for this age group. You can find some that go all summer, or piece together a variety of different camps so she can explore different interests.

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Yes, this age is challenging. Having somewhere to go for part of the day can be helpful. Does your community have Community Education or Recreation programs? Some of my friends have their kids this age attend 1/2 day sessions at a local park or rec center that they can bike to. Also check with the YMCA/YWCA to see if they have programs that would be convenient. Some daycamps have programs that kids this age can practice being camp counselors under the supervision of older people.

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Have you looked at your local Y?
I think an entire summer at home all day is too much.
Vacation Bible schools are also good for half days of activity.

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I would check out the Y or also maybe she could help a mom friend out with their kid(s). also check out your school and see if they offer summer programs. even the elementary schools will offer something sometimes for the older kids. or Parks and Recreation with the city. they used to do something here in FL for kids up to age 18. they would break us up into age groups and we would take field trips. at her age most of us stayed home alone, but i woulnd't leave my kids home alone no matter how mature they are. with the economy being as it is, the break ins are getting worse. here in FL there was a break in this week where an 11yo boy was home by himself, and they roughed him up and threw him in a room and stole things. he lived in a condo and his neighbors were home and close and they didn't know anything was going on.

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