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What to Do with Hummus?

I recently discovered hummus, and I like the different flavors available, but what else can you do with it besides eating a spoonful or putting it on a cracker? All I can find is recipes for making hummus. Anybody have any suggestions on how to use it as a major ingredient such as in casseroles, soups, or veggie burgers?

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I normally just eat it as a dip with veggies or pita bread, but I have also used it as a spread on pita sandwiches. I've taken pork loin chops and sliced thin. Marinade in ceasar dressing and then cook in skillet. From there I prepare the sandwich with the meat, feta (or favorite cheese) tomato, cucumber, (favorite veggies) hummus and cucumber ranch dressing. I've been wanting to try a recipe by Rachel Ray - it was a greek meatloaf. Once it was complete, she sliced and placed on pita with toppings and hummus. Sounded delish - best of luck - I'm excited to see what recipes you get - I will be interested to try as well.

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I like to make hummus gyros - take a pita, spread hummus on it (if you're like me, use a ton!), top with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and feta cheese, then fold in half and top it off with some tzatziki sauce (it's a greek cucumber sauce). It's my favorite thing to eat in the summer!

Hope that helps!


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Hi B.,

I don't know of recipes that use hummus, but there are lots of middle eastern recipes that call for tahini which is the sesame seed paste that is in hummus. It's sort of like runny peanut butter. Tahini makes really good salad dressings and one simple recipe I like is to steam cauliflower and then toss it with a mixture of tahini and lemon juice, salt and pepper.

If you search for tahini as an ingredient I'm sure you'll find lots of recipes. It's kind of a strong taste on it's own so you might want to taste it before you make a big meal out of it! You might also like recipes with chickpeas in it since that's mostly what hummus is made of. Homemade falafel (patties made with chickpeas) is good and pretty easy to make. I don't have a recipe for it off the top of my head but I'm sure if you google it you'll find lots of recipes.

Ok, this is making me hungry now... I'm going to have to check back later and see if you get some more recipes!

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My favorite is Trader Joe's Hummus. They have original and garlic lovers and a variety of other flavors. I've not successfully made my own hummus - because nothing I've made taste's like Trader Joe's so is inferior to it.

My son begs for hummus and even ate it for breakfast in addition to is oatmeal. Ugh.

I spread it on the bread before making grilled cheese sandwiches. He loves it and I do too. I mix tuna, shredded cheese and hummus to make a tuna salad that he eats with crackers or as a tuna melt. My favorite way to eat it is with pita chips but also like it with raw veggies. My friend eats it with raw onion wedges. I also like it on sandwiches of all types.

It is very healthy and very tasty! Thanks for bringing up this topic - finally one that is educational for me! If you read The Sneaky Chef books - I use it anyplace she uses the white bean puree.

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Hi B., hummus is great on pitas of course. you can put them on sandwiches for a healthy twist. dip for veggies is good too. try the Sabra brand..VERY good

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Try looking for any vegetarian websites. I am sure there is a vegetarian society, maybe vegetarian.com etc....

That or try to find a Lebanese or Indian (country of) website cooking/recipe site.

I am not sure where you are from, but the closest vegetarian or Lebanese/Indian restaurants around here are in Columbus, OH.

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Try it w/ veggies as dip
Use it as part of your burger/meatloaf ingredients to hold things together. You'll have to play with it a bit and figure out how much and what else you'll want to use to get your desired texture.

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felafel is essentially hummus made into balls and fried... so that's one thing we love at our house. the kids eat them like chicken nuggets with ketchup, we eat them with cucumbers, tomatoes, and pita with a yogurt sauce.

one thing about hummus-- it's soooooooo much cheaper (and EASY!) to make your own. you can make it for a dollar or less, but if you buy it premade it's at least 3 or 4 dollars!

it makes great sandwiches-- hummus and cucumbers and tomatoes, yum! or avocado... whatever suits your fancy... i also love a great wrap with hummus and all sorts of veggies wrapped up in a tortilla and grilled.

i make a carrot soup with garbanzo beans and tahini in it, my family hates it but my friend lisa and i think it's divine!!! i can dig up the recipe if you want. it's pureed so there's no texture-- that's why my husband doesn't like it... too much like baby food... but the mixture of flavors is so perfect. it has a hint of orange, and the carrots and garbanzos... it's so great!

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Hi B.,

I'm a vegan chef, so I'm very familiar with hummus. It's great isn't it! The most common thing we do with it is stuff it inside pita with some tabouli (it's a grain and herb salad) sooo good. Also we'll take large warm tortillas, get or make some falafal (warm), cut the falafal into strips and layer onto a generous smothering of warm hummus, then top with sliced pickles, chopped tomato and some lettuce (delicious). Also it's a great filling for homemade sushi, pair with any other veggie: carrots, asparagus, cucumber etc. A final idea is it's a great pizza base for a middle eastern themed pizza, top with any of the suggestions I mentioned before or come up with your own.

Hope that helps! Happy cooking!


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I have made hummus sandwiches, spreading a very liberal amount on multigrain bread, adding slices of tomato, vadalia onion, a good cheddar cheese, avacado slices, a few sprouts and some mayo, YUMMMM!

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