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What to Do with Family "Heirloom"...

Several years ago, my MIL gave us my DH's "Christening Outfit". I bet you are thinking that it is this beautiful gown trimmed with lace...Nope...it is a hand-crocheted beige sweater and panty set. It does not even cover a baby's legs. My DH lived in New York when he was born in DECEMBER so I don't know how they covered his legs for the ceremony. I realize that someone went to a lot of effort to make this, but it is truly horrid. We are not religious and did not have a religious ceremony for either of our children. We live in Florida, so even if we were in need of a christening outfit, this would not be appropriate for the climate. What the heck do I do with this heirloom? It has sat in my closet for years. Throwing it out is out of the question and would create hurt feelings. There are no babies in the family to pass it on to...even if it were appropriate for any climate. There is not enough fabric to even consider making it into something else. If it were remotely attractive, I could see mounting it in some sort of shadowbox type frame, but obvioulsy not the case. At this point, I think it will be in my closet until I die... Anyone have any better ideas?

What can I do next?

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It's probably sentimental to her I also like the idea of having it put in a shadow box and giving it to her for mothers day.

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Hi T.-

If you know someone who crochets, maybe cut it down and make it into some lacy table doilies? And give them to MIL for mother's day?

I am the 'original' pack rat...and have a hard time with sentimental stuff...

Best luck!


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Hey, maybe you could put it in a shadowbox and give it to HIS MOM for Mother's Day?!!!

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I know you find this thing horrid, but still, it belonged to your husband when he was a baby.
I would take it and have it "heirloomed". They gently clean it, fold it nicely and wrap it in acid free paper so that it can stand the test of time.
Even if it's not something you think will ever have a use at all, you can save it for when your first kid has a child.
I know it sounds crazy, but I have saved my daughter and son's baby shoes and a few things. My daughter is having her first baby in May and she is thrilled to receive these things.
Okay, so it's not even remotely attractive, but it is a piece of your husband's history.
If you don't want to display it, don't. But I would make sure it's protected for storage.

I hope you get some great responses.

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It one of things you keep (like a wedding dress).
It's still family history even if it's not the going current style.
Preserve it, store it in the back of a closet, and pass it down to your kids when they have their own families.
Then it will be their problem/heirloom.

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I would hide it in a box until I die... LOL! (or at least until the last person who has a sentimental attachment to it is gone)

I may sound awful... but if it is really something you hate to hang on to... you *could* "loose" it of have it accidentally get put in a box to go to charity. It isn't really a "nice" thing to do though...

Really though... it is up to your husband. You could save it and offer it to your kids. Are there pictures of your DH in it? maybe you could dress your baby in it one day (not even on an occasion) and take a few photos of him in it.

I have 2 cute dresses that my mother wore as a baby, and then I wore as a baby, and I put my daughter in them for pictures. Were they practical or stylish... no... but really how much space do they take up? I will keep them at least until after my daughter's are grown, and see if THEY have daughters they would like to dress them in (for photos)... being that they are heirlooms- not "everyday" items... it would be incredible to have had 4 generations of babies wear them!

Since it is just a little outfit- i would say hang on to it. If she leaves you a whole wardrobe or all the furniture in the house... it is fair to so "no thanks". Why not get a cheap frame and store it in that? You don't have to hang it on the wall.... but you can pull it out if it ever comes up and she will probably melt knowing you took "care" of it. someday when your sons are grown... offer it to their wives... there is a chance that one of them will really, truly absolutely LOVE it! (or at least fib and make you feel better... wink)

Good Luck!

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i think it will be in your closet until you die. lol!

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I agree with its in your closet until you die....unless you can make hubby put it in his closet. Make him deal with it! Literally....ask what he wants to do with it, and if he says chuck it.....make HIM do it. Then it isn't your fault! It IS after all....HIS. :)

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Nope, just keep it in the closet until you die, then it will be someone else's problem. :)

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LOVE Victoria W's idea!!

Seriously, get a coupon for Michael's store in your paper, go get a really nice shadow box frame from there and act that you think you have given her the BEST gift ever! Act really excited while she opens it and ooh and aaah over how good it turned out.

Then pray she leaves it to someone else in the will ;)

Good luck!

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