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What to Do with a Pet That Has Passed Way

i know this is off the subject, but my family's cat has passed away (old age, appearently yesterday). I noticed that i didnt see her yesterday and this morning i went on a search for her in all of her old spots and found her.I had prepared my children for this becaseu she had some health issues a few feeks ago and were anticipating this, but the one thing i didnt think about was what to do now? where do i take the body? i know i cant bury her in the back yard (illegal and we have dogs and dont want them to dig her up. please some one tell me soon, she is in a box on the porch!

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well i have another issue: first let me tell u waht happened. I googled the question and found rolling acres and then we went to hobby lobby to get a garden stone for mu kiddos to decorate in memory. I was very sorry to see the cat die, but there was an upside to it, my son and i are horribly allergic to cats ( grandma had her before we moved in)and im glad for the soon to be relief from my allergy symptoms (since we moved in with her my son's reactive airway disease turned into full blown asthma and i am now on 3 different allergy medications and my dr want to put me on shots). she has decided she wants another cat. my husband and i are very against it, but she needs a companion. we tried to get to warm up to the idea of a dog, but no luck. she thinks she is allergic to them (took her to a dr and he says she has no allergies-its all in her head)the other part of the issue is she had trouble properly caring for this cat and now whe wants 2 more, plus he isnt likely to outlive the new cat(s) (she is 83 and is not in the best of health), and if she ends up in a nursing home, what do we do with the cats after she goes in there or even dies? what do u guys think?

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I see that Rolling Acres has been recommended already. You can take the corpse to a Vet and they will dispose of it for a fee. You can always place the box that cat is currently in into another trash sack and just put it on the curb with the rest of your trash. Or you could dispose of the box in a nearby dumpster. Unless your grandmother's next cat is really old, in very poor health or extremely accident prone, I agree with you that it is very likely to outlive her. If you and your child are allergic to cats, please don't get another unless it won't contibute to your allergies. There are hairless cats, but they are somewhat expensive and kind of funny looking. Also, because they have no fur to protect them, you really should keep it indoors at all times. I'm very sorry for your and your grandmothers loss.

I'm so sorry to hear that you cat died...I know that loss. Take her to your vet or local humane society. They can dispose of the cat for you. I didn't know it was illegal to bury a pet...is that a Missouri thing or a county thing? Interesting. Anyway, about your grandma...if she is living with you or you with her, you need to explain to her that your health problems were because of the cat she owned. If she is against a dog, then explain that a dog can be more loving than a cat. If she still is against it and wants a cat, you may have to play hard ball and tell her that you will have to put her in an assisted living home if she is insistant on living with a cat or two. You need to make it clear that your health depends on not having a cat and so does her great-grandchildren. And then you may have to tell her that if the cats are still around when she dies that you will have them put down because you will not care for something that is causing you health problems. I know it sounds harsh, but she sounds as if she is slightly stubborn herself. I don't know if this is helpful, but I do pray that your situation works out and you are able to keep caring for your grandma. Good luck and God Bless.

Call your city hall and ask them if they have pet pickup.I know they have trucks come around and get dead animals off the streets but being its a family pet Im not sure.

I'm so sorry! You can take the body to the vet for a small fee and they can have her cremated. Then I would suggest you and your family have a "memorial service" for her. When our dog passed, I got a kit from Michaels to make a garden stepping stone with her name on it. This really helped my daughter grieve and remember the pet.

Rolling Acres in Platte City can cremate or bury your cat. They pick up from most vet offices I think. You may call your vet and ask them who they use or what they recommend depending on your wishes.

Good luck and sorry for loss.

We had a cat that passed away a few weeks ago, and we took it to the vet. They sent him to a pet cemetary where they would cremate the cat and sprinkle the ashes over a lake they have there. It was $75. It was worth the piece of mind. Your vet should know of a similar place if you are interested in going that route. Sorry to hear about your loss.

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