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What to Do When Your Period Does Not Stop?

Hi Moms,

Okay, I need some help here. My monthly cycle started on 3/9/11 and has not stopped. It is light to medium, not heavy. I talked to the doctor's last week and they asked if it was heavy or if I could be pregnant. The answer to both is no. So they said to wait and see if it stops. If after 3months it has not stopped to call or if it gets heavy to call. Okay, I don't think I can deal with it for 3 months. Anyone else out here experience this and what did you do. I am 42- is it perimenpause? I am taking a multi-vitamin with iron.

What can I do next?

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Is this doctor a man? Only a man would let a woman bleed for three months and tell her it's no big deal - lol!

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I would insist on the medicine to stop it. I forget what it is called. I took it after 3 weeks of bleeding.

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This happened to me a few years ago. I had an ultrasound done and it appeared that I had an abnormal growth in my uterus. I was probably bleeding so much because my body was trying to shed the lining all the time due to the growth. I had a D&C done, and that was the end of that. (It wasn't cancer or a pregnancy.) I got pregnant one or two cycles after the surgery.

Also, keep in mind that stress can trigger these things too. Good luck to you!

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D., that totally happened to me several times during my 40's so my guess is "yes" its perimenopause. You'll see it happen now and then. You will skip a period or two and then bleed for like a month sometimes. It will be random so always be prepared.

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Is this doctor a man? Only a man would let a woman bleed for three months and tell her it's no big deal - lol!

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I had this happen when I was around 28 years. My cycle lasted for 2 months. I went to the emergency room and the doctor checked my blood and of course I loss quite a bit. He was upset and began calling the GYN. He told the them to see me immediately. He also stated that you shouldn't bleed for a long period of time because I could have had a heart attack. When I saw the GYN. She ordered an ultra sound to rule out fibrods. There was nothing there. Then she ended up examining me and gave me a hormone pill which stopped the bleeding within days. Also, they did make mention to me regarding perimenopause.

I would stay on them because you don't want to loose too much blood. This is years and years later and I haven't had that problem anymore. My cycle have just been heavy.

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I had this happen to me recently, only it went on for about 6 months. Miserable. I finally got in to see my OB/GYN, and they did a blood workup and some other tests. Turns out my thyroid is a little out of whack, my vitamin D is 4% of what it should be, and I'm anemic (not surprising after having my period for 6 months). She put me on the pill (not a low-dose version, but a higher dose type) in order to get me "back on track." Also she has me on vitamin D, because apparently that can affect thyroid and a bunch of other things. For the first month, I still spotted almost every day. But now I'm into the second month and my period has stopped FINALLY! Yay! Also I should note that in the past, hormonal birth control would send me over the edge - I had horrible side effects even to low dose pills. But I must be REALLY out of whack because actually I'm feeling better since I started the pill.

So, I would say your first step is to insist upon an appointment with your OB/GYN. I don't think waiting 3 months is necessary; what if things get worse? Then it will be that much harder to correct. Why suffer through this if you don't have to?

Also, I have a co-worker who told me she had the Novasure procedure done. She has not had a period since then (years ago) and said the procedure was not difficult. I guess she had a very heavy period almost constantly, and nothing her doctor did would bring it under control. I may look into it myself.

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along with your thyroid, which I agree with, you may want to go to your regular doctor and have your sugar checked. When I was 22, I had a similar problem which got shrugged off by many doctors and friends I talked too, and turned out that my sugar levels were extremely high (ended up in an ICU for several days, because I let it go for so long) and that was part of my body responding. After everything got straight it stopped. I know you are in a different stage of life, but I would hate for it to get shrugged off for you the way it did for me.
I would see another doctor.

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I would not wait three months. I would seek a second opinion.

I would not accept a 3 month answer unless you are unwilling to take a med or have an intervention to stop it. If you are done having kids you could have one of the many new procedures out there to end periods without having a hysterectomy. If you are not yet ready to close up shop then I would take a medication such as a seasonal birth control or other med. I would also make sure i was not having any other health problems, masses, thyroid issues, diabetes or infections. Sometimes if something serious is going on 3 months is too long. Also I would take a look for another doc who is a little more sympathetic to the perimenopausal woman and issues surrounding it, if you have had your doc a long time, may be time for a new one.

I think I bled for 3 weeks one time when the put me on provera to stop it. (and weird provera one time to start it 7 months later because I wasn't having a period.) Cant remember for sure how long but it wasn't months! that's way too long! at least for me! I think I would just schedule an appointment for the bleeding and "other concerns". If that office won't see you another one probably would.

are you sure you didnt miscarry like before you knew you were pregnant

I would insist on the medicine to stop it. I forget what it is called. I took it after 3 weeks of bleeding.

Please go to the doctor now.

Three months?!?! Okay, I'm not even close to being a doctor but I'm with you - I couldn't deal with that for 3 months! Call again and ask to speak with the nurse practitioner (if they have one) or the doctor directly and just let them know you're concerned as to why you would have to wait 3 months. Ask them to educate you why there is a 3 month mark so you are aware of the rationale.

Is this your first messed up period? If it is then just live with it, it will stop or go away. It could be medicine affecting it, or your body.

I'm 41 and last year my periods were REALLY messed up and HEAVY. So I went to my gyn and since I already had my tubes tied she suggested an Endometrial Ablation. It was a quick out patient procedure and three days after it I was ok again. I had one very light period the next month (like wipe with TP only) and haven't had one since August. My migraines disappeared and it's so great to not have to worry about monthly symptoms.

No, no. You should not wait 3 months to get checked. What are they thinking? You'll end up anemic.

You need to either go to a GYN or go to a new one who won't tell you to wait 3 months. You very well may need a biopsy to make sure something isn't terribly wrong.

I see you're in Naperville. Dr. Mary Ann Phillippi is with Dupage Medical Group at 100 Spalding Dr. She's very good. Try getting an appointment with her.

Don't accept what the other doctor said. Get into the doctor and get some tests run.

All my best,
Another D.

I agree with asking for your thyroid to be tested and asking for appointment with your OB GYN and/or second opinion with another OB GYN. Taking vitamins is a good thing. Making sure you eat healthy is another good thing. And being hydrated and giving your body the right amount of rest to adjust to the longer period. My OB GYN is Dr Michael Pourtabib in Naperville. He only sees patients twice a week so if you can get somebody else that sees patients more often, go to a different doctor. Ask what to expect for premenopause.

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