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What to Buy a 4 Year Old Girl for Her Birthday?

We have a birthday party to go to for a 4 year old girl. What are girls into at this age? If you have any suggestions of something cute that I know would be safe to buy that she would like please send your suggestions my way! Thanks!

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I know my daughter was really into the princesses at this age, the dresses for dressing up, anything princess. Also dolls were a bit hit also. Good luck!

I just asked the mother who invited my kids to her daughter's 4th b-day. She said she just started liking barbie dolls. It's always safe to just ask the M., then you're guarenteed getting the right gift! That's what I always do.

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Dress up stuff - big time! Also, games that use the imagination, like Tea parties, puppets, easy craft supplies, like paints, chalk, larger beading/necklace stuff, summer stuff. You just have to know if she is a real girly-girl or not; Dress up can be geared for the princesses or the Super Heroes.

Music, dvd's or inexpensive musical instruments are fun. I admit, I rolled my eyes when my sister bought my son an acoustic guitar, at 4 years old (it was a bit expensive - you can find cheaper ones!) He never learned how to play it back then but thought it was cool. Years later, (now 11) he has an electric guitar and larger acoustic guitar and loves music.

Easy, fun games are good too, like "Cranium Cariboo" or other Cranium, Milton Bradley, Parker Bros. Hasbro games.


And of course, can't forget the "pink and white boxes"! While I had no desire to play with Barbies, as a kid, my daughter loooooved her Barbies and would play for hours and hours!

This is such a great age to buy for. Spawning their creativity is a great thing! You may want to check with her parents to get some more specifics.


I have a 5 yr old and these are some of the things she loves:
Books (she can't get enough of them)
Baby dolls, with outfits, play baby bottles (loves to dress them and nurture them)
Animated movies (M./dad must be ready to watch them 5x a day)
Anything Ariel-Little mermaid (and I mean anything;clothes, books, notebooks, toys etc)
Dresses and she is obsessed with cute shoes (she is a girly girl)
Removable decals for her bedroom walls (we bought some really cute flower ones at target but also found some just as cute if not cuter ones at the dollar store and she loves to put them up on her walls (I like to use them as special treats-i don't do candy)

I must say her absolute favorite things right now are....
-her teddy, which is just a simple little teddy bear we would have played with in our day before all the electronic toys (she dresses him in cute t-shirts and does a lot of pretending with him and uses her imagination-a plus!)
-tiny, little ariel doll (much like a polly pocket) which comes with several little rubbery outfits--very cute)
-lip gloss

hope this helps!

I have a 4-1/2 year old daughter and her and her friends are into Barbies, Disney Princesses, Polly Pocket and Littlest Pet Shop. I know my daughter loves My Little Pony, but I know some girls who don't get into that. Also, I know some of the other moms mentioned baby dolls, but my daughter never got into them and I know many girls who aren't so maybe avoid a doll. Also, Moon Sand is another great gift. They have a really cute one with a castle and princes and princeses. Hope that helps!

my daughter turns 4 in just over a month. Here are some things she likes:
-anything disney princess related(cloths/books/toys/anything)
-mr./mrs. potato head
-We have a sesame street toddler computer game which teaches colors/shapes/numbers/letters in a fun way which we bought at taget
-coloring book/crayons
-small purse of her own for some of her "treasures"
-mickey mouse clubhouse
-nail polish that dries in 60 seconds
-animals (like a zoo playset- years ago used to have a little tikes one don't know if they still do)
-magnet playset (the ones you stick on the fridge, or they have little ones that come in their own tin-we have a princess one)
-my daughter likes Elmo, but that is because her little brother watches it. Your friend's 4 year old might be getting too big for him.
-something to sing/dance to
We are buying my 4 year old a pair of those "trainer" skates for her birthday this year. Hope some suggestions help. Good luck!

At 4 years old, my daughter was totally into the Disney princesses! She couldn't get enough! Any Target store or Kohl's has Princess nightgowns, panties, socks, slippers and hair accessories. A nice Princess coloring book with a box of crayons was always appreciated as well!

Good luck!

My daughter is four and she is into Barbies (BIG TIME), My Little Pony, books, stuffed animals, preschool age computer games, board games (Dora Dominos is a favorite as is Candyland and Chutes and Ladders), and baby dolls. She also loves clothes and hair things and play make-up (she has little girl eyeshadows, lip glosses, etc that we found at Target). She also likes Dora, Ni Hao Kai Lan, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Backgardians stuff.

I have a 4 1/2 year old...she LOVES anything princess/ballerina. She loves playing dress up (even with old clothes from me and old Halloween costumes). She loves playing with her Barbies. She loves to read. She loves crafts and making things (i.e. playdough, clay, coloring, jewelry bead kits.) She can spend hours with her princess dress up items - a couple are the Princess magnet tins and the others are paper doll dress up princesses.

Fancy Nancy books are great. My 3.5 year old daughter also likes the Color Wonder markers, stickers and sticker puzzles, Moon Sand, Play-Dough, paints and regular puzzles. I highly recommend Melissa & Doug puzzles. They are well made and often educational too. Crayola also makes extra large coloring books in many character varieties. Popular with my daughter are the Disney princesses, Tinker Bell, and Darby from Tigger and Pooh. She also likes many of the other mentioned characters like Dora, Backyardigans and Kailan. Hair accessories are also a good idea.

My daughter will be 4 in Sept and here is what she loves. Food (that might go if she has a kitchen set), dress up, dolls, anything to beautify herself (show-up lipstick/gloss etc), Fancy Nancy. Good luck

My 4 year old loves Polly Pockets, Little Ponies, Littlest Pet Shop and Barbies. She loves playing make believe with all those little dolls.

There is a darling "paper" doll game at Land of Nod. You spin the wheel to dress your girl. Eats many hours, builds some skills and can even be played by younger siblings. That was our girl's favorite gift at 4 (which she still plays with at 5.)

My family have two wonderful sisters who have close birthdays. We give books to them. There are wonderful gently used books arround our area. We gave them 10 for $5. Books are a forever gift of knowledge. Toys get put away. Clothes we out grow. Fun stories we reread.

One more idea to add is a music globe or jewelry box. My 3 yr old loves her little music box with the ballerina that dances in it. For a recent b-day party I picked up a beautiful music globe from Things Remembered and had it engraved. My tot loved it and wanted to keep it!

I never had girls, but you can't go wrong with any disney princess stuff!

I just asked the mother who invited my kids to her daughter's 4th b-day. She said she just started liking barbie dolls. It's always safe to just ask the M., then you're guarenteed getting the right gift! That's what I always do.

Dress-up and pretend play clothes and toys. : )

I know my daughter was really into the princesses at this age, the dresses for dressing up, anything princess. Also dolls were a bit hit also. Good luck!

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