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What to Add/leave off Baby Registry?

Hi - I am wondering what items other Moms have put on their Baby Registry, and what items you would leave off? Obviously, leave off clothes, but is there anything you wished you had put on that you didn't, or vice versa? Also, when it comes to things like bottles, should I register for a "variety" pack of sorts? Or, should I research basically everything in advance before putting it on the list? I've started researching the bigger items, strollers, high chairs, diaper genie, etc. so I can put on the items that have the best features or have gotten the best reviews. It seems so hard to know in advance what products you will end up liking & using! What items did you think you would use and didn't? Any advice or recommendations? Also, we're from a small town, so I was thinking of just registering at Walmart, to be more convenient for everyone. Is it bad to put on several items that are only available online?

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Best suggestion I could give is get the book Baby Bargains by Denise Fields. It is fantastic! It rates all the products, what's useful and what's not, and best of all how to do it at a lower cost. Best part is it's updated every 2 years and a new one is due out soon.

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Best suggestion I could give is get the book Baby Bargains by Denise Fields. It is fantastic! It rates all the products, what's useful and what's not, and best of all how to do it at a lower cost. Best part is it's updated every 2 years and a new one is due out soon.

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How exciting for you. Best of luck!
The thing about bottles is that you have no idea what kind your baby will like so I got a lot of bottles that I ended up getting rid of. I would take that off. Later, when you're ready to start bottle feeding, buy just one or two of a couple different kinds. Same with pacifiers.

Diaper genie - I have found to be a waste of money. Diapers stink no matter what bucket you put them in. We like a small metal garbage can with lid and empty the can almost daily.
Stroller - We loved our Jeep Urban Terrain stroller for 4+ years!! I wish they made a double. We bought, and were given many others that didn't compare to the versatility. For little car jaunts while peanut is still in the car seat - a snap-n-go is lite, compact and wonderful!

This is the big one: Register for, or ask for collection toward, a really good, really comfortable glider/rocker. This is something you will spend a lot of time in. Invest in one that you would be comfortable sleeping in. Seriously - this is the one item I wish we had splurged on or asked for more help towards. Now on our second child - we still spend enough time half asleep in it to warrant a way better chair. Ugh...

Pack n Play, Bouncy seat, and a good Breast Pump (medela is the best) should cover just about all you'll need besides clothes and diapers.
Online stuff seems fine to me!

Yes leave off the diaper genie & wipe warmers & other gadgets. They are a waste of moeny & space. Unless you are in love with a theme you can leave off blankets too since you will most liekly receive many more than you can use.

yes register for bobby pillow, a baby sling, the large items, onesies (several sizes) if you registrer for clothes make sure to register for larger sizes (season appropriate of course)diapers, diapers diapers. You can never receive to many. Plus when you get different brands from the shower you can experiment & decide which ones work best for your baby. if it is there register for the bullet food processor, it works great for baby food.

Good idea asking the Mamasource gals! We know best! I think I registered for too much. You only need a few blankets - and you get 20! People give those most - if you register for them or not. You don't need a ton of baby washcloths or towels - just 3 of each, really. You should have 2 crib sheets, one to have on bed, and one to have in wash. You can't have enough sleepers, but people give you those whether you register for them or not. Your infant can wear them in the daytime and night. And they spit up, poop and pee on them constantly, so you have to do a lot of laundry. That's all I can think of off hand.... Good luck!

We actually got a very nice baby monitor that several of our relatives went in on to purchase for us and we have never used it. I am hoping that when my son (and daughter arriving May 2nd) is older we will find some use for it if they are outside playing,or in the playroom, etc. It just didn't seem to fit our needs. One of us is always in close quarters with my son. Anyway, it was a big ticket purchase that I thought I would get a lot of use out of and now it just sits here.

The item that I absolutely loved that was not on our registry was a swing. We bought one when my son was about 3-4 months old and I wished we would have had it sooner because he really enjoyed it a lot.

Another item that I have really found useful is the Chicco Keyfit travel system. You get the carseat carrier that fits inside the stroller. It is very user friendly and the stroller is lightweight. It is also the only brand that has a base that goes up to 30 pounds.

I only chose one store to register at as well, but I did choose Babies R Us over walmart or target. There selection is beyond compare and prices are very competitive with other places too.


One thing that we didn't register and got as a shower gift was a Wipe Warmer. At first I thought, "What kind of a spoiled-brat kid needs warm wipes??" But our son loved it! LoL The other thing was a bouncy seat that vibrates. What a life saver that was!

Hi SJ! Congrats on the baby! Go out and register for anything and everything that you want or need! When I am buying a gift I LOVE to see a big registry! And if the person gets doubles of the gift I gave or need something else, I encourage them to take it back and get what they really need!
Register for a stroller, carseat, onesies, bottles, breastpump, crib, highchair... you name it! Often people like to pool their money to get a nice gift so don't worry about expensive things!
You can even register for baby clothes. Most people will include a gift reciept so you can exchange sizes.

i have to diagree about the diaper genie. we have one and i love it! i would only register for one kind of bottle or leave them off all togeather and get some on your own. we registered for different kinds and our son only liked the advent ones so now i have 20 bottles or so that have never been used. i would register for a few onsies in different sizes and nuks, sippy cups, hooded bath towels, a jumperoo, play mats for when they get older, and gift cards. that way you can get things you need later. i would not register for blankets. you dont end up using half of them and people always get them anyways. have fun registering and congrats on your new bundle of joy!

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