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What's the Best Treatment for Dandruff in a 10-Year-old?

My son, who is ten, has suddenly developed horrible dandruff in the past couple of months. We tried Head and Shoulders but it didn't clear up, and then I asked the pharmacist to reccommend a shampoo. They said to try the T-Gel by Neutragena, which we did. He's almost through the whole bottle, but he's not improving. I make sure he scrubs it in and waits before rinsing, just like the instructions say. I'm wondering if there's anyone who could reccommend a shampoo? Help please!
Thank you so much.

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Thank you so much everyone for your advice. I am first going to try the tea tree oil shampoo as I am a fan of natural products. If that doesn't seem to help, we will head for the Dr's!
I ordered the "Jason Scalp Normalizing" Tea Tree Oil shampoo from Vitacost (as recommended by Erin here) and my son has used it for about a week now. It worked! I can't see any more flaking, and he's no longer scratching his head. I'm very impressed with this product. Thank you to Erin for the details on where to order. It was only around $9 for a large bottle. Happy New Year to everyone!

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My son had something similar and what I found was that it actually wasn't dandruff in the true sense, but just overly dry scalp. Try giving him some conditioning treatments for a week and see if that helps. My son's came on only at winter and my pediatrician prescribed a dandruff champoo that made the problem worse. I got some shampoo with conditioner in it and that solved my problem - which has never come back.

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It's kind of pricey but I like Arbonne's Self-adjusting shampoo with Tea Tree oil. You'd have to find a consultant which you can do at Arbonne.com. I don't know if it is recommended for children though. I would also ask your pediatrician/physician. He may have psoriasis or some other underlying cause for the flaking.

Good luck

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My 12 year old son had dandruff for awhile too, which I was told is common around this age. We used Tea Tree oil shampoo and that cleared it up. Good luck :)

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I am wondering if your son is experiencing some sort of dermatologic condition that will not be cleared unless treated by a doctor. I have personal experience with dermatitis and when it flares up, usually in the winter, it even gets to my scalp. There are prescrition meds and shampoos that may help. My first suggestion, since the things you have tried haven't worked, is to seek medical intervention.
Good luck,

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My 10-yr old daughter has bad dandruff too and we have found that a moisturizing conditioner daily helps. About once a month, we even take and do a hot oil treatment. She is much better!

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Hello R.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo,,,you can buy it at GNC..heard it works well on dandruff...

Godd Luck~B.

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Our sons have horrible eczema, which also causes super dry, flaky scalp. We've used Clobex, which is a shampoo and a spray as well. Also something that was called "Eczema Oil" until recently, when they changed the name. Something more natural that works wonders is called Jason Scalp Balancing Shampoo. Jason is the brand name. It is jojoba scented. I find it the cheapest on vitacost.com. Wonderful product!!! Hope it helps!

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i am 29 but i had the same problem. i tried all that stuff. i ended up having to go to the dermatologist and they prescribed a rinse and a gel for me. it worked and everyonce in a while i have to use it. but i have noticed in my self that my danduff issues flares up when i am really stressed out . i don't know why but it does. but like i said i loved what the dermatolist prescribed. the over the counter stuff never worked on me. and i have dark hair so it was very noticable.. best of luck

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make sure it is dandruff, it could be exema, which i have the same problem this time of year and the only thing tht helps is the paul mitchell te tree shampoo and conditioner, just before he washes his hair have hime rub/scratch his entire head to get the loose skin off and to let the tea tree really work

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