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What's the Best Baby Carrier/sling/wrap for a Newborn?

There are sooooooo many to choose from; I am overwhelmed. This would primarily be used by me around the house during the day.

Thanks in advance!!

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Thanks to everyone for the great input! I ended up ordering a Moby wrap first, but I don't like it and think I may return it. I do like the stretchy, comfy fabric, but it's just too, too long and cumbersome! And I only tried putting my baby (4 weeks old) in it once, but it was awkward (sp?) and he didn't like being in it at all. Maybe I need to give it some more tries.

So, then I ordered a Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch. I just got it today, and we love it! I put him in it right after feeding him; he didn't fuss at all, and fell right asleep! He's been in it now for almost 2 hours, and I've gotten more done in the last 2 hours than I have in the last month! I even rode on my exercise bike with him in there. He just kept on snoozing. My back is starting to feel a little strained/tired, though, so I'm going to take him out pretty soon.

Thanks again for all the suggestions!

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Just saw a review at Cookie Magazine website http://www.cookiemag.com/gear/products/2008/09/baby_carriers

Voters picked the Ergo.

We had the Baby Bjorn. It was OK, but my little one was one of those babies that didn't like to be confined, so she was never in it for more than 10 minutes.

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I have an Infantino one I got for like $1.50 at the Salvation Army- I figured if i hated it, I didn't have much invested! I like it, but it takes some getting used to to get him in there successfully! I like that I can wear it for a long time and not stress my back too much. I think an over the shoulder sling might not distribute weight so evenly... though it sure would be easier to get on! He is 2 1/2 months old now, have used it since about 1 month... just depends on how well your child can hold his head up. Even though there's support, it really lets their head go back pretty far if they're small. It sure has come in handy... able to cook dinner and hold/bounce a screaming baby! ;-)

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Hi B.,
I am a new mom too so don't have much experience but you should definitely check out the yahoo group for the Lake County Babywearers.
I have only been to one meeting, and they just had one on Friday, but these ladies have a TON of knowledge about babywearing and different carriers. I myself never knew how many choices there were. There is a LOT more out there than the Baby Bjorn (not to knock it.)
You can join the group online and email questions or better yet attend a meeting. They also refer to www.thebabywearer.com as a good resource. Good luck!

P.S. I use a Metromamma MetroWrap which is similar to a Moby Wrap but mine has a little bling! I think it is great for a newborn but then again haven't tried anything else yet.

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I have a four month old and I would die with out my moby wrap. I LOVE IT! It is comfortable to wear, and my daughter absolutely loves it!

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For newborns I like pouch slings and wrap slings. My faves are Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouches and Storchenwiege or Didymos wrap slings. The pouch is idiot-proof and really quick to get on/off. The wraps are super comfy and distribute the weight really well, plus they're gorgeous.

I have an ergo, but I don't like it for newborns. I like ergos once you have a bigger child - 8 or 9 months old maybe. The ergos are WAAAY more comfy than the Bjorns, and last much longer (I can still carry my 2 1/2 year old son on my back in my ergo!)

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Slings are definitely the way to go when they are infants. You'll want to start using them as soon as possible, so the baby adjusts well (they still feel like they're in the womb). My favorite is Hotslings because they're easy to use and fashionable (I wear mine everywhere). You'll definitely want to make sure you purchase the right size with any sling. Hotslings also comes with a DVD that is very helpful. There are also classes for sling-wearing at Be By Baby in Chicago. Congratulations and good luck!

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moby wrap, hands down. and i've tried them all. an ergo is good for when they are older and in and out of the sling more, my son is a very busy two and we still use both

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Congratulations!!! I have a three month old and I already had a Baby Bjorn, but he was too little for it for a while. I wanted something easier to put on, that I could wear around, and go in the pool with . I found it! It's called a solortech vail(I think). It's has a high SPF, is adjustable with a tail for nursing or keeping legs or head out of the sun, can be used from newborn-something like 40 lbs., and waterproof!! Although a lot of companies have these, I got mine from Taylor Made slings for about $50. The first couple of days I LOVED-HANDS FREEEEEE! Now I don't really like him in front of me, but it does the job. I recommend it.

Good luck! Let me know if you have questions.

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My son lived in the Moby Wrap for the first 6 months. It is comfortable, secure and you can wear it several ways so it can adapt to the age of your baby. It is machine washable and comes in lots of colors - and its not too expensive - I think mine was around $35. Check out the store Be By Baby at Lincoln and Roscoe in Chicago - they carry a HUGE stock of different carriers and will help you try them on to find the right one for you and your baby.
Many congratulations on your new arrival!! Savor every moment!

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