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What Size Do You Wear?

Hi! I am a 32 year old mom of 2 boys, age 4.5 and 2 years old. I am 5ft 7 and used to weigh about 128 lbs. In the past year or so I have gone up to about 135 lbs. Although I still look pretty good (I think!) I no longer can fit into my size 6 pants. For some reason this is devastating to me. Size 8 feels like the size MY mom used to wear and it feels so matronly. Terrible, I know. I was always getting comments on how skinny I was and now that my waist is a little thicker I don't get those comments anymore. My arms and legs are still thin, but my waist and belly have become a little fuller.

Mamas, make me feel better and tell me what size you wear. Let me know that not fitting into a size 6 doesn't make me unattractive! FYI: I am getting much better about eating better and moving more!

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I hate this question and it really rubs me wrong. It makes me think of the mean girls I avoided in school who were always comparing themselves to everyone else. You gained 7 whole pounds? Bleh

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I'm rarely snarky but this irritates me. It's like someone else said, tell me you're bigger so I will feel better. It's like complaining to a homeless person that you're broke! For what it's worth, I've had better days but through many of life's factors I'm 5'7", 230 lbs, size 18 in the hips and smaller in othe areas, but I'm damn hot, no matter what. I wear clothes that fit my body, and take care of myself. And I'm confident in who I am, that makes me attractive to myself and others, no matter what the size on my pants says :)

If I weighed 128 lbs I'd look like I was anorexic...

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Let's see, today my size is 'hot hot hot!'. Tomorrow I think I'll be a size, 'Oh MAMA!'. The day after that I might be 'Damn Baby!'.

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I hate this question and it really rubs me wrong. It makes me think of the mean girls I avoided in school who were always comparing themselves to everyone else. You gained 7 whole pounds? Bleh

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I'm rarely snarky but this irritates me. It's like someone else said, tell me you're bigger so I will feel better. It's like complaining to a homeless person that you're broke! For what it's worth, I've had better days but through many of life's factors I'm 5'7", 230 lbs, size 18 in the hips and smaller in othe areas, but I'm damn hot, no matter what. I wear clothes that fit my body, and take care of myself. And I'm confident in who I am, that makes me attractive to myself and others, no matter what the size on my pants says :)

If I weighed 128 lbs I'd look like I was anorexic...

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Let's see, today my size is 'hot hot hot!'. Tomorrow I think I'll be a size, 'Oh MAMA!'. The day after that I might be 'Damn Baby!'.

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I'm 5'8" and wear a size 12. I'm proud of that because I just lost 76 pounds after giving birth to my daughter. It's not about what others think or say, it's about how you feel.

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Way to make the fat gals feel good!

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You do realize that the average sized woman in the USA is a size 12, right?

And that sizes vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer?

There are size "0" clothing items at some stores, that, at Target, would be an 8 or a 10.

Woman, thy name is vanity!

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Seriously? You gained 7 lbs. Size 8 is a small or medium. If I were a size 8, I'd probably shout it from the rooftops and would definity strut my stuff. Love yourself no matter what you3 size.

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I'm a short little lady-- in fact, I have one friend who always refers to me as "Little Lady". My jeans are size 12 these days and are always cut off at the hem (I won't hem jeans, life's too short, will hem pants). It's hell to find shirts that fit well because my narrow shoulders and more ample bustline do not apparently belong on the same person, so I have no idea what size shirt I wear... I just try them on until I get a hit.

I'm not a huge woman by any means and take serious umbrage to my underpants being marked "size eight, extra large".

Learn to love the body you've got. In my forties now, I know that any serious weight lost is likely to come back on later, plus some. I'm not working on losing weight, but just getting out more, walking more, and eating as well as I can.

I have also learned to have a really good filter regarding body image stuff. It wasn't a big deal twenty years ago to be a size ten and considered desirable..it still should be the norm. Watch older movies--there's a remarkable sense of style and sexiness in the fuller-figured woman, and the fashion industry didn't seem to hate them. :)

Oh, and I used to get comments about how skinny I was, back in 2001 or so. I was also going through a divorce, stressed out and not eating enough. I would NOT trade my extra pounds for that life ever again!

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Hi S.-

I am 52...have 7 kiddos. I am 5'8"...and weigh about 155 now.

I am a 14 to 16 (not happy, but working on it thru diet and working out)

BUT I am happy...and that is key!

**also, as others have mentioned...SOME designers run 'larger'...

Reminds me of my grammy (god bless her)...TIL the day she died...she INSISTED she was a size 12...lol

Over her later years...all her 'weight' went to her middle. SO, I just bought her a larger size (cut out the tags) and LIED when she asked if it was a size 12...

"sizing is a myth"

Feel good about YOU!

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I'm 5'8, 148 lbs (145 was my weight pre-baby) and the mother of 1 5 year old. I wear a size 12-14 and I feel like I look amazing! There is a little bit of squish in the middle, but who cares? I have an adorable kid, my husband still thinks I"m sexy and I get hit on at the comic book store. :-)

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After 2 children, I am the heaviest I have ever been. I am working on losing it, especially for health reasons. I am so embarassed to say this, but it is the absolute truth, hopefully I will encourage others to be brave also.

I wear a size 16. *SOB* I cannot believe I said it, but hey, truth is truth. I was a size 12 when I got married, and a size 8 in highschool. I think it is realistic to expect a size 10 when its all said and done. Wish me luck! As for you, I am sure you look amazing!

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Size is just a number. Weight is just a number.

I'll be 50 in December and I'm built like a stick. You have no idea how envious I am of women who have some curves and shape to them.
5'7" and 135 is a very healthy weight. I wouldn't worry so much about the number of the size you wear as long as you wear it with confidence.
On top of that, sizes are weird anyway. I have things that range from size 2 to size 10 that fit me the same. I literally have size 10 dresses that are the same size as size 2 dresses. Go figure....
I don't think about the number of the size at all. All I care about is what fits me and looks nice on me. I wear one size in one brand and another size in a different brand.
It's quite frustrating actually because it would be nice if things were a little more universally sized, but they aren't. And, that's why I don't worry about it.

I don't think you should worry either.
Just my opinion.

Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman has going for her...........

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Honestly, I have no idea, haven't bought clothes in 5 years.
All my clothes are old and stretched and ill fitting.

I DO know that I am no where near a 8 or a 6, way bigger, it honestly makes me mad to see you complaining about an 8,
I would pay good money or indentured servitude or something to be an 8, or even a 10....

Feel better?

ETA: I am 5 foot 3, and straight out of boot camp in the Navy the smallest I ever got to was a size 9... so 8? Be proud!

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Here's another viewpoint I haven't seen in the answers yet--watch what you wish for. I am almost 49, have had two kids and am in almost the best shape of my life. It hasn't been an easy journey though. After two kids I really wanted to lose 10-15 pounds, but life, colicky babies, etc. got in the way. About 7 years ago, after having vague digestive symptoms for months, maybe even years, I suffered such acute abdominal pain that I ended up in the ER and they thought I was having an appendicitis attack. A scan (with some pretty serious side effects from the liquid I had to drink) ruled that out. In the next several weeks I underwent sometimes painful, expensive and inconvenient testing for Chron's (spelling?), Celiac and even colon cancer. It was all negative (thank goodness) and by process of elimination I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), an inconvenient and annoying condition, but not life-threatening. I lost 15-20 pounds in four months. I had to completely change my diet. The first year was a nightmare trying to figure out what I could and could not tolerate.

I'm in a good place now. I've actually gained back 5 of the pounds I lost and have mixed feelings about that, which I know is sillly. For the most part I know what I can and can not eat and I've become an avid exerciser to help with the condition and to control stress. I love my health (low cholesterol and BP) and figure. Is it worth it? I don't know. I still have to watch what I eat. I often struggle to find things I can eat at restaurants and have to cross-examine the servers about the ingredients. I have to sometimes bring my own food and make my own meals at family cabin gatherings. I still have days, not many thankfully, where I am overcome by abdominal pain or other symptoms. People can be judgmental--thinking I'm just being fussy. If I tell people "IBS" they often think it's TMI, but if I say "health condition" they often assume it's something more serious.

I feel blessed it's not a more serious condition and that I'm forced to make choices that are probably ultimately healthier for me. For me it's all about health and not the numbers. If you are healthy, be happy with that.

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I'm short - only 5ft 2inches and weigh around 125lbs. Right now I'm a size 6 but can go as small as a 4 if I really watch what I eat and exercise like crazy.

But ya know what - I'm sick of it! LOL - it's true. I've spent 20 years (literally) watching everything that goes into my mouth - exercising like a crazy person - and putting so much of my self esteem into my weight.

I'm almost 40 (will be 38 in July) and I think I"m just over it. I eat healthy when I can (mostly cut out sweets and fast food) but I love my pizza and carbs and heck I even eat hot dogs and all that jazz with the kiddos.

I've finally realized life is so much more than a number!!! Be proud of who you are - stay fit - stay active - and love your body for being STRONG, HEALTHY and able to take you where you need to go - both literally and figuratively!!!

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Size 0 at Chicos. They have their own numbering system. Can't fit into a real size 0 anywhere else but still, the little zero on the tag makes me feel skinny.

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I wish I were your size eight. Never in my adult life have I worn a size eight. If your mother wore size eight, does wearing that size really make you your mother?

Now, I'm not yelling, BUT... you are not "Size Eight." You are not "Size Six." You are S. K. You may not have a 22-year-old figure, but that's because you're not in that stage of your life. You have a mother's figure now. Being a mother is good, right? Would your trade your kids in for different clothing? Of course not. At least not most days.

Does your husband think you're tubby? If he does, set him straight. If he doesn't, give him a kiss.

Aim at being healthy. With two boys, you need all the health you can get. Concentrate on your health and on looking good, wearing clothes that fit and having an up-to-date hair style, and stop looking at size tags. (By the way, those size tags move around a lot. What is a size six now was something like a size twelve when I was a girl looking at grownup ladies buying clothing.)

By the way, Mr. Merriam and Mr. Webster define "matron" as "a married woman marked by dignity and social standing."

To answer your question: I'm more or less a size twelve. And that's an improvement over what it used to be. I'm working on eating better and moving more, too.

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The SMALLEST size I've ever been able to wear is size 9.

I'm bikini weight @170. (6'1) I wear a size 9 there.
At 123 (hospital weight)... I wear a size 9

That's just the size of my bones.

Right now I'm a 16.

It's 30lbs per SIZE for me... So to get into a size 9, again, I'd have to lose 90lbs.

Won't happen though. My docs estimate I have 30lbs of SKIN that would Need to be removed from my pregnancy 10 years ago.

Feel better? ;)

Similarly... You'd have to lose 10 to drop a size, I have to lose 30.

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What store? Seriously, I'm a 6 in one store, a 2 in another and a 0 in a third. I have GAINED weight since HS when I was a 5.

Find what fits and what you like. Then wear it with pride. Don't fixate on the number because it's just a number. It's a mind game. They're just screwing around. There's no true standard so don't judge yourself on a moving target.

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Something about this questions seems wrong Lol. My answer probably won't make you feel better but since you asked, I'm 5'4" and 110 lbs. I used to weigh around 127, 130 at the most. I had a drawer full of pants that were too tight or uncomfortable to wear.
Like you a lot of the weight went to my stomach area, and it did not look good on me. I finally took charge and forced myself to lose those 17 lbs. and not to brag but the feeling of all those pants being loose now and needing a belt is priceless. I'm smaller now than I've been in a long time and that feels great. I wear mostly a size 5, depending on the brand though it could be a 3 or 7 also since they vary.
I think your weight is healthy though at 5'7". I being shorter feel like I have a hard time carrying off any extra weight at all, I'm just not confident with it, and that's my own issue.
I actually see some women who are thick or full figured and think that they carry their weight well and it looks good on them. Me it goes straight to my stomach and hips and just looks gross.
So you know how you feel in your own body, if you want to lose those 7 lbs. then put your mind to it and do it instead of asking women how fat they are to make yourself feel better:p

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Ugh, all these responses have depressed me even more. I'm short and now that I work the night shift and watch my son during the day, I've gotten fat. I'm just lucky my husband loves me either way. But no I don't love myself for the size I am.

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I'm 5'2", 133 lbs, and I wear either a 6 or 8, depending on the cut of the pant and the store I'm buying from.

Size is SUCH an artibrary #.

Your feeling here is that you don't feel as attractive as you used to because your body has changed. Pant size isn't going to help, nor will knowing what others wear. You need to address your self esteem here, either by accepting your current body and learning to love it, or by losing what weight you can to get back into those old pants.

Good luck!

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Whatever fits - you want a better idea look at my profile pic - but honestly, I have clothes that are sizes apart simply because the designer is different, so really matronly is HOW you dress not the size of your body.

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Eh...who cares about size? You are a very healthy (and I'm sure beautiful) weight!!

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I am 5ft 2in and weight 132....so I wear my size 8 with pride! I carried three babies

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I am 33 years old. Weigh about 190 and am 5'11'' . I wear a 12/14 depending on the brand. Before I had my son I was 140 and wore a size 5/6. Go figure. It's a healthier weight for me too. I also appreciate curves. I'd rather have my son and be a size 12, then not have a son and be a stick figure with no boobs, so their you go. Be proud of yourself, and your body!

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I'm 5'2 and I now wear a size 12 or 14 depending on the pants. I have lost 13lbs since March and am still losing! I'm hoping to get down to a size 10 by the end of summer!!!

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Let's see I'm 5'1", petite in general but weigh about 128 or so. I wear a size 9 in jeans and medium in tops. I'm 29 have had 2 children and never have gone back to pre-baby weight after the birth of my second 5 years ago. Trust me not fitting into a size 6 has nothing at all to do with how attractive you are. I bet you're still just as beautiful if not more so than pre-baby. :)

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Women come in all shapes and sizes. As long as you're healthy enough to run and play with your children, you are blessed beyond measure. Please stop fishing for compliments and enjoy your children!

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Not sure how much I weigh, I'd guess 140
Size 8

You sound totally normal to me. Especially after having 2 kids. I find after the 2nd one, my hips are just permanently displaced so I can't fit into all the pants I used to. Don't sweat it.

The sad thing is we never appreciate the body we have when we have it. I know when I'm 60 I'm really gonna miss the body I have right now in my 30's. Even though right now at mid 30 I am really missing the body I had in my 20's. Too bad I didn't appreciate THAT body I had when I had it either!

It's all just going downhill from here sister. Just be healthy and appreciate your amazing child-birthing womanly body. And don't compare to others we are ALL different!

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I agree, size is just a number. And it doesn't mean anything anyway because every clothes designer makes their clothes different. I have clothes that fit me that are a size 5, and some that fit me that are a size 0. Heck, I even have some that are a size 14-16 kids! And I have some size large adult!

So don't even think twice about the number. And don't look for other people's comments to make you feel good!

You are beautiful. Just the way you are.

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I am 5' 2" and 100lbs. I am 34 with 3 boys (6, 4, 1). I have been tiny my whole life. I wear a 0 or 00 (when I can find it). Trust me, being tiny isn't all it's cracked up to be. It is difficult to find clothes and many things have to be altered. The average American woman is a size 14, so you are still quite small by American standards. I'm sure you look great! I'm sure you'll be back to a size 6 in no time!!

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Oh heavens! You are a very healthy weight. I am somewhere between 5ft 7 and 5ft 8 (seems to always change?) and I weigh about 130 right now, but after my daughter I weighed about 135ish and I dont even think I look much different than I did. I wear a lot of size 8's. You are tall! I think that size 12 is the average size women wear these days. I think I read that somewhere. You are definitely in a healthy BMI range. Your youngest is only 2! Of course you may have a little more in the tummy area. I doubt it really looks like it to anyone else though.

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Can I have your problem?

I am 30, 5 ft 6...working on the last 8 lbs of 50 lbs of weight loss. I fit into a 10 and I'm thrilled! I feel like I'm pretty small now for a mom of three who has a newborn baby.

I'm merely kidding about razzing you on how you feel, women are never happy it seems, when I was childless and tiny I would complain if flab that didn't exist. I'm sure normal , healthy weighted women (like I am now) were rolling their eyes so hard it hurt.

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oh how i love some of the answers you ladies are great!! weight is a very touchy subject with me i feel that no matter what you weigh somehow it will never be right with society today and i have gained weight since my 3rd baby and i hate buying clothes sometimes but then i look at my chubby lil man and think who gives a damn he was worth it, now ask me tomorrow and i will be on the i'm fat band wagon..i'm 31 5'4 and 190 size 16-18 depends on where i buy clothes,and im top heavy so my shirts have to be bigger..

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I'm happy to be in a size 12 for the most part at 64. I have been up to 16 and down to 8. Both extremes were due to health issues. Some clothes fit differently because of the designer and where they are made.

After I had my daughter a dress I made fit perfectly except that the waist needed to be widened by about an inch. The rest of that dress was fine. Since then I have just made my clothes to fit the me I am.

So stop fretting over the size 0 to 8 and live in the skin you are in. Over time you may go back or you may stay where you are but be happy with you and not worry about the next magazine cover. Very few people look like these women (girls) in real life. Eat healthy meals and exercise moderately several times a week.

Also know that when you have a child it does change and shift things. It's part of how we are made. Think seriously of how pretty, beautiful you feel about how you are handling motherhood, married life and or a job in any of those combinations.

The other S.

PS Peace be with you for who you are.

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I am almost 5' 7" (between that and 5' 6 3/4") and I don't remember the last time I weighed 128 lbs. High school... maybe? I am 43. My kids were born when I was 29 and 32 yrs old. I weighed around 143/144 on average before I got pregnant the first time, and I was relatively fit. Not skinny. Never skinny in my life. But healthy and fit. Worked out at the gym regularly with free weights, stair stepper, treadmill, machines, step aerobics class, swam a few afternoons in the neighborhood pool to tread water for fitness.

Since having kids, I got back down around 142... (within 18 months of my last baby). Since then, I have fluctuated over the years... the max was around 164 lbs about 2-3 years ago. I have been as "small" as 137 lbs. But generally, I stay in the 144-154 range.

I can wear a 10. Even when I was in school yeaaaaars ago, I never wore an 8. And I was never heavy. When I was THE MOST fit in my life, was probably the year preceding my wedding. I weighed about 142 lbs and had little fit and a lot of muscle. (I even had defined triceps!). THAT was the only time since jr. high school, that I fit into a size 7/8.

2 Christmases ago, when I was at my trimmest in years (when I bottomed out at 137 lbs) I was able to wear some 8's in the stretchy Levi's jeans. But they are too snug on my now and I have to wear 10's.

Know this though: no matter how much weight you lose, you may never fit into the clothes you wore pre-pregnancy. (you MIGHT, but don't hold your breath--- I don't know anybody first hand who still can). Pregnancy changes your body. It spreads your hips. You will never be the same. Be proud of the reason for it and let the self-criticism go. :)

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I could have written this post but I am 41. I'm not loving my new size either. I've got to get moving more. I can't seem to find time to exercise.

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I wear a size 20 so don't beat yourself up about wearing a size 8 please. I've had two kids and I'm down two pant sizes from after having my second child 2 years ago. I workout three times a week and that has been a huge factor in changing my ways and habits. Just keep up the positive attitude and you will do just fine.

a size 6 is great!! I am 5'4 and I am between a size 8 and 10 (depending on the brand), which I think it totally normal. I could loose about 10-15 pounds and I am working on it :) but I would not complain about being a size 6.

I don't feel sorry for you, I would love to fit into a size 8, lol! I'm an inch taller and this past year have had to buy new size 12 pants. I'm sorry to say I am less evolved than some of your responders and I feel kind of unattractive as a size 12, too, so you are not alone. That said, I don't think that we are actually unattractive--my husband was surprised when I told him I had gained weight--he hadn't noticed! :) I'm trying to change my thinking so that I feel good about my eating and exercise habits, regardless of my pant size!

I'm 43, 5'5", 175 lbs., wear a size 12 (sometimes 13 if I shop in juniors). I am bothered by my size because I have a hard time finding cute pants, jeans and shorts. LOL: every woman in MI must be my size! Size 12's are a hot commodity here. I rarely find anything on sale in my size. I also have the same issue when it comes to shoe sizes which I go between a size 8, 8.5, or a 9.....also hard to find cute shoes in my size.

BTW...I would love to go back to a size 6 or an 8. I was that size about 10 years ago. I still have some of my pants in those sizes, but at this time, I am too lazy to lose the weight and I am a chowhound...there I admitted it!:)

At the age of 44 and with a 12-year-old daughter, I wear size 8, 10, or 12, depending on make and fit of jeans/pants/slacks. I wore a 7/8 in high school and a size 10 when I got married at the age of 30; I usually wear a size 8 now, but sometimes I can even fit into a size 6. Because of a hernia surgery after my daughter was born, wearing jeans/pants that sit below the waist feel/fit the best; I guess I'm wearing my pants more according to hip size than waist size (I have virtually no hips or butt).

We have to get away from the fact that wearing a certain size makes or labels us "fat" and look more at the overall picture of how we look, regardless of what size we wear.

If you're happy with how you look, and the size you're wearing looks good on you--who cares what size that is? It's no one's business but your own as to what size you have on. Just be proud of "you," and that level of pride will show through in what you're wearing.

I wear a 00, but I'm only 4'11". The drawback is that very few stores carry my size. I have no hips whatsoever. Neither does my mom, so I came by it naturally.

My youngest is only 3 mnths old so I am still loosing the last 20 pds (out of 47 gained) of pregnancy weight (and it will come off dang it! lol) so I am a size ten right now. I am an 8 before my baby and a 4 before my toddler. I am trying for a six now, but I am shorter then you. I can not tell you that I don't feel fat, because I felt fat at a size 4.

I'm 31, 5 ft 1 in 154 lbs and have two boys (just turned 4 and 6 - both delivered via C-section). I wear between a size 8 (8 is tight) and 10 (a little big). I feel like I look pretty darn good. I would like to lose 20 more lbs, but I am pretty happy where I'm at. I'm down 70 lbs from when I graduated high school!! (yes, I was a big kid) I have a little cush in the middle, but otherwise I am very fit and toned. Everyone's different and I would say especially being 5 ft 7 a size 8 is definitely not big!! I bet you look fantastic!! Confidence is the most attractive feature you can have, so ROCK that body girl!

I am 6 foot and 150lb. When I was in highschool and anorexic and 6 foot I was 120-130. I have DDD's no matter what size I am. I fit into all diferent sizes between sz 6-12 depending on the store and time of the month, ussually 9 has been my go to even when I was anorexic thats J. the way I'm built, btw the anorexia wasn't on purpose I was very active, high metabolism, and I was always nauseous when I ate...now I eat anything and stay 150ish...I need to exercise to get ready for the beach though.

I have clothes in my closet that range from 0 to size 7. I am 5 ft. 4 1/2 inches tall, weighing in at 112 lbs. I just had my 4th baby 12 months ago. My goal weight is 108 (pre pregnancy weight) and I intend to get there so that I don't have to replace my wardrobe. Name brand clothes seem to have smaller numbers for size but they also tend to fit bigger which for me, means I get to brag that my Gap clothes are size 1 or 0. Other no name brands fit differently and so that explains the sizes 3, 5, 6, and 7's in my closet. I'd say the only thing that should matter is how good do you feel in your body but some very fat people say they feel good in their bodies as well and I don't mean to say this to be mean or offensive, I truly do not mean that in a bad way to be insulting but there is healthy "big" and unhealthy "big" and you need to consider what makes you feel sexy, confident, and overall good about yourself. Maybe what you really need to do is tone your muscles.

First of all keep in mind that different brands/designers fit differently and sometimes are cut differently.

There is nothing wrong with a size 6 or 8.

I am 5'5" and about 116# and wear a 0-2, mostly 2's for shorts and pants.
Depending on the jeans designer, usually a 25, sometimes 26 waist. My tops are usually a small or medium because I am blessed with some perky natural 34DD's to accomodate.

I wear a lot of White House/Black Market, Nordstrom, Anthropologie

My highest weight was just under 140 when I was pregnant and ready to pop, 17 yrs ago.

I have been consistant weight and clothes with exception of pregnancy since I was a teen.

Don't beat yourself up.

Girl, you need to be happy with yourself, I couldnt even tell you the last time I was a size 8, probably in elementary school, I have struggled all of my life after 2 kids & age 39, I am struggling to stay in a 14, I lost 30 lbs & have gained 18 back due to health issues & not being able to work out 5 days a week. I have fibromyalgia & joint pain that keeps me from working out, I am addicted to chocolate & love food (I hate healthy food)!!
So be proud of yourself because I think being a size 8 is awesome!!

I'm 5'10", weigh 136 and wear 4/6..... I USED to weigh about 130, but age/metabolism is catching up to me (almost 34)... I USED to be able to eat ANYTHING and NEVER gain an ounce, but age is catching up to me :( :( :(

Im 5'7 absurd weigh 155. Before my two kids I was about 125. I'm not thrilled with the 'new me' but I find that jogging and staying active makes me feel much better about my body. My goal would be to weigh between 135 & 145lbs. So think you'd be my ideal goal!!! I think that being too skinny is gross by the way. Please try to just be healthy. Set a good example about how to have a good body image and live a healthy lifestyle.

I'm 5'4 and 112 lbs. I wear either a 2 or 4 depending on the clothes.

i am between 0 and 2 (depending on the brand) and xs and s. i have gained about 10 lbs and am 5'4''

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